Ch. Lothario of Heinerburg

Ch Lothario of Heinerburg CD ROM
Breeders: Nancy Harper 
Owner: Nancy Harper
DOB: April 23rh, 1982

1977 GV Ch. Langenau's Watson ROM

Ch Von Purdum's Hidalgo ROM

Howl A Haus Christy Love
Ch Lothario of Heinerburg CD ROM

Ch Kubistraum's Kane ROM

Heinerburg's Krumpet

  Ch Heinerburg's Jasmine v Caralon

Topline GSDC---February 12th, 1984---Reserve Winners Dog

"Rich black and tan dog possessing excellent outline when viewed on pose.  Very good head.  Smooth ground covering gait.  Good open of shoulder and follow through.  A young dog, I'd like to see a bit more size with maturity."

~Joe Poepping

GSDC of America---1984---Winners Dog & Select #6

"A well developed dog for 2 years.  Impressive.  A very dark black and tan with a good front and rear.  Very masculine, beautiful type, good back, excellent underdrive.  Effortless ground covering gait.  Suspension gait.  Would've made Best of Winners but ended up limping.


Illini GSDC---February 8th, 1985---Winners Dog

"Medium size, rich pigmentation, and a very fluid mover with a long stride. He is long in back but firm and level. He handled the footing well."

-Alan Sandell


May 1985---Winners Dog

"Medium size rich pigment and a very fluid mover with a long stride.  He is long in back but firm and level."

-Alan Sandell


July 1986---Best of Breed

"Medium sized, deep pigmented black and red with hard topline strong feet and pasterns and a dark eye.  He is clean coming and going, has an excellent sidegait and is very athletic in his movement and animation."

-Carmen Battaglia


March 1987---Best of Breed

"Black and red, medium size male, very nice mover, terrific middle piece.  Looks very good at all speeds o a loose lead... in a muddy ring and in a steady downpour, these are the ones who looked best."

-Jerry Graham


July 1987---Best of Breed

"Outstanding side gaiter who was gorgeous set up.  Medium sized quite angulated male had beautiful deep black and red pigment and was plush and typey."

-Kathleen Casteel


1988 Register of Merit Sire

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