Adelhaus Cameo Girl ROM

Adelhaus Cameo Girl ROM

Breeders: Paul & Anna Julian
Owner: Cheryl L. Mulick

Ch Karagin's Crusader ROM

Jareaux's Boston of Clayfield

Clayfield Dijana v Hausmekon
Adelhaus Cameo Girl ROM

Ch Echowood's Avalon

Echowood's Miss Wind Song CD

  Von Paul's Windsong

1990 Register of Merit Dam

Ch. Northfleet's John Elway
Ch. Northfleet's Jim McMahon
Ch. Northfleet's Ralley Girl
Ch. Northfleet's Solitaire
Ch. Northfleet's Peppermint Patty
Northfleet's Hundred Grand
Northfleet's Precious Gem

1995 Dams of Distinction Report

"Cameo earned her ROM from only two litters. From the da her first offspring became a qualifier, it was eleven months until she was eligible for this prestigious award. Our time with her was short, but we lovingly remember her and are grateful for the strong foundation she left behind here at Northfleet."