2002 Select Excellent
Ch. Pilgrim's Kellie Jollie T
' Hill TC

Ch. Pilgrim's Kellie Jollie T'Hill TC

Breeder: Shirley Raymond
Owner: Mary Tripp
November 26th, 1998  ~ 2006

1996 GV Ch. Stoneway's Uecker

2000 GV Ch. Hickoryhill's Bull Durham TC, HIC, ROM

Hunde Haus Zoee Rosita
Ch. Pilgrim's Kellie Jollie T'Hill TC

Ch. Silver's Kaptain Krunch

Can. BPISS Silverhill's Sumthin Special ROM

  Can. Ch. Cedarhaven's Leah Silverhill ROMC

GSDC of America --- 2000 --- American Bred & Winners Bitch

"With show attitude in abundance, this beautiful deep-bodied, plush-coated bitch gaited her way to Winners. What an exciting performance and an  exciting finish to her championship. She later went on to the coveted title of Select. The Winner Bitch is clean coming and going, has good bone, is  pretty standing with a lovely prosternum, has a good back and croup, good temperament, a ground-covering gait, and that spark of something special -  exuberant show presence. A credit to our breed."

~ Helen Franklin

GSDC of America---2000---Select #12  

" Medium reddish black and tan. First impression, proportion is okay, topline strong. Front assembly has a long straighter shoulder blade and shorter upper arm which causes a lack of reach, but the rear matches with the front, and her sidegait is okay. If she had more animation she would have a more impressive sidegait. Again, good temperament, good dentition."

~ Joe Bihari


GSDC of Louisiana---February 18th, 2002---Best Opposite to Best Of Breed

"Dark black and red lovely bitch. A moving machine! She has a nice extension in front and rear follow through. Nice topline on a loose leash. Good temperament."

-Peggy Lee

GSDC of America---October 16th, 2002---Select Excellent #12

"Another feminine black and tan of good substance and structure. She takes a nice step and is well coordinated. Very pleasing when posed."

~Edmond Barritt