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2000--- Judge:
Joseph Bihari
2001--- Judge:
Jack Newton
Edmond Barritt
2003--- Judge:
David Rinke

2004 --- Judge:
Mrs. Joan Fox

2005 --- Judge:
Mr. Ken Downing

2006 --- Judge
Helen Franklin

2007 --- Judge
Mr. Edmond Barritt
2008 --- Judge
Helen Gleason
2009 --- Judge
Dave Rinke

2010 --- Judge
Barbara Amidon

2011 --- Judge
Ed Barritt



National Specialty Show Results


 Helen Franklin - Futurity and Maturity Dogs
 Joan Fox - Futurity and Maturity Bitches
Joan Fox - 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Dogs
  Helen Franklin - 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Bitches

Intersex:  Joseph Bihari

"The quality was deeper and more uniform in bitches. The dog class was more diversified.

I was very pleased with the bitches' uniformity and depth of quality. I found no major temperament problems, no light eyes, no bad bites. We've improved on the rear angulation and I didn't see many locked hocks or looseness going away.

In the majority of both sexes, I found the sex characteristics well pronounced, but I would like to see some improvement on stronger heads and ear sets. I saw some soft back, sloping and flat croups with high tail sets and a couple of dead tails.

Feet and pasterns were good; hocks and stifles were short and well curved. The biggest problem that I observed in both sexes was the front assembly. The majority have a fifty degree or more long straight shoulder blade, and short upper arm laying back under the body. This causes the action below the middle of the body to make the elbow look like it is throwing out and causing lack of reach.

I've observed our breed for the last 50 years, and I still say we've come a long way. In the last 50 years we've improved in all areas, but no matter how close we get to perfection, we still have to do improvement. I call it repair, because every bloodline and every popular stud dog will produce virtues and faults. We have to pay attention when we select a breeding pair in order to correct the major problems that we are seeing today.

It will help us to improve our breed if we breed with an open mind at all times and if we can look at our dog objectively, see the virtues in other people's dogs, and recognize and admit the faults on our own dogs."

~ Joseph Bihari



The superb quality of my entry was a tremendous compliment. My Winners class was breath taking and a tribute to the many fine breeding programs in this country. I have three main criteria when judging, and due to the depth of quality I was able to find these attributes in abundance and reward them.

A. TEMPERAMENT: What other quality is more important in our breed? all of my placings exhibited sound temperament on a loose lead. Some over zealous double handling created a bad impression on a few animals and so I checked more than once. The look in the eyes tells all when they regard you. It was disappointing to have excused four dogs for displaying bad character. I had a number of dogs that I warranted unsound, some well trained, and I merely excused them in the first cut. Our breed still needs improvement in this area.

B. MASCULINITY: Beyond displaying proper character, this is first and foremost. This does not mean tall and leggy but rather those that are substantial in body, bone, and head with that wonderful "stallion" quality. I had some lovely side gaiting dogs that I could not place due to their lack of masculinity.

C. TRANSMISSION: Proper motion can only be achieve by a dog that has correct feet and pasterns, drives off a strong rear with short hocks, has a gradually sloping croup that leads into a short hard back, and has a proper opening of shoulder. These qualities allow the animal to have an extended side gait while keeping the feet close to the ground.

Unfortunately I saw a number of dogs that were either too long in loin or had backs that were soft or excessive in length and croups that were short and or flat. A large number of exhibits had a two piece appearance, lacked secondary sex characteristics and were short in upper arm, upright in shoulder and lifted in motion"

~ Joan Fox


"In terms of both the quality of dogs exhibited and size of entry, this was perhaps the biggest and best National Specialty in the last 20 years. While a National of this magnitude is fun for the spectator, it can be heartbreaking for the exhibitor because more often than not, the 5th through perhaps 10th dog in line or higher, was of superior quality and definitely deserving of both honors and recognition. I guarantee that many of the bitches that did not place in the first four will both finish their championships and go even higher, such was the quality of the entry. Those that did place, did so because of their over all extraordinary attributes and performance on that day, and at that given moment in time.

A "field of Dreams" within a "Field of Dreams". So much is riding on those few minutes of the judge's undivided attention that an error at the wrong moment in handling or double handling may cause hopes, hard work, and dreams to become suddenly dashed. Owners calling their dogs and causing them to distort themselves in motion, handlers moving their dogs too fast or on a tight lead against the judges explicit instructions are but a few of the problems that might cost a placing. "If you can't see them, you can't judge them" Unlike those sitting in the stands who are able to view many; if not all of the dogs all of the time, the judge's range of vision is limited due to the close proximity. One of my own dogs loved to "pace" only when the judge was watching, but looked fantastic the rest of the time around the ring. We have all been there."

Overall impressions in the bitch classes were as follows: temperament improved, more medium brown eyes than dark brown eyes, better shoulder openings and front reach, backs remained the same or improved slightly, some very good but several with looseness over the croup, improvement in pigment, problems increasing in locked hocks overly long hocks and stifles, thus creating unsoundness going away with some rear toe dragging, a larger variance in overall breed type, some decline in heads, ears, and expression.

An important note about the winners and loser; the REAL WINNERS exiting the ring were those dogs that received a hug, many pets and joyous thanks and appreciation from their owners, no matter "if" or "where" they ended up in the ribbons.

