1974 Grand Victrix Ch. Lor-Locke's Tatta of Fran-Jo ROM

1974 GV Ch. Lor Lockeís Tatta of Fran-Jo ROM

Breeders/Owners: Joan Ford & Ralph Locke

Ch. Eko-Lanís Morgan ROM

Ch. Eko-Lanís Paleden ROM
  Eko-Lanís Glory ROM
GV Ch. Lor-Lockes Tatta of Fran-Jo ROM

1967 GV Ch. Lance of Fran-Jo ROM

Bess of Fran-Jo

Fran-Joís Kelly of Waldesruh

1978 Register of Merit Dam 

"Our third bitch needs no introduction to the fancy for she has achieved all thing bright and beautiful.  we proudly present the Am. & Can. GV CH. LOR-LOCKE'S TATTA OF FRAN-JO.  She has 64 R.O.M. points and is the 9th Grand Civtrix to have earned an R.O.M. title.  Tatta is line bred on Lance, through her sire Paladen and her dam Bess of Fran-Jo who is a Lance daughter.  The Waldesrh bloodlines once again enter the picture as they so often have in the past with the Lance breedings.  Her winning progeny are all in bred on Lance with the Bernd influence once again in each of the progeny.  Tatta was bred and is owned by Joan Ford and Ralph Locke.  We congratulate both on achieving it all!"

~Connie Beckhardt

Select Ch. Tatta Too of Lor-Lock Fran-Jo
Ch. Hutch of Fran-Jo
Ch. APhoebe of Fran-Jo
Ch. Giradet of Fran-Jo
Ch. Galewynd's Lutece of Fran-Jo
Ch. Regas of Fran-Jo
Ch. Lor-Locke's Solitaire of Sidri CD








1985 Register of MeritóFuturity Maturity Tabulations:

"The beautiful Grand Victrix Tatta is still reigning Queen with Ralph and Maureen Locke of Lor Locke Kennels. Maureen says she is still quite a character and a real dominant little bull head in her aged years, and they get a hearty laugh out of her senile antics.

"Tatta conquered the Number One position two years in a row-1977 and 1978óas a top producer and we are very glad to see her back."

"She is still a breederís dream and continuously outdoing herself. She has four champions and a total of ten ROM winning progeny, and hopefully more champions to come. Tatta is 14 years of age."

-Fran and Joan Ford