Ch. Breauhausen's Red October ROM

Ch. Breauhausen's Red October ROM
OFA GS44963F24M-T/EL5563M24-T
Breeders/Owners: Leon & Betty Breault
DOB: March 30th, 1994

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Ch. Breauhausen's Red October ROM

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GSDC of America---November 7th, 1998---Select #6

"Nicely formed large black and tan male of appealing outline. In motion he is smooth and well coordinated but not extreme. Another nice package."

~ Edmond Barritt


GSDC of America---October 23rd, 1999---Select #4

"A large, medium pigmented black and tan male of excellent body proportions. Very good secondary sex characteristics. Excellent feet and pasterns. Sound coming and going. Very good balanced sidegait. Keeps feet close to the ground, finishes well behind, good croup. I would like his muzzle a bit shorter and deeper, but there is no doubt he is all male."

~ Fred Migilore


#11 Sire for 2001~ Futurity/Maturity System

"Red, as he is affectionately called, continues to be a joy to us.  He and his sister, 2x Select Ch. Breauhausen's Pretty Woman, treated us to many exciting times with each going Select 2 times.  Another sister, Casablance, also has a major win.

Red has also proven himself as a producer.  He has achieved his Register of Merit 9ROM) status and has 6 champions and 12 or 13 additional qualifiers.  We are very proud that he has produced consistently quality dogs and has again earned his place in the Red Book.

We feel that Red is dominant for producing beautiful breed type, strong middle piece, a nice croup and nicely angulated but not over done hindquarters.  He does not carry the long coat recessive.  He will produce some plushy coats but also some with closer coats.

To sum it up, Red is a wonderful show dog, never a quitter with lots of heart, and also a wonderful dog to live with.  He is a protector of our home, full of life and vitality and a joy to live with.  Red's dam, Select Ch. Breauhausen's Danielle, lived to be 13 1/2 before she succumbed to old age.  We sincerely hope that Red follows in her foot steps and lives to a ripe old age."


2001 Register of Merit Sire

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