~ Helen Franklin


Grand Victrix: Ch. Aramist's Ivana of Kolbrook

Grand Victor: Ch Hickoryhill's Bull Durham TC, HIC

Winners Dog: Marquin's Extra Extra

Winners Bitch: Ch. Pilgrim's Kellie Jollie T'Hill

Best Puppy: Hayschill's Cole Younger

Best Opposite Sex Puppy:  Azuma-Cinnabar Olivia 

Best In Futurity: Carico's Annie Oakley

Best OS Futurity: Survival's Tuff Decision

Best in Maturity: Ch Winsome's Woody Bearelson PT

Best Opposite in Maturity: Ch Dream Weaver's Morning Mist


Obedience Victor: Germantown's O' Jager von Hust UD 

Herding Victor:  HCh. Fluorescence vom Insel CD, HX

~Select Animals ~

Grand Victor: Ch. Hickoryhill's Bull Durham TC HIC

#2: Ch. Jag of Fran-Jo

#3: Ch. Nu Eratragicallyhip Braveheart

#4: Ch. Riverdell's Black Ice

#5: Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Manny

#6: Ch. Pinebucks Kidd Carson

#7: Ch. Sanremo Starbucks In Motion

#8: Ch. Rockannand's Patent

#9:  Marquin's Extra Extra

#10 Ch. Sunnydae Chaska Three D

#11: Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Cash

#12: Ch. Weicho's Flash Dance

#13: Ch. Winaki's Hanzel Apfelsine TC


Grand Victrix: Ch. Aramist's Ivana of Kolbrook

#2: Ch. Jecoda Keylis Jest 'N Thyme TC

#3: Ch. Survival's Running On Air

#4: Ch. Blue Moon's Runaround Sue

#5: Ch. Jagan's Belle Starr

#6: Ch. Dream Weaver's Morning Mist

#7: Ch. Gonvi Ruklakar's Carmen

#8: Ch. Caralon's QED A Cut Above

#9: Ch. Tania Guzman

#10: Ch. Eko-Lan's Havoc v Merivern

#11: Ch. Jo-Win's Remember Me v Krze

#12: Pilgrim Kellie Jolly T'Hill

Conditional Dog:  Ch Jo-San's Kismet's Flashfire, CD

Veteran Dog:  Ch Rockannand's Integra
Condtional Bitch: Ch Glendhenmere's Dandelion Days

Veteran Bitch: Ch Skylark's Lady Jane

Dogs Bitches
Grand Victor: Ch. Welove DuChien's Army of One Grand Victrix Ch. Mar Haven's Black Orchid
Select #2. Excellent Ch. TR's Antonio Select #2. Ch. Jagan-Karagin Happysaysitall
Select #3: Ch. Marquis' Stealing the Show Select #3 Ch. Marquin's Double Trouble
Select #4: Excellent Ch. Kaleef's Joshua Select #4 Anne-Isle's Heiress v Kenlyn-Kaleef
Select #5: Ch. Darby-Dan's Just Jack Select #5. Ch. Jantar's China Lake of Witmer
Select #6: Ch. Good To The Last Drop of Edan Select #6. Ch. Acara's Cazadora
Select #7: Ch. Keylis Purple Rain TC Select #7. Cherry Crush of Oh-My
Select #8: Excellent Ch. Keylis The Big Red Dog TC Select #8. Ch. Jerrwen's Madison Avenue
Select #9: Excellent Ch. Darby Dan's Key to the Cure TC Select #9. Ch. Darby-Dan's Miranda
Select #10: Ch. Karizma's Nicaragua Select #10. Ch. Marquin's Blonde Bombshell
Select #11: Ch. Alfaro's Rambling Man Select #11 Lonestar's Margarita Rose
Select #12: Ch. Konigin's Phamtom of the Opera Select #12 Excellent Ch. Rivendell's Start the Commotion
Select #13: Ch. Tindrock's Fire Storm at NMH Select #13 Ch. Marquis All About Me
Select #14: Ch. Bil-Mar's Here Comes Trouble Select #14 Ch. Jagan's Happyanunoit
Select #15 Ch. Lenlor's Maximus Select #15 Signatures Miami v Kridler
Select #16 Ch. Lindenhill's Vinnie the Viper Select #16 Ch. Hi-Cliff Four Starr Review
Select #17 Ch. Woodside's The Read Deal Select #17 Ch. Shadyrock's Dancing Doll
Select #18 Ch. Greenwood's Achilles TC  
Select #19 Excellent Ch. Jezra's Daytona  
Select #20 Ch. Coda's Miracle in the Making  
Conditional Dog: Conditional Bitch:
Veteran Dog 7 to 9: Todorhaus-Chablis Santana Veteran Bitch 7 to 9: Ch. Carolon ED A Cut Above
Veteran Dog over 9: Veteran Bitch over 9:

Select Excellent #3: Ch. Keylis Purple Rain

Select Excellent #9: Ch. Altana's Outlaw HIT
Select Excellent #11: Ch. Keylis The Big Red Dog
Select #12: Ch. TR's Antonio
Select Excellent #14: Ch. Mechanical Bull of Edan
Conditional Dog:
Conditional Bitch:
Veteran Dog 7 to 9: Ch. Joelle's Alvin v Norberge
Veteran Bitch over 9: Dusky Sally zu Apfelsine HT







National Specialty Show Results



Lew Bunch -  for Futurity and Maturity Dogs
Joseph LaRosa -  for Futurity and Maturity
  Joseph LaRosa - 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Dogs

Lew Bunch - 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Bitches

Intersex:  Jack Newton

"I had the honor of judging the Intersex competition at the 2001 National Specialty. I consider being elected to judge this show as the highest honor that a Shepherd specialist can receive. I thank the membership for it.

The entry was of very high quality in both sexes. This required some hard decisions to be made in separating the dogs as there were so many good ones. I sometimes hear complaints of poor quality at our National. Believe me, we can be very proud of the dogs that were shown at the 2001 show.

General impressions: Overall temperament was very good. I think that the loose lead examination has helped to improve temperament in the dogs shown at our National. I commend our Temperament Chairman Bob Penny for his pursuit of this requirement.

Overall mouths were good. I found only two entries with missing teeth. There were a few level bites but also some very good bites. Coming and going was surprisingly good. I did not see many loose rears or faulty fronts. I have to believe that we have made some progress in this regard.

Over the past three decades we have heard many complaints about male heads being too narrow. Well, male heads are back. There were many dogs in this entry with beautiful, large, masculine heads.

All animals critiqued displayed good temperaments, had full mouths, and no serious faults coming and going.

There were so many quality bitches in this class that I hated excusing some of them., Others could have received a Select rating too, but if we designate a very large number of Selects we dilute the importance of the award."

