Ch. Blasienberg's Beaujolais

Ch. Blasienberg's Beaujolais

Breeder/Owners: Tony & Jennifer Monk
DOB: November 10th, 1984


Ch. Von Purdum's Hildago ROM

Ch. Lothario of Heinerberg ROM

Heinerberg's Krumpet
Blasienberg's Beaujolais

Valmy's Coaltown ROM

Ch. Blasienberg's Popcorn ROM

  Can. Ch. Blaisenberg's Yuccatan

The Greater Suffolk GSDC --- April 4th, 1987 ---Winners Dog

"Darkly pigmented, medium sized male with a strong head, dark eyes, and strong ears. In motion, his foreassembly action was good, association with a good layback of shoulder. His topline was firm and his hindquarter action was good; however, would like a little more follow through. Overall he is a nice "Total package," and on this day, in my opinion, won with ease."

-John King


GSDC of Rochester, Inc. --- May 9th, 1987 --- Winners Dog

".. this is a large dog, black and tan with strong, deep, rich pigment. His secondary sex characteristics were excellent. Temperament was adequate. The first impression is one of a strong, harmoniously developed animal with smooth curves. Structure in stance: the head is cleanly chiseled, ears were strong, moderately pointed and erect. Coat was of normal length, eyes were dark, almond shaped and of moderate size. Body proportions, height to length, were good. Topline was adequate but slightly loose; however, his withers were higher than and sloping into the back. Croup was long, forequarter (upper arm) is long. Scapula (shoulder lay back) was close to 90 degrees. Hindquarters that are broad, well muscled and at 90 degrees. Pasterns are strong. Dentition of the bite is a correct scissors. Structure in motion (gait) was over reaching, elastic, smooth, rhythmic and in balance. Coming and going were both clean. Foot timing: 8 +"

~ Dr. Carmen Battaglia