1972 Grand Victor
Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan ROM

1972 GV Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan ROM
1973 Canadian Grand Victor
Breeders: Daniel P. Dwier & Connie Beckhardt
Owner: Ann Mesdag
March 31, 1970 - September 21, 1976

Ch. Fortune of Arbywood ROM
  1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM
  Frohlich's Elsa v Grunestahl ROM
GV Ch. Lakeside's Harrigan ROM
  Ch. Falk of Bihiri Wonder
  Cobert's Melissa ROM

  Ch. Cobert's Ernestine ROM


1974 Register of Merit Sire

GV Ch. Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill ROM
Ch. Von Nassau's Galaxie CD ROM
Covy's Oregano of Tucker Hill's ROM
Select Ch. Tanglewood's Janal of Dapamo
Select Ch. Rugerheim's Florena of Glenlo
Select Ch. Jericho's Miss Monique
Phildore's Martine
Select Ch. Covy's Tarragon of Tucker Hill
Select Ch. Covy's Tartar of Tucker Hill
  Am. & Can. Ch. Von Nassau's Dayan ROM
  Ch. Glenlo's O'Killie ROM
  Covy-Tucker Hill's Zinfandel ROM
  Ch. Von Nassau's Ginny of Tracy ROM
  Am. & Can. Ch. Von Nassau's David
  Ch. Von Nassua's Sherpa CD
  Am. & Can. Ch. Von Nassau's Statesman
  Ch. Von Nassau's Summerdream CD
  Ch. Von Nassau's Bianka II
  Am. & Can. & Mex. Ch. Von Nassau's Grand Prix
  Ch. Von Nassau's Grand Slam
  Ch. Von Nassau's Buck Private
  Ch. Maplewild Hill's Collette
  Ch. Maplewild Hill's Buccaneer
  Am. & Can. & Mex. Ch. Dona Sanhua Pineda
  Ch. Tyrolean's Spring Fever
Sheran's Caprice of Stahl Farm
  Quad Ch. Clayfield's Mon Ami CACIB
Clayfield's Bonnelle
  Am. & Can. Ch. Westerwald's Hexe-A-Daina
  Am. & Can. Ch. Glenlo's O'Calli
  Ch. Covy's Caraway of Tucker Hill
  Ch. Covy's Honda of Tucker Hill
  Ch. Granada's Jessica Ellistraum
  Ch. Granada's Happy Go Lucky
  Ch. Evergreen's Sun Brier
  Ch. Glenlo's Festus
  Ch. Maplewild Hill's Colette
  Ch. Tortamron's Amber Morning
  Ch. Covy's Picasso of Tucker Hill
  Ch. Mar-Kista's Elegant Lady
  Ch Covy's Toulouse of Tucker Hill
  Ch Mar-Kiska's Tequila
  Ch Covy-Tucker's Apache Tear
  Ch Mar-Kiska's True Grit
  Ch. Mar-Kiska's Valkyrie
  Ch Von Nassau's Grand Prix
  Ch Wonderland's Chancy v Eva-Heim
  Ch Jennarick's Alma
  Ch Covy's Hud of Tucker Hill
  Ch Covy's Rattigan of Tucker Hill
  Ch Covy's Solema of Tucker Hill
  Ch Ro-Char's Grand Marnier
  Ch Ca-Ji's Fallon
To-Syl's E-Greta of Ca-Ji
  Ch Von Nassau's Dyan
  Ch Von Nassau's Sinbad
Von Lyza's Sara
  Ch Lejun's Charly My Boy
  Ch Camelot of Parkridge
  Ch Rik-Ary's Precious Ruby
  Ch Our Lovelight's After All
  Ch Our Lovelight's After Eight
  Ch Von Nassau's Sallar

1976 Register of Merit Report

"Harrigan is the sire of the 1976 US Grand Victrix Ch. Covy's Rosemary of Tucker Hill and four other Select bitches: Select #4 Ch Covy's Tartar of Tucker Hill, Select #8 Ch. Tanglewood's Janel of Dapamo.  Also an additional 8 of his progeny completed their championships in the 1976-77 period prior to this writing."

1979 Register of Merit Sires Report:

"The 1972 Grand Victor Ch Lakeside's Harrigan, ROM has a producing recored equaled by few others. Born March 31, 1970, he was only four years at stud before his untimely death on September 21, 1976.

In that short time, 46 champions and 44 other ROM point winners were sired, and as of this date, several of his point winners are nearing their titles. Perhaps his most famous progeny came from the Covy-Tucker Hill Spice litter, with a Grand Victrix, three other Champions, two of these Select, and an ROM sire. Another ROM Sire and a point winner came from the repeat of this litter, and subsequent repeats produced additional point winners and champions.

A great number of his breedings were on the West Coast, and much of the beauty and elegance seen there is due to "Billy Boy" as he was called by his owners, Ann and Thies Mesdag. Harrigan combined well with many bloodlines and was a dominant sire, whether linebred, inbred or outcrossed. Many of our current winners combine his blood with that of his ROM brothers from different litters, Multiple Select Ch Cobert's Reno of Lakeside and Ch Lakeside's Gilligan's Island, Gilligan too, was lost to the fancy at an early age.

Harrigan was bred by Danny Dwier and Connie Beckhardt, as were Reno and Gilligan. He went to the Mesdags as a four month old puppy, and was their much loved pet and companion during his all too short life. I'm glad I knew him. I wish it could have been for a longer time."

~ Doris Estabrook