~ Mr. Jack Newton



Grand Victor:  Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision TC

Grand Victrix: Ch. Lindenhill's Voodoo Lilly

Winners Dog:  Wayside's Honky Tonk Man

Winners Bitch: TR's Quinella v Kenlyn

Best Puppy: Cypress Willowlake Kharizma

Best Opposite Sex Puppy:  Cross Timber's Cargogh Clihu

Best In Futurity: Lace of Lou-Ro

Best OS Futurity: Chablis' Piano Man of Coda

Best in Maturity: Ch. Carob's Tina of Bihari

           Best OS Maturity: Ch. Lindenhill's Hayabusa



Obedience Victrix/Elite Obedience Award:  
OTCH Blitzen's Kantele of Ashmead UDX 


Herding Victor: 
HTCh. Mississippi Rip HXAs OPNds HRD-III HTD-III 


~Select Animals~

Grand Victor:  Ch. Survival's Tuff Decision TC

#2: Ch.  Pinebuck's Kidd Carson

#3: Ch.  Marquin's Xtra! Xtra!

#4: Ch.  Sanremo Starbuck's In Motion

#5: Ch.  Jag of Fran-Jo

#6: Ch.  Joelle's Alvin v Norberge

#7: Ch. Welove DuChien's Rollins 

#8: Ch.  Lindenhill's Hayabusa

#9: Ch.  Utopia's Meet Joe Black

#10 Wayside's Honky Tonk Man

#11: Ch. Weicho's Summer Palace

#12: Ch.  Sandmark's Del Rio

#13: Ch. Backacher's Ruggiero v Milo



Grand Victrix: Ch. Lindenhill's Voodoo Lily

#2: Ch.  Survival's Running On Air

#3: Ch.  Debonair's Scarlet Letter

#4: Ch. Kaleef's Silver Charm of Tabu

#5: Ch.  Carob's Tina of Bihari

#6: Ch.  Utopia's Cliche

#7: Ch. Utopia's Blast From The Past

#8: Ch. Darby Dan's Eve

#9: Ch.  Delta v Almanya

#10  Lace of Lo-Rou

#11: Ch.  Clayfield Zahara v Castlehill HT, TC

#12: Mein  Schatz Bacall v Bo-Hem




2002 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show



Dogs - Mr Micheal Chaloux for Futurity and Maturity Dogs
Bitches - Mr John F DeHope for Futurity and Maturity Bitches
Dogs - Mr. John F DeHope - 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Dogs
Bitches - Mr Micheal Chaloux - 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Bitches

Intersex:  Edmond Barritt

"My intention was to select good solid well-constructed one-piece animals who were coordinated movers. I believe I did this with what was there. It thought the quality was somewhat even and that there were a few animals that didn’t go Select that could have. I gave – some would say -- a few too many Selects. But in my mind I had a problem eliminating some. There really wasn’t a great deal of difference between the later Selects and some of the animals nearer the front.

In conclusion let me say that we still seem to be having problems with correct follow-through (locked-up rears) and also with toe-scuffers, which is related. In my opinion many do not fully understand what a good dog should do with his rear when in motion. I had four decent animals that had missing teeth that didn’t go Select.

Overall the quality was more even than I recall. A few standouts but mostly even throughout."

~Edmond Barritt



(For a more detailed listing of this year's National results click here)

Grand Victor:  Ch. Marquin's X-tra X-tra

Grand Victrix: Ch. Jecoda Keylis Just In Thyme

Winners Dog:  Cross Timber's Cargogh Clihu 

Winners Bitch: Trafalgar's Pacific Chai 

Best Puppy: Utopia's Tanqueray of Nordlicht 

Best Opposite Sex Puppy:  Kaleef St. Lucia v Kenlyn 

Best In Futurity: Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill 

Best OS Futurity:  Amber's Heartbreaker

Best in Maturity:  Ch. Schaztmar's Just Right 

           Best OS Maturity:  Ch. Mar Haven's And The Beat Goes On

Obedience Victrix:
OTCH. Noonmark Della Vopo UDX, MX, MXJ


Herding Victor: 
HCH.Mississippi  RIP HX


~Select Animals~





2003 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show



Dogs - Mrs. Helen Gleason for Futurity and Maturity Dogs
Bitches - Ms. Cappy Pottle e for Futurity and Maturity Bitches

Dogs - Ms. Cappy Pottle- 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Dog

Bitches - Mrs. Helen Gleason - 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Bitches

Intersex:  Dave Rinke


"The quality was deep throughout the dog classes and I was very pleased with my Winners Class that brought together the variance of size and proportions in the entry. As with breeding and judging dogs, temperament and character come first and to emphasize this inalienable breed ideal, I judge all the dogs on a loose leash when they first come into the ring and have not had the chance to become ring friendly . I am happy to say that I only had a few dogs that did not display good temperament and I had few dogs with mouth problems. Mouth problems are anything other than strong jaws, complete dentition and a scissors bite. I had a couple of good dogs with bites bordering on undershot. Ears could have been stronger in the younger classes. I emphasize the need to standardize dog size and proportions. No matter how well a dog moves, it must look like a m ale if it is one. I saw too many dogs that need shortening up in the middle piece (back and loin). Some were too high on leg and a few too short. All this gives inconsistency to the overall picture of breed type."

~ Cappy Pottle
Judge Dog Classes


"Overview: Temperaments are fine but some of the gals definitely needed more exposure as they were not as self-confident as they should have been."

~ Helen Gleason


Grand Victor:   Ch. Marquin's Xtra! Xtra!

