Ch. Alfa vom Wormserweg, SchH III, FH, ROM

Ch. Alfa vom Wormserweg, SchH III, FH, ROM
Shown with owner Ginny Collins of Wilva Don Kennels
Breeder: Hans Seidl
Owner: Ginny & George Collins
DOB: December 24th, 1950


Siggo vom Corneliushof

Alex vd Bruckmann

Cora von Der Kreidacher Hohe
Ch. Alfa vom Wormserweg, SchH III, FH, ROM

Arno vom Romer

Trude vd Hollenquelle

Jamba von der Hollenquelle

1960 Breed Survey: Typy medium sized well balanced compact bitch n remarkable condition considering age of almost 9. Pleasing in topline and chest development and Legs as viewed in stance. Sound in temperament. Full dentition with correct bite well angulated front and rear. Brilliant driving rythmic side gait. True coming and going. Lacking in pigmentation and ear carriage a trifle wide. Height: 24 inches. Weight 63 lbs. Length 28 inches Depth: 11 inches. Chest Circum ference: 31 inches. Body: Typy, medium size, well balanced bitch, presented in excellent condition for age. Topline: Level back, long well formed, sloping croup. Fore and Rear Legs: Straight, parallel legs, strong properly sprung pasterns, well formed and padded feet. Chest and Fore Chest: Chest well developed.

Ch. Wilva Don's Nordic ROM