Ch Brentaryl's Gunner ROM/C

Ch Brentaryl's Gunner ROM/C

Breeders/Owners: K. & C. Rose & C. Williams
DOB: December 2nd, 1984

Ch. Lochwood's Sundance v Stuttgart

Ch Stuttgart's Sundance Kid ROM/C

Ch. Caprice Kitty Hawk ROM
Ch Brentaryl's Gunner ROM/C

Ch Abraxas Gable of Langenau ROM

Ch. Stone Kroft's Josie ROM

  Ch Winaki Libra of Sonderhaus ROM


GSDC of America---1987---Select #2

"Almost 3, medium sized, well balanced male. Kicked up in behind more due to his croup being a bit short with a high tail set. He could’ve been a bit firmer."

-Ernest Loeb

GSDC of America---November 17th, 1988---Select #2

"Beautifully built dog, stallion type, deep bodied, very good forehand, and very powerful rear. Nice croup, excellent bone, and substance and underline. A good back though showing a little motion in the midsection as the gaiting wore on. Nice feet. Not as god coming as the winner."

--Ralph Roberts

1990 Register of Merit Sire

1991 GV Ch. Brentaryl's West Side Story
Select Ch. Brentaryl's Trail of Tears
Select Ch. Brentaryl's Unforgettable Fire
Brentaryl's Feather
Select Ch. Scharo's Spellbinder ROM
Scharo's Holly Holy
Select Ch. Landaleigh's High Tech
Ch. Almond Joy of Foxview ROM
Ch. Brentaryl Nevada Woodside ROM
Ch. Riverside's Comotion CD ROM
Desuto's Morgana of Biarritz
  Ch. Landaleigh's Instant Replay TC
  Ch. Landaleigh's Istari TC
  Ch. New Challenge's Jondalar TC, CD
Wynroc's Sadie CDX
  Ch. Ky Lanyo's Y Not Me of Touchstone TC
  Ch. Scharo's Top Gun TC
  Ch. Brentaryl's Vegas
  Ch. Brentaryl's Barque Epitome

Ch. Brentaryl's Barque Eagle


Ch. Brentaryl's Heart of Stone

  Ch. Green Oak's Lucky Charms
  Ch. Green Oak's Captian Crunch
  Ch. Green Oak's Texas Heat Wave
  Ch. Snickers of Foxview
  Ch. Foxview's Bar None
  Ch. Foxview's Diedra
  Ch. Bene-Vista's Son Of A Gun v. Winaki
Clayfield's Tara of Windigail
  Ch. T-Ho's Shot To The Heart v. Barque
  Ch. Abraxas Will To Live
Ch Abraxas Alexis
  Ch. Beasley's Guns A Blazin'
  Ch. Hundi's Status Quo
  Ch. Falkrigia's Wind and Roses
  Ch. Falkrigia's West Virginia
  Ch. Jaepaul's Ivanhoe
  Ch. Jorgseni's Sarsaparilla
Ch. Landaleigh's In The Lead
Landaleigh's Fontana
  Ch. Landaleigh's Imagery
  Ch. Robar's Electra
  Ch. Robar's Lone Star
San-Jo's Disco Dolly of Robar

Ch. Scharo's Ruffles

  Ch. Scharo's Sound of Silence
  Ch. Touchstone's Believe In Miracles
  Abraxas Faith ROM

Tolhaus T-Ho Heart In Motion ROM, TC,TDI,GCG

  Scharo's Redrum
Brentaryl's Winner Takes All
Ch. New Challenge Talut
Wynroc's Sadie CDX
Ch. Jaepaul's Ivanhoe CD
Ch. Jorgensi's Quendy Honeycreek TC
T-Ho's Razzleberry Burlesque

Denotes a 13th Club Member