Ch. Amber's Onyx of Tokaye

Amber's Onyx of Tokaye

Breeders: K. Potter & B. Amidon
Owner: T. & K. Potter
DOB: November 5th, 1985

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Ch. Scherzar's Decision ROM

Ch. Scherzar's Nefertiti ROM
Amber's Onyx of Tokaye

Ch. Doppelt-Tay’s Hawkeye ROM

Amber's Diane ROM

  Amber's Nancy of Zar-Zal


GSDC of America---1986---Best Puppy

GSDC of America---November 17th, 1988---Select #4

"Nicely balanced front and rear, although a little long in body. She has showmanship, vitality, and elegance. Very nice reach of neck, feminine head, good eye, strong ears. Strong mover with god elasticity, and quite clean coming and going. Shows some softness of back in motion."

-Ralph Roberts

GSDC of America---1989---Select #14

"... a stunning black and tan, with excellent showmanship; elegant and feminine. Beautiful sidegait, clean on both ends."

~ Betty Radzevich

GSDC of America --- 1992 --- Veteran Bitch