AKC American Kennel Club
AOE Award of Excellence
AX Agility Excellent
AXJ Agility Excellent Jumper With Weaves
AV Agility Victor/Victrix
BIF Best In Futurity
BIM Best In Maturity
BIS Best In Show
BISS Best In Specialty Show
BOB Best Of Breed
BOS Best Opposite Sex to Best Of Breed
BOF Best Opposite Sex in Futurity
BOM Best Opposite Sex in Maturity
BOW Best Of Winners
BP Best Puppy
CD Companion Dog
CDX Companion Dog Excellent
CERF Canine Eye Registration Foundation
CGC Canine Good Citizen
Ch. Champion
CT Champion Tracker
DC Dual Champion (Ch. and HC)
FCI Federation Cynologique Internationale
FV Futurity Victor/Victrix
Grand Victor Best Dog at the National
Grand Victrix Best Bitch at the National
GSDCA German Shepherd Dog Club of America
Group I, II, III, IV Group Placings
HC Herding Champion
HCh. Herding Champion
HD Hip Dysplasia
HIT High in Trial (Obedience)
High Combined (Open and Utility)
HSAs Herding Started Course A Sheep
HSAc Herding Started Course A Cattle
HSAd Herding Started Course A Ducks
HSBs Herding Started Course B Sheep
HSBc Herding Started Course B Cattle
HSBd Herding Started Course B Ducks
HSCs Herding Started Course C Sheep
HT Herding Tested
HIAs Herding Intermediate Course A Sheep
HIAc Herding Intermediate Course A Cattle
HIAd Herding Intermediate Course A Ducks
HIBs Herding Intermediate Course B Sheep
HIBc Herding Intermediate Course B Cattle
HICs Herding Intermediate Course C Sheep
HXAs Herding Excellent Course A Sheep
HXAc Herding Excellent Course A Cattle
HXAd Herding Excellent Course A Ducks
HXBs Herding Excellent Course B Sheep
HXBc Herding Excellent Course B Cattle
HXBd Herding Excellent Course B Ducks
HXCs Herding Excellent Course C Sheep
HV Herding Victor/Victrix
Int. Ch. International Champion (FCI)
JH Junior Handler
MACH Master Agility Champion
MV Maturity Victor/Victrix
MX Master Agility Champion
MXJ Master Excellent Jumper With Weaves
NA Novice Agility
NAJ Novice Agility  Jumper With Weaves
NOC National Obedience Champion
OA Open Agility
OAJ Open Jumper With Weaves
OFA Orthopedic Foundation for Animals
OTCH Obedience Trail Champion
OV Obedience Victor/Victrix
PT Pre-Trial Tested
ROM Register Of Merit
RWD/RWB Reserve Winners Dog/Bitch
Sieger Best Dog at German-style show
Siegerin Best Bitch at German-style show
SchH Schutzhund
Sel. Select
TC Temperament Certified
TC Triple Champion (Ch. and HC and OTCH)
TDX Tracking Dog Excellent
TT Temperament Tested
UD Utility Dog
UDX Utility Dog Excellent
UDTD Utility Dog Tracking Dog
UDTDX Utility Dog Tracking Dog Excellent
UDXTD Utility Dog Excellent Tracking Dog
UDXTDX Utility Dog Excellent Tracking Dog Excellent
UDVST Utility Dog Variable Surface Tracking
UDXVST Utility Dog Excellent Variable Surface Tracking
SV Verein fur Deutsche Schaferhunde---
National Breed Club in Germany
VST Variable Surface Tracking Dog
WD/WB Winners Dog/Bitch
WDA Working Dog Association