Ch. Bredwel's Jakester of Joelle

Ch. Bredwel's Jakester of Joelle CD. TC. ROM
OFA-H-GS-40961F38M-T E-GS-EL4269-T

Breeder: JoAnn Corbin & Margaret Devettn
Owners: JoAnn Corbin, Tiffany Bartley, Lorry Bellah, Dalene McIntire
DOB: December 17th, 1991

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Ch. Jemini's Montego

Ken-Delaine's Solitaire (Andretti x Lady)
AOE Ch. Bredwel's Jakester of Joelle CD.TC, ROM

Moringold's Guaranteed Return,CD 

Moringold's Ibex,CD

  Moringold"s Lady Morgan (Black Jack daughter)

GSDC of America---1996---Select #4

"A 5 year old male, medium-large, with excellent sex characteristics, another stallion male. Beautifully pigmented sable, with the best angulated shoulder in the select class. What a beautiful shoulder assembly, with long upper arm and excellent layback. Nicely angulated rear assembly, and not overdone. Excellent bone and substance, nice feet and a good natural topline. A working sidegait; with good, steady, ground-covering action. Quite nice coming and going. Goodness, can we use him in the breed, if he can produce his shoulder. He also has OFA hips and elbows."

-Ralph Roberts

#6 Sire for 2001~ Futurity/Maturity System

"Jake has achieved all his owners and breeders could ever have wanted of him and more.  Aside from being an American and Canadian Select, Canadian BIF/BIM, CD and TC titled animal, he has received several awards.

In 1997, he was presented with a Dual Award Plaque.  In 1998, he was one of only a select few to receive the prestigious Award of Excellence.  At 11 1/2 years young, aside from his appearances at each national in the Parade of Greats, he lets his progeny speak for him and carry on his name.

He rules both the kennel and house.  Our life just wouldn't be the same without tripping over him and his many many stuffed toys each morning.  He is greatly loved by all who spend time with him and is the apple of our eye."

2003 Register of Merit Sire

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