Ch. Lamar of Mardon

Ch. Lamar of Mardon
DOB Sep 5 1997

Ch. Jericho's Gatineau ROM

Ch. Asgard's Big Deal of Encore

Asgard's Baja Jolyn
Ch. Lamar of Mardon

Nike Clayfield Hunter

Mardon's Mariah Carey
    Ch. Mardon's Cindi Lauper

GSDC of Southern New Hampshire---September 5th, 1998---Winners Dog

"This was one of the best classes of the day. A very handsome richly pigmented sable with a ground covering sidegait. He kept his topline on a loose leash . High withered and strong driving rear with good front extension. He is masculine, and has a wonderful mind. This is an outstanding young dog, I wish I owned him."

-Peggy Lee

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