Ch. Amber's Replica of Tokaye

Ch. Amber's Replica of Tokaye

Breeders/owners - B Amidon & K Potter
DOB: November 23rd, 1986


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Ch. Amber's Replica of Tokaye

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  Amber's Nancy of Zar-Zal

GSDC of America --- 1989 --- Maturity Victrix

" this class I had three really lovely bitches and on another day any of the three could have gone up. But this little gal just wouldn't give up. Good black and reddish tan, excellent sidegait, excellent reach and rear drive. Nice outline in motion and standing. Sound coming and going. A really nice representative of the Breed."

~ Margaret 'Peggy' Douglas

GSDC of America---1989--- Select #2

"... a feminine black and tan with ground covering sidegait. Not as mature as my first bitch, but showed a lot of spirit and willingness to move. She was a fantastic sidegaiter, with good extension, good rear drive, and an iron back. She was pushing the Grand Victrix very hard."

~ Betty Radzevich


GSDC of America---1990---Select #6

"a smaller black and tan who is a very animated mover with good extension and follow-through. She is clean. A bit less appealing to me in outline than the previous bitches."

~ Ed Barritt