Grand Victrix:  Ch. Kridler's Ruby v Highland Acres

Winners Dog:  Rosewood's Maestro

Winners Bitch:  Jerrwen's Madison Avenue

Best Puppy:  Keylis Purple Rain

Best Opposite Sex Puppy:  Stonewall's Fast Lane

Best In Futurity:  Stonehedge Jack of All Trades

Best OS Futurity:  Elite Design Chelsey v Tyran

Best in Maturity: Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill



Obedience Victrix:
Ch. De Brut's Moonshadow, UDX, OA, OAJ

owned by Lori Nickeson


Herding Victor: 


~Select Animals~

Conditional Dog:
Conditional Bitch: Dusky Sally Zuapfelsine HT
Veteran Bitch 7 to 9: Solana's Luro's Gypsy Wind TC
Veteran Dog 9 and Over: Ch. Von Keith's Raptor
Veteran Bitch 9 and Over: Ch. Jecoda Keystone Alexandra






2004 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show



Dogs - Mrs. Rita Sandel for Futurity and Maturity Dogs
Bitches - Ms. Gloria Birch for Futurity and Maturity Bitches

Dogs - Ms. Gloria Birch- 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Dog

Bitches -Mrs. Rita Sandell - 6 - 9 mos to open classes - Bitches

Intersex: Mrs. Joan Fox

"Overall, it was a delight to be judging. I loved seeing males that looked like males. So many had beautiful heads without being coarse. I had very few dogs with missing teeth or bad bites. A few dogs did not have short strong backs. The breed looked pretty good to me. It was truly the thrill of a lifetime, and to top it all off my mother was able to be there and watch me judge. I feel truly blessed."

~ Gloria Birch

STRUCTURAL IMPROVEMENTS NEEDED IN OUR BREED: Less length. We are getting too much overall length. Croups. Most are too short. Tails. My theory is that we could possibly have a spine problem. A limited supply of blood to the tail could cause numbness. People experience this with spine problems cause numbness to the lower extremities. Because I am seeing this problem a lot, we need to determine the cause."

~ Rita Sandell

"Select is a very special award and one not to be given lightly. I was honored to have so many gorgeous dogs exhibited to me and to be able to award 10 Selects to animals that met the criteria and keep the integrity of the title.
Almost all the entries were masculine with good to rich color, strong heads, correct proportions, heard backs and nice croup lines, and good strong oval bones. The improvements made by breeders in these areas and in overall type is so commendable. Size did vary somewhat but all who took the top awards were unquestionably male!
I had only a few that were a bit soft in back, lacked under-drive or bounced over the loin and croup. These showed up immediately on a loose lead. Coming and going was amazingly good and I really appreciated the depth of body and correct ribbing and prosternums! I saw few faulty feet but some were let-down in pasterns and showed softness when coming at me. Going away was wonderful and tow dragging was minimal.
Side gait was better than I have seen for a few years. The ability of so many dogs to over ground smoothly on a a loose lead was truly a wonderful sight for those that cherish the herding ability of our breed.
Temperament was good to outstanding with only one dog that I questioned. He was young and recovered fully upon reexamination. Unfortunately, I also had to disqualify one male that did try to bite me. He made light contact.
Overall, I think we are in good shape in males again, with a diversity of bloodlines to choose from."

~ Joan Fox



Best In Futurity:  Marquin's Double Trouble

Best OS Futurity:  TR's Antonio

Best in Maturity:  Select Ex. Ch. Woodcliff's BB by Caretti

Best OS Maturity: WeLove DuChien's Harrison



Obedience Victrix:

Shadowland's Sweet Spirit UD
owned by Carol Davis


Herding Victrix:
PAM HCh. DeBrut's Kiss Me Kate Windridge UD, TD, HSAs, HIS NAP
owner/handler Sheryl Evans



~Select Animals~

Select Excellent #2 Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man
Select Excellent #3 Ch.. Altana's Outlaw
Select Excellent #3 Ch. Jerrwen's Malibu Breeze
Select Excellent #7 Ch. WeLove DuChien's Patriot
Select Excellent #7 Ch. Kagen's Two To Tango
Select Excellent #8 Ch. Rivendell's Magnolia
Select Excellent #9 Ch. Jerrwen's Madison Avenue
Select #10 TR's Antonio
Conditional Dog
Conditional Bitch: Carousel Farms Caisson TD,PT,OA,NAJ,NAP,NJP,TC
Veteran's Dog 7 to 9: Ch. Hi/Lo's Stormy Nights
Veteran's Bitch 7 to 9: Ch. Tripphill's Dream Spinner
Veteran's Dog 9 & Over:
Veteran's Bitch 9 & Over: Ch. Kansten's Britten HT, PT, TC









2005 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show


Futurity and Maturity Dogs - Mrs. Debra Ann Hokkanen
Futurity and Maturity Bitches
- Mrs. Barbara Amidon
Dogs -
Mrs. Barbara Amidon - 6 - 9 mos to open classes
Bitches -Mrs. Debra Ann Hokkanen - 6 - 9 mos to open classes

Intersex: Mr. Ken Downing


"As a whole, the males were definitely males. Masculinity has continued to improve along with pigment. Backs were strong and proper which is so important to proper transmission. We have come a long way in temperament in the past few years. All males passed the temperament evaluation. I did have a few dogs that had a problem with proper follow through in the rear and dragged their toes trying to get underneath themselves and also completely opening up in the rear when gaiting. There were a few faulty tails, some lifting when gaiting and soft pasterns with poor feet. I do not mean to indicate that these were rampant problems. In fact, I did not see a many of these problems as I have noticed in the past and feel they are improving. We must be vigilant in these areas as the German Shepherd Dog is a herding dog and these type of problems will prohibit prolonged gaiting with proper transmission.

The bitches. My, oh my, what a beautiful group of ladies! Good pigment, very feminine, strong backs with proper proportion, and the balanced which is so important in transmission. Again, all the bitches passed the temperament evaluation. I did have a few of the problems in the bitches that I have previously mentioned in the males.

All of the Selects earned their placing with a sustained performance. They all represent what we look for in a German Shepherd Dog -- correct structure, temperament, and the look of eagles which sets the German Shepherd Dog apart from all other breeds. I was happy with each and every one."

~ Mr. Ken Downing

"Our males seem to have better heads, and are not as extreme overall. Not tons of quality, but some good ones in each class. A problem I see is dead tails. This is not just a fault, but is a serious health problem with the spine. This must be addressed."

