1967 Grand Victor
Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Am. & Can. Grand Victor Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM
OFA- Normal GS-401

Owners: Francis & Joan Ford
February 27th, 1964-February 1973

    1957 GV Ch. Troll v Richterbach ROM
  Select Ch. Fortune of Arbywood ROM
  Frigga of Silver Lane ROM
1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran Jo ROM
  Ch. Rikter v Liebestraum
  Frohlich’s Elsa v Grunestahl ROM
    Burgunda v Lindendorf

GSDC of America---1966---Maturity Victor & Select #6

"His front action disappointed me somewhat… a 2 ½ year old… very impressive, large (26") black and tan of excellent type and extreme rear angulation.  This, and his incomplete dentition deprived him of begin in strong contention for the Grand Victor title."

~Ernest Loeb



GSDC of Detroit, Inc – November 27, 1966 --- Best of Breed

“Of the five Specials shown, two were more outstanding than the others. Yet not one of these animals was outclassed. Just outshown on this day. Champion Lance of Fran-Jo was the most outstanding and the first time I had judged him, as it was for at least three of the other four Specials. In the final analysis, this extra long, smooth, well-coordinated, downright spectacular gait was too much for the competition. Considering the competition, I’d say this is quite a dog. I would like the owners of each of these Specials to know that I considered these dogs all a credit to the breed. But we can award only one ribbon; this does not, however, (or at least should not) keep intelligent breeders from choosing wisely the one stud dog best for this bitch.”

Judge Mr Myron Ferris


GSDC of America---1967---Best Opposite Sex to Best of Breed


1970 Register of Merit Sire


1972 Futurity/Maturity Tabulations

"Truly a picture dog with ideal proportions, presenting a statuesque silhouette of near perfection. A noble expression, constantly alert, stylish arched neck, high wither, uninterrupted topline, short back, well formed croup, sable tail, ideal rear angulation and short powerful hocks. His color and markings were medium, his pigment, not flashy or rich hued. He could be described as dry rather than plush or coarse. It was his unique grace and symmetry that immediately caught the eye. He possessed an unusual masculine refinement. He was stunning."

 ~Cappy Pottle


Register of Merit Report---1977

"It has been eleven years since the great Lance was crowned Grand Victor.  His tremendous influence on the breed is seen weekly at our Specialty shows and his sons, grandsons and granddaughters dominate the top producing bloodlines of today and of this past decade.  he is the highest active Register of Merit sire.  Listed below are his 50 champions and 12 Register of Merit offspring."

1971 GV Ch. Mannix of Fran-Jo ROM
1972 Am. & 1973 Can. GV Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan ROM
Select Ch. Lee Ray's Con Caprice
Lee Ray's Connie
Select Ch. Lakeside's Gertrude of Ro-An
Select Ch. Cobert's Reno of Lakeside ROM
  Select Ch. Doppelt-Tay's Gilda
1974 FV Ch. Alator's Baccarat
Alator's Halhi
Ch. Lakeside's Gilligan Island ROM
Ch. Eko-Lan's Morgan ROM
Eko-Lan's Gemini
  Ch. Cobert's Golly Gee of Lakeside ROM
  Ch. Zeto of Fran-Jo ROM
  Ch. Beau of Fran-Jo ROM
Fran-Jo’s Kelly of Waldesruh
  Ch. Mirheim's Abbey, ROM
Ch. Kingsdown Amber
  Ch. My Mollie B of Fran-Jo ROM
  Can. GV Ch. Haag & Haag's Dapper Dan
Bee Jay's Tanya
  Can GV Ch. Christa von Langenau
  Ch. Alator's Folero
Ch. Alator's Cashmere
  Ch. Lakeside's Sweet-Kween
  Ch. Pennolympic's Intrigue of Nero CD
  Ch. Bee Jay's Gentle Ben CD
Bee Jay's Dixie
  Ch. Blauenberg's Irene
  Ch. Campaigner's llex v Mil Mar
  Ch. Bocar's Mr. Roberts
  Ch. Brandywine's Fels
  Ch. Circle High's Charger
  Ch. Jason of Shadow Moutain
  Ch. Kenbrair's Fame & Fortune
  Ch. Kory of Phildore
  Ch. Lavaland's Luck of Rio Valle
  Ch. Nam Reg's Avialo
Nam-Reg's U-Gina of Ellyn Hill
  Ch. Proven Hill's Jason
Here I Am of Stahl Farm
  Ch. Salenchar's Brinn v Leibestraum
Mira vom Paradies der Vierfussler
  Ch. Alator's Ferra Nina
  Ch. Bobette of Fran-Jo
Fran-Jo's Kelly of Waldesruh
  Ch. Estella v Ferd Haus
  Ch. Eve v Ferd Haus
  Ch. Cailand's Magic of Fran-Jo
  Ch. Koeheim's Mia of Fran-Jo
  Ch. Philberlyn's Lyric of Windward
  Ch. Schaferheim's Dara of Lenarle
  Ch. Waldeslust's Xylia
  Ch. Winaki's Yahtzee vd Lo-Roc
Ch Nobscot's Pandora
  Ch. Haag & Haag's Dolly
Bee Jay's Tanya
  Ch. Brack v Liebestraum
  Ch. Lee-Ray's Con Hajji von Tanbark
Ch. Lee-Ray's Connie CD
  Ch. Pinelake's Jaysee
  Ch. Blauenberg's Iron
  Ch. Pinelake's Cash
  Ch. Barritthaus Bryn von Verrich
  Ch. Maja of Waldesruh
  Ch. Aladdin of Royal Haus
Tonya von Wiltz
  Ch. Dajo's Bandi of Erieland
  Ch. BoKann's Molly
  Ch. Campaigner's ICBM v Mil-Mar
  Ch. Lavaland's Sam of Kovaya
  Ch. Bee Jay's Black Jack

Ch. Bel Vista's Laramie


Ch. Gambit's Exxon von Brode

  Ch. Zarzal's Ilko
  Zeus of Fran-Jo ROM
  Gracelyn's Gayblade ROM
Von Nassau's True Blue
  Cobert's Rhythm of Lakeside ROM

"From his earliest puppy hood through his teen-age awkwardness he exhibited a profound structural beauty and, as time passed, he developed in his maturity into a magnificent animal.  He was a better dog than his progenitors.  He was different; he was not a truly German dog but a mutant, and the type that he expressed was destined to become a model for the American conformational standard.  He was influenced, it would seem, in genetic type by Troll von Richterbach and Bill vom Kleistweg, but he exhibited in himself a beauty of conformation that was completely individual.  It is difficult to describe perfection.. but Lance was not perfect.  He had one missing tooth, and the, perhaps, made his other qualities more precious.  His character was impeccable, and in his maturity he was an elegant large black and tan dog with extreme angulation behind, excellent balance, a noble head, good depth of body fine forechest, good feet, shoulders and back and perfect hips.

But besides these physical endowments he was possessed of a presence, a charisma, that crested a gulf between him and any other Shepherd bred in the United States up to his time.  No one who saw Lance could be ambivalent in assessing his worth.  Needless to say he made his championship with ease.  He was not vigorously campaigned yet attained, in excellent competition, 36 Best of Breeds, eight Group first, two Best in Shows, and nine Specialty Best in Shows.  He reached the apogee of his career when in 1967 he was crowned United States Grand Victor and Canadian Grand Victor while handled by a young Jimmy Moses."

Ernest H. Hart