1989 Grand Victrix
Ch. Altana's Kricket

Ch. Altana's Kricket

Breeder/Owner: M.C. Charlton
DOB: December 18th, 1985


Ch. Proven Hill's Jock v. Hoheniehcen ROM

Ch. Proven Hill's Up N' Adam ROM

Proven Hill's Keepsake v. Sandon
Ch. Altana's Kricket

Ch Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM

Ch. Covy's Altana of Tucker Hill ROM

Covy-Tucker Hills Vigor-N-Zip

GSDC of America --- 1987 --- Open Bitch & Reserve Winners Bitch

"Altana's Kricket - an elegant, typey bitch with great presence, very clean coming and going, very well balanced. It is truly unfortunate to be allowed to make only one award for Winners Bitch for the competition that was present. Kricket possesses an extremely strong back and most powerful rear drive. Structurally, she has a proper shoulder with good angles. However, there were times around the ring when she failed to use the shoulder to its fullest."

~ Sam Lawrence


Silver State K.C. --- 1988 --- Best of Breed

".. there are good dogs and there are great dogs. For me, Kricket is a great dog. Flawless Breed type, completely feminine, excellent side gaiter and outstanding attitude. She has it all. I wouldn't change a hair on her magnificent little head."

~ Helen Franklin


GSDC of America---November 17th, 1988---Select #2

"Elegant bitch, beautifully balanced, nice forehand and beautiful rear assembly. Good head, dark eye, erect ears. Shows with excellent expression. A fluid mover from the side with excellent extension. Pressed the Grand Victrix closely in side movement, but does not come as cleanly."

-Ralph Roberts

GSDC of America---1989---Best Opposite Sex

"... absolutely gorgeous type. Medium sized black and tan, excellent pigment and type. Beautifully balanced with a beautiful expression and very elegant. Good forehand and beautiful angulation. Feminine head with a dark eye, good ear set and lots of expression. Excellent sidegait with good suspension, floating gait, excellent front and rear action."

~ Betty Razevich