~ Barbara Amidon





Best In Futurity: Marquis' Here I Am v Surigo

Best OS Futurity: Nikrees Summer Premiere

Best in Maturity Ch. TR's Antonio

Best OS Maturity: Karizma's Liberia von Loar


Obedience Victrix:

Burl Oaks Mystic Incantation UDX, OA, OAJ
owned by Catherine and Michael Los


Herding Victrix:






~ Select Animals ~

Select Excellent #3: Ch. Braunhaus Samurai

Select Excellent #4: Ch. Trafalgar's Premium Blend
Select Excellent #5: Ch. Welove DuChien's Rollins
Select Excellent #6: Ch. WeLove DuChien's Harrison
Select Excellent #7:Ch. Keylis Purple Rain
Conditional Bitch: N/A
Veteran Dog 7 to 9: Ch. Welove DuChien's Rollins
Veteran Bitch 7 to 9: Ch. Rowland's Cure For Love CD TC
Veteran Dog over 9: Ch. "The Preacher"
Veteran Bitch over 9: Ch. Todorhaus Sugar Magnolia








2006 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show


Futurity and Maturity Dogs - Mr. Dan Smith
Futurity and Maturity Bitches
- Ms. Jamie Walker
Dogs -
Ms. Jamie Walker - 6 - 9 mos to open classes
Bitches Mr. Dan Smith - 6 - 9 mos to open classes

Intersex: Ms. Helen Franklin

"I believe that this years Selects are all outstanding examples of our breed and I am so proud to have been able to be a part of their careers. When I judge, "I put them in the order I put them in my car." I needed a train this year. I chose dogs with a combination of gorgeous breed type, curves rather than angles, combined with exceptional side gait. I require depth of body without being leggy, a marked prosternum, correct ribbing, and one continuous smooth line extending down the neck to the wither, over the straight back, and gently sloping down through the tail. A good croup is essential. One select dog and one select bitch lacked some of the breed type I usually require but because of their outstanding ability to open at the shoulder and cover the ground, they could not be ignored.

Many remarked that the bitches were once again superior this year. I feel differently notine that there were several really good males. I felt that this year was one of the best I've seen for dogs in both breed type, coming and going and beautiful reaching side gait. I saw better backs and toplines, better heads, and much more substance. Several of the Select dogs could be called "stallion dogs" especially Alvinnnnn.

The Select dogs changed position several times becuase each had such great qualities to offer. It was difficult decision and in the end, the Grand Victor could not be denied. Working his way up, he was the beautiful all-male dog I had been looking for that moved magnificently with rarely seen suspending side gait. Once again these were all really good dogs. It would do them a disservece to compare or criticize only very minor faults."

~ Helen Franklin

"Overall, I believe we are starting to clean up the rears in our dogs. With some exceptions there were fewer locked hocks and toe-draggers than we have seen in the past. Temperament was very good with only three animals having to be excused. Secondary sex characteristics were excellent as were the number of dark to black eyes. Pigment was excellent in almost all of the dogs. With only one or two exceptions, all had good bites and full dentition. We still need to work on fronts as there were many dogs who were extending from the elbow as opposed to a full shoulder opening. We are still seeing several dead or altered tails.

~ Jamie Walker

"As most of you know I have been to Germany many times in the last 18 years, and attended their Sieger show each time. In my opinion we have the best bitches in the world right here in the USA. There are great bitches on both sides of the ocean, but a culmination of bloodlines and the talent of our breeders here have given us a consistency of high excellent quality bitches.

There has been a lot of talk about the length of our dogs. What I've seen in 90% of the entries were dogs of good or excellent proportions, that is 85% as high at the wither as they are long. What I've also seen is that our breed has many large size entries that have grown beyond the desired 22-24 inch bitch and the 24-26 inch male. These larger entries have more length of loin, and back, otherwise they would look freakish being tall at the withers and short in body.

Lastly, in my critiques you will probably notice the same description on many entries, that is due to the great consistency in type and quality of our great bitches."

~ Dan Smith







Best In Futurity: Eagle Valley's Crusader

Best OS Futurity: Marquis' Blonde Bombshell

Best in Maturity: Ch. WeLove DuChien's Army of One


Obedience Victrix:

owned by


Herding Victrix:






~ Select Animals ~

Select Excellent #3: Ch. Keylis Purple Rain

Select Excellent #9: Ch. Altana's Outlaw HIT
Select Excellent #11: Ch. Keylis The Big Red Dog
Select #12: Ch. TR's Antonio
Select Excellent #14: Ch. Mechanical Bull of Edan
Conditional Dog:
Conditional Bitch:
Veteran Dog 7 to 9: Ch. Joelle's Alvin v Norberge
Veteran Bitch over 9: Dusky Sally zu Apfelsine HT





2007 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show


Futurity and Maturity Dogs - Dr. Robert Kish
Futurity and Maturity Bitches - Dr. Carmen Battaglia
Dogs - Dr. Carmen Battaglia - 6 - 9 mos to open classes
Bitches Dr. Robert Kish - 6 - 9 mos to open classes

Intersex: Mr. Edmond Barritt







Grand Victor & BOB: Ch. Welove DuChien's Army of One

Grand Victrix & BOS: Ch. Mar Haven's Black Orchid

Winners Dog:   Lindenhill's Machu Picchu

Winners Bitch:  Cherry Crush of Oh-My

Best Puppy: Tazzman's Aregon

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: Tazzman's Serine

Best In Futurity: Signatures Miami v Kridler

Best OS Futurity: Kaleef's It's All About Me

Best in Maturity: Marquis' Stealing the Show

Best OS Maturity: Marquis Blonde Bombshell


Obedience Victrix:

owned by


Herding Victrix:






~ Select Animals ~

Select #3: Ch. Marquis' Stealing the Show

Conditional Dog:
Conditional Bitch:
Veteran Dog 7 to 9: Todorhaus-Chablis Santana
Veteran Bitch 7 to 9: Ch. Carolon ED A Cut Above
Veteran Dog over 9:
Veteran Bitch over 9:








2008 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show



Futurity and Maturity Dogs - Michell Chaloux
Futurity and Maturity Bitches - Cappy Pottle
Dogs - Cappy Pottle - 6 - 9 mos to open classes
Bitches - Michell Chaloux 6 - 9 mos to open classes

