Amber's Diane ROM

Amber's Diane ROM

Breeder: Barbara Amidon
Owners: Barbara Amidon & Kathy Potter

Ch. Eko-Lanís Paladen ROM

Select Ch. Doppelt-Tayís Hawkeye ROM

Doppelt-Tayís Jessette
Amber's Diane ROM

1973 GV Ch. Scorpio of Shiloh Gardens ROM

Amber's Nancy of Zar-Zal

  Ch. Amber's Valiant Robin ROM

1987 Register of Merit Dam

"Amber's Diane is line bred on GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM.  Her progeny are by 3 different sires.  Her Ch. Scherzar's Decision ROM progeny (Onyx & Replica) are distant line breeding on Lance.  Her Ch. Sequel's Senator of Merivern ROM daughter Haze is line bred on Scorpio and her Ch. Tokaye-Rollingwood's Bogart son Lonestar is line bred on Hawkeye-Hammer."

~Connie Beckhardt

Ch. Amber's Haze of Tokaya
Select Ch. Amber's Relica of Tokaya
Select Ch. Amber's Onyx of Tokaya
Ch. Amber's Omegan of Tokaye ROM
Amber's Lonestar of Tokaya
Amber's O'Rourke of Tokaye

Denotes a member of the 13-Club