Ch. Amber's Flair ROM

Ch. Amber's Flair ROM

Breeder: Barbara Amidon
Owners: Franklyn & Rosalind Schaefer

1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Zeus of Fran-Jo ROM

Ch. Mirheim's Abbey ROM
Ch. Amber's Flair ROM

1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Amber's Dina

  Amber's DeCloudt's Cristl ROM


1979 Register of Merit Dam

"This very typey black and tan bitch was bred by Barbara Amidon who has been a consistent producer of excellent bitches.  Flair is line bred on Ch. Lance of Fran Jo ROM. Her dam, Amber's Dina, a Lance daughter out of Amber's DeCloudt's Cristl ROM was bred to Zeus of Fran Jo ROM who is a Lance son.  Their daughter Flair was bred to Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM who is also line bred on Lance through his sire Paladen and his Mother Doppelt-Tay's Jessette, a Lance daughter.  The resulting "H" and "I" Litter Wellspring have been extremely successful in the breed ring with Ch. Wellsprings' Ironsides, Ch. Wellspring's Indiana and Ch. Wellspring's Howard Johnson all finished by 1979 and three more from these litters already listed as winning progeny.  Still another one of the "I" litter has finished his title in 1980.  Flair's owners, Franklyn and Rosalind Schaefer, have bred this lovely bitch wisely.  Again take notice of the close line breeding and the good results."

~Connie Beckhardt

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1980 Register of Merit Report

"Introducing the HIGHEST LIVING REGISTER OF MERIT DAM FOR 1980.  She is Ch. Amber's Flair who achieved her ROM title last year.  As you can see, Flair is a spectacular illustration of beautiful breed type.  Flair is sired by Zeus of Fran-Jo ROM and out of Amber's Dina.  She was bred by Barbara Amidon and is owned by Franklyn and Rosalind Schaefer.  Her progeny are all sired by Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Hawkeye ROM and are the results of two breedings.  There are 3 Champion males and one Canadian Champion male and 3 Champion bitches, all carrying the kennel name of Wellspring and heavily line bred on GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM.  Flair has 279 ROM points."

~Connie Beckhardt

1984 Red Book

"We bought Flair as a puppy to replace our foundation bitch. Previously we were breeding along Waldesruh and German lines with moderate success. Flair represented the typical lush beauty and easy moving Zeus progeny of the era. The intensely in-bred pedigree was what we wanted. Flair's show career was short because we chose to breed rather than promote her as a Special. It was obviously that we made a wise choice; her first litter with Hawkeye produced 2 Champions. The second litter, a repeat, gave us 5 Champions and the third repeat gave us another contender only 2 single points away from her title. That will give Flair a total of 8 Champion progeny and 4 more contributors to her ROM.

Since she produced so well with the great Hawkeye we chose to use his better sons, Troll and Steeler. Actually, her breeding to Prime missed and Reno wasn't interested. The breeding to Quasar have us one long coat pet.

Of her 49 live puppies most are still quite alive and well, the oldest nearly 9 years of age. She produced 1 blue, 2 long coats, 5 monorchids, 2 dysplastic 3 with undesirable temperament and 1 case of stomach torsion.."

-Owner: Rosalind and Franklyn Schaefer