The thirteen club recognizes longevity in that individual dog, and tells us who his or her sire and dam are.

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Requirements to join the 13 club are:
  • The dog must be a registered German Shepherd Dog living after it's 12th birthday.

  • The information must be submitted in the year they are still living.

  • The owner must fill out the survey form.

  • The owner must submit a copy of the AKC, CKC or SV registration form and a four-generation pedigree.

In return they will receive a Certificate of Recognition from the GSDCA, and have the dog and it's sire and dam's names all published in the Review. 

To submit an animal for the 13-Club contact chairperson Carolyn Putnam
If you can't find an animal who has already qualified contact Linda Whitehouse

All information must be provided or the application won't be accepted.

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Abraxas Joaie of Langenau CD (Champion)

Adalen's Katie CD

Adelgard's Patent Pending

Adelhaus Caleb (International Champion)

Adric's Almamater

Adric's Donner von Darste CD, CGC

Airborne of Dismar CD

Ajax of Lee-Mar Farm TT (Can. Select Am/Can. Champion)

Ajinsan of Rosegate

Alamor's Breeze of Dania Gardens (Canadian Champion)

Aldon's Beloved Lady of Quin

Alexis v Leiben Schloss TT HIC

Alkarah's Heart of Cobert

Aloha of Cedar

Amber's Diamond In The Rough HS

Amber's Dixie Belle

Amber's Haze of Tokaye

Amber's McCracken v D'Lors (Champion)

Amber's Nancy Reagan

Amber's O'Rourke of Tokaye

Amherst's Deck The Halls TC (Champion)

Amherst's Lake Dallas TT

Amsel von der Wustelande

Anarak's Keavy Kazoo

Anvil's Arielle Sheeba

Anvil Ring's Almight (Champion)

Anvil Ring's Amazing Grace

Anvil Ring's Apple Jack

Anvil Ring's Cruisin Cajun

Anvil Ring's Electra Glide CD CGC TDI HIC

Anvil Ring's Endless Summer (Champion)

Anvil Ring's Fortune Hunter

Anvil Ring's Hundi Glory Bound

Anvil Ring's Hundi GoHa Hav It CDX, HT, CGC (U-CD)

Anvil Ring's Hundi Gyrfalcon

Anvil Ring's Illusion

Apfelsine Donneybrook (Champion)

Apfelsine Ribbons and Lace

A-Raimund's Balduin

Ar-De-Jay's Harlot

Ardric's Donner von Darste CD, CGC

Arelee's Encore TC (Champion)

Arelee's Haunting Melody TC (Champion)

Argus vom Jada CDX

Ariana's Ambrosia v Evergreen

Ariana's Tresor of Jericao HSAs

Ariann's Mardi Gras CD CGC

Ariel Dances With Wolves

Aristocrat's Awesome

Arraausta Rocky Mtn Sable

Asgard's Lethal Weapon (Champion)

Asmar's Casandra of Petracca CGC

Ausgang's Remy Martin (American & Canadian Champion)

Ausgang's Tres Vinerable (Am. Champion & Canadian Select Champion)

Ausmisten's On The Road Again

Avalon's Eden Avatar's African Adventure (Champion)

Avion Anne Avonlea

Axelrod Ram Byte CD HCT

Azzaro Tedde of Vanhalla




Baddest of Edan CD (Am/Can. Champion)

Bailey's Irish Crème II TC (Champion)

Bandit von Bear

Banzai vom Germelhaus

Baranof Chili Pepper Am/Can. CD TC

Barcrest's Osa Negra

Bar-Mil's Nina of Mattia CD

Baron Blitz vom Bischler UDX BH GCG (OTCH)

Baron Damon von Bar CD TC CGC BH TT

Baron von Linden II

Baroness Zyna von Gallahaus

Barren's Whitney Houston

Bauerhoffen's Sugar N' Spice

Bauernhoffen's Fancy Free

Bauernhoffen's Herr Hans

Bauernhoffen's Magpie

Bauernhoffen's Rex

Baurnhoffen's Morph Andrea

Beaufort's Apollo Creed (Can. Int. Champion)

Bedkar's Beaux Espirit ROM (Am/Can/Int. Champion)

Bedkar's Coquihalla (Am./Can. Int. Champion)

Bedkar's Fanny Brice (Canadian Champion)

Bedkar's Halo v Hidden Springs Am/Can. CD ROM ROMC (Am/Can/Intl Champion)

Bedkar's Honey Kate

Bedkar's Theodora

Behuter von Hinterland CACIB, HT, PT, CD, TC, CGC, (International Champion)

Balcani's Cherokee of Berkshire

Bel Vista's Calypso

Bel-Vista's Serendipity

Be-Lyn's Clinton Calahan

Bennet's Kitt of Corolla CGC TDI

Benny von der Lohr Quelle SchH III AD BH WH CDX TC HIC CGC

Bernchar's Cappuccino

Bestest of Edan ROM

Bihari's Uheide von Velten CD CGC

Bismark of Maxquatch CD (Champion)

Bittersweet High Spirit CDX, TD, OA OAJ, RE RL1, VCD2, TC, HIC, CGC, TDI, Can. CD (U-CDX)

Black Tiger von Hertzhaus Am/Can. UDT TT

Blitzen der Erfolg Baldig CD, CGC

Blue Hill's Depth Charge CD

Blu-Sky's Absolutely Spoiled UD TDI

Bobby's Fritz

Bokenkamp's Boaz of Barwyck

Bother of Edan

Boyar's Ladyhawks Navar CD, CGC, TDI, TC

Bracewood's Special (Champion)

Bramblewood's Costa Plenty

Breezy's Szeta von Shiloh CD

Brentaryl's Flirt

Brentaryl's Grenache CDX TC HC

Brentaryl's Mirage ROM

Brentaryl's Winner Takes All

Breton's Fleeta of New Skete TT, TC, CGC (Champion)

Briarwood's Annie Briget v Caphalo-Missin' Creek

Brinheim's Zilke

Brinheims Vada

Brittany von Velten

Bronx Beau of Sunny Acres

Broon's Zak Broon's Zazu

Broon's Zeb Del Prado

Broon's Zeke

Brown Hill's Abbey Road

Brown Hill's Frisbee CD

Brown Hill's Hopi Am/Can. CDX TC TT (Can. Champion)

Brown's Highland

Byte Brythe's Hi Hope CD

Buddy von Ruppenthal CD

Burl Oak's Emperor Ripley UD TC CGC TDI