Intersex: Helen Gleason


Overview Bitches

"I found that the overall quality improved since my last US National assignment in 2002. I found and was really happy to see that our bitches today are, for most of them, of very good type, very stylish and elegant and have very good proportions. To me, correctness of proportions and structure combined with a sound temperament are very important and allow the dogs to move efficiently with soundness and power. I found beautiful bitches with great side gait and I was pleased to see that most of the dogs were clean coming and going. We have made great improvements in this area. In all classes, I didn't automatically place the best side gaiter of the group in first, but I placed the best overall dog with correctness of temperament, structure and movement. I also was quite leased in general with the temperament of the dogs. Almost all of them displayed a sound and typical temperament for a German Shepherd Dog. I also found that too many bitches were oversize. Remember the standard requires 22 to 24 inches for females. Some bitches didn't placed or make the cut because there were too large and were lacking secondary sex characteristics. I found also that many bitches were too long in loin and had soft middle pieces with motion in the back. This is a waste of energy and efficiency for a working herding dog. Ligamentation was also soft on a few dogs but in general the dogs were in good show condition."

~ Michel Chaloux

Overview Intersex

"The greatest award I have ever been given was to be elected by the membership to judge intersex at this year's National. As the Education chairperson I read, reread and teach the standard of our breed constantly. When judging this year I compared each animal against the standard and placed accordingly. Many love to see the handlers and dogs racing around the ring at breakneck speed; the larger the animal, the longer the legs and the greater distance they cover. Is this correct? Absolutely not@ I was elected by the members to judge dogs and not act like a ringmaster. While judging I attempted to give all handlers equal opportunity to present their animals to the best of their ability. Because of the limited amount of time allotted to the judging of intersex, only those dogs that were selected as top in their respective groups were really asked to work extensively. The handlers who presented their dogs on loose leads were rewarded as the dogs did not forge and distort themselves when moving along the white wall. I think all of the exhibitors for allowing me to examine the animals without double handling them through the loose lead temperament test. Although it may ave not been obvious to the spectators, we did have some dogs and bitches that were not quite as sure of themselves and these animals were placed at the rear of the lines. Written critiques were available for all entries and I maintained the original of the two part carbon sets. I hope the owners are interested in hem. Notations were made for missing teeth, excessive spacing between teeth, worn incisors, extra teeth, etc. Notations were made for strong or soft ears, etc. I think my scribe Bob Grady for underlining the descriptions for each dog as I called out the description for him. I apologize if we missed circling some of the comment but we were under strict time constraints. I believe that Saturday should be reserved for Specials only. We lost two hours because of special presentations that could easily have been done on Friday. The dogs were only judged of eight hours, four house for dogs from 8 am to noon (dogs photos 12-12:30) and four hours for bitches 2-6 pm (Bitch photos 6:30-7pm) The victory passes were limited to only a few minutes as photos had to be taken and dinner was at 8:00 "

"Size is becoming a real problem, not only height at the withers but excessive length of body. Bitches 22-24 inches, males 24-26 inches. Quite a few of the animal exhibited looseness of the elbows. Temperaments were very good with the exception of a few animals that acted anxious and let me know they really did not want to be there. These animals were placed at the end of each group. I would rate the top seven males Select Excellent, all other males were rated Excellent with the exception of the 10 dogs whose characters were less than correct. I rated 10 females Select Excellent and all other females were rated Excellent with the exception of seven whose characters were less than correct. Most eye were dark to medium brown and blended well with the facial colorations. Ears were strong with very few exceptions. All but three of the animals had complete dentition. I noticed several animals had too much spacing between the teeth and the teeth did not appear to be large and strong. Conditioning was lacking in some of the animals and their top lines were not as strong as I would like to see. Some of this is again a result of the excessive length of loins."

Judge Helen Gleason




Grand Victor: Ch. TRAFALGAR’s Full Throttle

Grand Victrix: Hiena Gomez

Winners Dog:   WeLove DuChien's Last Hurrah

Winners Bitch:  Hiena Gomez

Best Puppy: Anne-Isle's Patrick

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: Kaleef Caterina v Kenlyn

Best In Futurity: WeLove DuChien's Last Hurrah

Best OS Futurity: Bihari's Jesse II

Best in Maturity: Ch. Trafalgar's Full Throttle

Best OS Maturity: Isabella's One Woman Show



Obedience Victrix:

owned by


Herding Victrix:






~ Select Animals ~


Grand Victrix: Hiena Gomez
Select Excellent #2: Ch. Kaleef's Joshau v Kenlyn
Select Execellent #4: Ch. Marquis' Stealing the Show
Select Excellent #5: Ch. Eagle Valley's Green Knight
Select Excellent #6: Ch. Scher-Lo's Rogue of Karizma




2009 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show



Futurity and Maturity Dogs - Lee Brown
Futurity and Maturity Bitches - Gloria Birch
Dogs - Gloria Bitch
Bitches - Lee Brown

Intersex: Dave Rinke


Overview Bitches

"I had some very nice animals that I passed on due to my being able to tell that they were not sound in temperament. I did not feel it was necessary to push these animals. I was satisfied that I would net reward them and that was all that mattered to me. I also find some level bites, missing teeth, some teeth that were too small. I would say that the quality was very good but I would like to have seen some more animals that move more fluidly and effortlessly as described in the standard."

