Ch. Arelee's Jama'A

Ch. Arelee's Jama'A

Breeders: Russ & Beryl Eshom
Owners: Peggy Brada & Nick Manfro
January 15, 1983 - January 26, 1986


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Ch. Arelee's Jama'A

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Rocky Mountain GSDC-- August 17, 1984---Best of Winners

"A medium sized black and tan bitch. Deep in body. Very angulated in rear and has an equally well angulated forequarter. Her period of suspension was unmistakable at all speeds, she maintanied a pleasing outline on tight and loose lead. Would prefer a better ear set. She now is lacking 1 point for her Championship which will be coming soon I'm sure."

--Judge Nick Sasso

GSDC of America---1984---Select #8

"A very nice black and tan, good back, very nice sidegait with good suspension at all speeds. Not two years old yet, ears could be better set, good layback, nice depth of body for age."

~ Fran Ford