"Giving in recognition and appreciation of animals who display the versitalty of the breed by performing in a variety of different performance events."


To be eligable for this award a dog must have completed titles in three (3) different performance areas including


Obedience or Rally Tracking

Herding Agility


One of the titles must be from the highest level of training,

UD, AX, or AXJ, HX, TDX, or VST, SchIII, The Rally Excellent Class is not accepted as one of the highest level titles due to the fact that the degree of difficulty for the Rally Excellent title is much lower than any of the the other titles at the highest level of training.

The two additional titles can be at any level of training, but must come two (2) different areas of performance.

All herding classes are considered one performance events as are all agility classes, and all tracking classes. Because this award is given in recognition of versatility, all Obedience and all Rally classes are considered one event due to the similarities of the exercises involved.

Because of the similarities of the Bh to the CD and the WDA tracking to the AKC tracking, the lowest accepatable Schutzhund titles will be the Schutzhund 1 degree.

The owner of the dog must be a member in good standing (BEFORE) the requirements for this award are completed.


2001 PAM Recipients
PAM Nurmi vd Maibuchen SchH III UD, AX, AXJ, HIs, IPO3  
PAM Jubel vom Marinik UDT, HSCs, NA, HGH, VCD1  
2002 PAM Recipients
PAM Dellhaven's All Black Velvet UD, TD, AX, AXJ, VCD2, AD, BH  
PAM Ch. Jecoda Reds Booran HXAs, CDX, OA, OAJ  
PAM DeBrut's Rambo of Burl Oakes UDX, MX, MXJ,TD, VCD2  
PAM Morena von Bad-Boll SchH III, CDX, TD, BH, FH1, AD, KKII  
PAM Bittersweet Here I Am UDX, HT  
PAM MACH II Landaleigh's Villainy UDX, TD, VCD2  
PAM Rohan of Taize AX, AXJ, CD, HT  
PAM Hot and Spicy Pfefferkorn MX, MXJ, CDX, HSCs, HGH, AX, AXJ  
2003 PAM Recipients
PAM Showboat's Keepsake MX, MXJ, CDX, HT, AXP, AJP  
PAM Scarab's Ryan of Sligo UD, PT, NA, NAJ  
PAM Vyck von Haus Antverpa SchH III, CDX, FH2, TD  
PAM J-Mar's Journey of Ashmead MX, MXJ, HS, TD, TT  
PAM HC DeBrut's Kiss Me Kate Windridge HXAs, UD, NA, TD, HIBs  
PAM Trommel's Born To Fly Solo UDX, HS, AX, AXJ  
PAM Sahar of Taize AX, OAJ, PT, CD  
PAM Geobev's Happy-Go-Lucky MX, AXJ, CD, HT  
PAM Montana's Mountain Majesty AX, AXJ, CD, PT, NJP, NAP  

2004 PAM Recipients
  PAM Cing vom Konigsstollen VCD1, AX, AXJ, CD, TD,NAP,AJP  
  PAM Aiko von der Misty Ridge SchH III , TD, NA  
  PAM Richbrook Casy To The Rescue VCD1, AX, OAJ, OJP, OAP, TD, AXJ, CD  
  PAM Ch. Windyhill's Zydeco UD, OA, OAP, NAJ, AJP, HI  
  PAM Hillside's Ain't Misbehavin VCD1, AX, AXJ, CD, TD  
  PAM V-Funny vom Altenberger Land SchH III, VPG, CD, PT  
  PAM Showboat's Manon CD, TC,HSAS, HI, HIAD, HXAS, HXAD, TT, CGC  
  PAM Morgenlied's Futures In Aspen UD, PT, OA, NAJ  
  PAM Ch. Kingswood's Tora Tora Tora VCD1, CD, TD, MX, AXJ, BH-A  
2005 PAM Recipients
  PAM CH Carousel Farms Caisson VCD1 MX MXJ OF TD HSAs CD RN AXP OJP  
  PAM Diva's Solo, HXAs, HXAd, HXBs, CD, OA, OAJ, OAP, OAJP  
  PAM Ch. OTCH DeBrut's Moonshadow, UDX, AX, AXJ, HT  
  PAM Wenatchees Nelsa VCD2, CDX, TD, AX, AXJ, OAP, OAJP  
  PAM CT Bittersweet Times Remembered VCD2, AX, AXJ, CDX  
  PAM OTCH Belcani's Simply Irresistible UDX4, NAP, NAJP, HT  
  PAM OTCH Bella vom Highland Haus VCD-1, UDX2, TD, NAP, NJP  
  PAM Rocknoll's Carly Nike Clayfield VCD1, AX, OAJ, CD, TD  
  PAM Geobev's Arizona Sunrise MX, MXJ, CD, HT  
2006 PAM Recipients
  PAM Xera Yom Haus Kuhn VCD2, UD, TDX, OA, OAJ, RA  
  PAM Lil' Maggie's Always On My Mind VCDI, UDX, AX, NAJ, HT  
  PAM J-Mar's American Dream VCD2, UD, MX, AXJ, TD  
  PAM Freya Liesl Snee VCDI, TDX, CD, NA, NAJ, RE  
  PAM CT Orry vom Kriegerhaus VCD2, US, TDX, VST, OA, AXJ, SCHI, FH2, KKI  
  PAM Shasta's Grand Sierra AX, AXJ, HSAs, RN, NAP, NJP (ILP)  
  PAM DeBrut's Sahali MX, MXJ, FN, PT, RN  
  PAM MACH Majestic Sierra von Bonjon UD, RE, HSAs, HIAs, HXAs, MX, MXJ  
  PAM Abel vom Quasliner Moor UD, RN, MX, MXJ, NF, NSCs, HICs, HXCs, SCH III, HGH  
  PAM Winsome's Rumer v Cypress UDT, OJP, RN  
  PAM Dawnhill's Motown Magic VCD2, UDT, AXP, AJP, RE  

"Take this trouble for me: Make sure my Shepherd Dog remains a working dog, for I have struggled all my life long for that aim."

 ~ Rittermeister Max von Stephanitz