~ Lee Brown





Grand Victor: Ch. Tazzman's Aregon

Grand Victrix: Ch. Signature's Miami v Kridler

Winners Dog:   EJM N' Eko Lan's Eli

Winners Bitch:  Kiefernfel's If Life Were Like That

Best Puppy: GSDStyle's Johnny B Goode v Windover Abijah

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: Whitside's Than Came Me

Best In Futurity: Kaleef's Alexis v Kenlyn

Best OS Futurity: Hickoryhill's Krytonite

Best in Maturity: Winsome's Ray Bearone v Eko Lan

Obedience Victrix:
Zita Vom Krummenhager See, CDX. RN
owned by Shannon Shepherd
Herding Victor:
Karma's Dragon Drums v KCK HSAsd
Owned by Kelly Malone


Agility Victor:
MACH2 Blackthorn's Deva XF
owned by Shelli Rhodes





~ Select Animals ~


Grand Victor: Ch. Tazzman's Aregon
Select Excellent #2: Hi Cliff Sienna Kaleef
Select Excellent #3: Ch. Marquis' Stealing the Show
Select Excellent #4: Ch. HiCliff Bronson v Kaleef
Select Excellent #5: Ch. Kaleef's Joshua v Kenlyn
Select Excellent #5: Wolf Creek Antares of Merivern
Select Excellent #8: Ch. HiCliff Gable
Select Excellent #8: Ch. Hickory Hill's Magic Marker
Select Excellent #10: Ch. Kaleef's It's All About Me

Select Excellent #11: Ch. Kismet's Centruion PT

Select Excellent #11: Ch. Schatten's The One Rose
Select Excellent #12: Ch. Alfaro's Rambling Man





2010 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show


Futurity and Maturity Dogs - Robert Drescher
Futurity and Maturity Bitches - Daniel Smith
Dogs - - 6 - 9 mos to open classes: Daniel Smith
Bitches - 6 - 9 mos to open classes
Robert Drescher

Intersex: Barbara Amidon

Overview - Dogs

"The National this year held in Farmington, Utah, probably had the lowest entry of dogs in the history of our Nationals. There are probably several contributing factors to such a low entry, nonetheless we need to understand the negative effect this could have if this trend were to continue. As a Specialty club soon to celebrate our centennial, we annexed to address those things we can change, and realize there are things we can't do anything about, such as the poor economy and the high cost of travel and showing dogs.

On the brighter side, I had the privilege of judging some of the highest quality dogs I've ever judged. The Futurity and Maturity classes were filled with excellent examples of our breed through out the classes.The winners dog class was the best I've ever seen and several other judges at the show agreed. The entry was low but the quality was high. This made of ra very enjoyable assignment for me.

I see improvements in our breed in several areas. There were almost no dentition problems. The males have great improvement in masculine head type, good breadth of skull with better earsets, strong and correctly formed muzzle length. They have improved in neck length, and properly extend in motion beyond very nicely placed withers. Toplines and under lines are vastly improved both standing and in motion. The proportions of height to length have greatly improved. Ernie Loeb used to say that a dog "stands over too much ground" when he critiqued a dog that was longer than the desired 8 1/2 to 10. I had very few dogs outside the desired height to length. Again, improvements in topline has to do with the much better croups we are seeing in out top dogs.

The correct angulation in hindquarters has definitely improved, along with good ligamentation. We are seeing dogs with better balanced gaiting. There are still some faulty fronts causing many entries to lift while gaiting, and others who lack good close to the ground extension. Overall these faults are decreasing. Temperament and character was good in most classes, however, we did have a few entries who did not do well in the temperament test and they were penalized.

Another growing problem is tail carriage. We are seeing an ever-increasing number of tails that do not function wile gaiting. Some bounce off their hocks. Some actually hand in a reverse saber position, some stick straight out with no curve or motion at all. In older entries we might suspect deterioration from the tail and spinal structure, but what about the younger entrees with these dead looking tails?

Again, I found the handlers and exhibitors, winners and losers as well to be very professional and sportsmanlike at this show. Needless to say, it was a very pleasant assignment for me. I think you all again."

~ Daniel Smith

"Several things stodd out for me and I'll elaborate on the. Every animal I placed in the ribbons passed the loose lead exam. While I consider this test an essential one when conducted properly, I don't draw conclusion or make representations about any dog having good temperament or character based on passing the test. I believe it should be more properly thought of as a behavior test than a temperament test. Practically any dog can be trained to pass it and therefore those that don't pass it don't meet the bare minimum standard that we should expect of our dogs. Proper breed character is so much more complicated than just that. I breed excused a couple of dogs. There were others who didn't pass but were able to be examinded that I left in the ring after informorming their handers that they would not be in consideration for a placing. People pay a lot to come to the National and have their dog shown and so I gave them the chance. Unfortunately, in one of the nicest bitch classed, 5 out of 6 didn't pass and although I sorted the entire class the way I liked them, in the end I was oly able to award a first place. I gave each one 2 chances to pass. I never push an animal as I don't believe stressing an already uncomfortable animal and creating a scene just to prove a point is in anyone's best interest. I believe every dog deserves to be loved. The ones that are born with less than sound temperaments should be worked with and trained. If you must show them, go ahead, but you should be asking yourselves why you are doing that and above all else, please don't breed them because while you can fool the judge, you can't fool Mother Nature. I believe that good termpament is like any other desirable trait that you want to establish and maintain... it must be deliberately and consistly selected for generation after generation. In my opinion, we can stand some real improvement in the area.

One final oabservation and word of caution I have to give is regarding tails, and I'll keep it short but we need to take this seriously. I lost count of how many dogs I saw that had tails that weren't behaving normally, or worse, just looked dead. I've heard a lot of theories and I donh't know the answer, but I do believe it is a problem and I know the problem is getting worse.

~ Robert Drescher


"I will not go into all the Selects except to say they were good representatives of the breed. Only one bitch, a beautifuy could have been better in the hock area, but I loved her style. I would like to that some of our dogs are getting too long and we still have a with dead tails but overall we have gotten away from the extreme angulated dogs. We now have a more balanced type of animal reminescent of some of the exciting side movers of yesterday."

