3x Select Ch. Anne-Isle's Heiress v Kenlyn-Kaleef


3x Select Ch. Anne-Isle's Heiress v Kenlyn-Kaleef

Breeder: K. Boyles & S. Moses & M. Simonett
Owner: Martha Simonett & Sheree Moses & K. Boyles
DOB: February 21st, 2005

Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb ROM
2005 GV Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man
Tarahaus Brashn'  Sassy O Wayside ROM
3x Select Ch. Anne-Isle's Heiress v Kenlyn-Kaleef
Kenlyn's Halston of Kaleef

GSDC of America --- October 19th, 2006 --- Bred By Exhibitor Bitch

"A beautifully structured black and tan with perfect proportions. Correct angulation front and rear. She is clean coming and going and is powerful and correct sidegaiting. She has good attitude. Topline standing and in motion excellent. Temperament excellent. A star."

~ Dan Smith

GSDC of America --- October 20th, 2007 --- Select #4

"Attractive black and tan, well formed outline... strong extended mover, clean down and back, very competitive."

~ Mr. Edmond Barritt


GSDC of America ---November 8, 2008--- Select #6

"3 1/2 year old female who is very confident with noble expression. Strong head, complete dentition, scissor bite, dark almond eyes. Her pigment is adequate and coat is correct. She is a large female with normal proportions. Substantial, strong bones, well developed musculature, well balanced and in excellent physical condition. She stands correctly in front and rear. Her pasterns are good with excellent feet. She is sound coming and going with very good rear ligamentation, tight elbows. She has a firm straight back and good front reach and rear drive. Kent Boyles did a wonderful job with this true working animal"

~ Helen Gleason


GSDC of America --- October 14, 2009 --- Select #4

~ Dave Rinke