Ch. Bihari's Houdini

Ch. Bihari's Houdini
Breeders: Joseph & Maria Bihari
Owners:  Janice L. Staley & Naomie Crume
DOB: January 3rd, 1993

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Ch. Bihari's Houdini

Can. Ch. Madeb's Mon-Sato
  Ch. Madeb's Hellraiser

Eko-Lan's Kat Ballou

GSDC of Sacramento Valley---August 31st, 1997---Winners Dog

"A large, substantial black & and male, shown flawlessly in perfect condition. In motion, he again maintains consistency in outline. Standing he is beautifully balanced, with a perfect earset, black eyes & masculine, yet elegant headpiece & neck."

-Lanalee Jorgensen

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