~ Barbara Amidon



Grand Victor & Best Opposite Sex: Ch. Scher-Lo's Rogue of Karizma

Grand Victrix & Best of Breed: Wolf Creek Aquilla of Merivern

Winners Dog:  Laslar's League of His Own of Somerset Rose

Winners Bitch:  Wolf Creek Aquilla of Merivern

Best Puppy: Scharo's Phoenix Rising v Deray Wold Creek

Best Opposite Sex Puppy:

Best In Futurity: Jagan-Lenlor's Solikehappy

Best OS Futurity: Laslar's League of His Own of Somerset Rose

Best in Maturity Ch. Winsome's Love Remembears

Best OS Maturity: Ch. Ejm N' Eko-Lan's Eli

Obedience Victor
Knight in Black Satin RN, NA,NAP, NJP, NFP

owned by Lissa Wall
Herding Victor
Owned by
Agility Victor
Owned by



Select Animals

  Dogs Bitches
1 Ex. Ch. Scher-Lo's Rogue of Karizma Wolf Creek Aquilla of Merivern
2 Ex. Ch. Ejm N' Eko-Lan's Eli Ch. Winsome's Love Remembears
3 Ch. HiCliff Bronson v Kaleef Ch. Karizma's Madeira von Loar
4 Ex. Ch. Hi Cliff Free N Easy Hadori Ch. Kaleef's Kellie v Kenlyn
5 Ex. Ch. Lorien's Patron Ch. Eko-Lan's N'EJM's Encore
6 Ex. Ch. Karizma's Cacique of Inquest Ex. Ch. Regency's Pochahontas v Kridler
7 Ex. Ch. Trafalgar's Feature Presentation Ch. Kaleef Katerina v Kenlyn
8 Ex. Ch. Kaleef's It's All About Me Ch. Scharo Ark Fire and Ice
9 Laslar's League of His Own of Somerset Rose Ex. Ch. Hi Cliff Sienna Kaleef
10 Ex. Ch. Lyloaks's First Knight Ch. Jogra's Lolita Lempicka
11 Ex. Lindenhill's Machu Picchu Ex. Ch. Jagen Karagin Miterhaun Ticklme Elmo
12 Ex. Ch. Stonewall's Lookaliker
13 Ex. Ch. Talimar's Aviana Kiwi Tebe Nobe







2011 G.S.D.C. of America

National Specialty Show


Futurity and Maturity Dogs - Ms. Rita Sandell
Futurity and Maturity Bitches - Mr. Robert Kish
Dogs - - 6 - 9 mos to open classes Mr. Robert Kish
Bitches - 6 - 9 mos to open classes
Ms Rita Sandell

Intersex: Ed Barritt

Overview -

Dogs: "I was extremely impressed and appreciateive of the quality of the animals that were presented. I believe there was adequate depth in all the classes to allow me to select from quality.

~ Dr. Robert Kish

Bitches - My overall quality was excellent and so much fun to judge. There were improvements overall in the breed such as masculinity in the males I personally judged. Both ligamentation and temperament overall were good. There were a few dentition problems. There were not as many bad tails as I had the last time I udged the National, but it is still a problem in our breed. Backs were good overall. Hindquarters have improved as well along with good balance in motion."

~ Rita Sandell

Intersex - "To begin with let me say that having sod (grass) in the breed ring was the right thing to do and helped make the national a success. I had no idea that my GV and GVX were littermates. I did assume they were related but not that close.

If you'd like a complete critique, buy Bob DVD of the national. They are a real bargain and you can see every dog and bitch, all the winners, select and hear the judge's comments. If you don't want spend $150.00 get a partner.

In conclusion let me say that this was my last national and I would like to suggest that the board pick a number of selects to be awarded. I always seem to give more selects than anyone else but picking whatever number the board sets would be easy. When you leave it up to the judge with no set number ;the problem is that you start comparing the 15-18 dog with the ones 8 or 9th and you decide the deference's are minor, so why not give 18 selects? "

~ Ed Barritt




Grand Victor & Best of Breed: Ex. Ch. EJM N'Eko Lan's Eli

Grand Victrix & Best Opposite Sex: Ch. Eko Lan's N EMJ's Encore

Winners Dog:   Anne Isle Promise Keeper

Winners Bitch:   Winsome's Heiress v DePahl

Best Puppy: Windfall's Who Says v Chablis

Best Opposite Sex Puppy: Harmonia's Intense Desire

Best In Futurity: Wolfcreek Guardian v Merivern

Best OS Futurity: DePahl's Halston

Best in Maturity Jerrwen's Aspen

Obedience Victor
Performax Atomic Tuco, UDX, VER, RN
Owned by Shannon Canard
Herding Victor
Owned by
Agility Victor
Owned by





Select Animals

  Dogs Bitches
1 Ex. Ch. EJM N'Eko Lan's Eli Ch. Eko Lan's N EMJ's Encore 1
2 Ex. Ch. Hi Cliff's Free & Easy Ex. Regency's Pochahontas v Kridler 2
3 Ex. Ch. I'm All That Matters of Edan Ex. Ch. Jerrwen's Aspen 3
4 Ch. Winsome's Ray Bearone v Eko Lan Ch. Hickoryhill's Bow Chica Wow Wow 4
5 Ex. Ch. Lorien's Patron Ch. Whiteside's Then Came Me 5
6 Ch. Karizma's Ike of Edale Ex. Ch. Stonewall's Dirty Look 6
7 Ch. Babheim's Captian Crunch Ex. Heinerburg's Gone with the Wind DePahl 7
8 Ex. Ch. Lyloak's First Knight Ch. Carousel Farms Capri 8
9 Ch. Donsta's High Five Ch. Kaleef's Kellie v Kenlyn 9
10 Ch. Amber's RJ of Scher Lo Ch. D'Can's Diamonds R Forever 10
11 Ex. Ch. Shebland's Grayson Camareigh Ex. Ch. Long's Peak Ginger Bread Cookie 11
12 Ex. Ch. Woodside's High Voltage Ch. Karizma's Betsy von Loar Kaleef 12
13 Ex. Ch. Karizma's Cacique of Inquest Ch. Harmoniea's Gypsy Black Rhythm 13
14 Ch. Witmer's Fios of Amber Ch. Echo Cham's Divine 14
15 Ch. Winsome's Desbearado Winsome's Heiress v DePahl 15
16 Ex. Ch. Goodfella of Oh My
17 Ch. Echo Cham's Donatello
18 Ex. Ch. Trafalgars Feature Presentation
19 Ex. Ch. Lakota's Hitman of Cantar
20 Anne Isle's Promise Keeper




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