V Ch. Bernd v Kallengarten ROM SchH II AD

V - Ch. Bernd v Kallengarten ROM SchH II AD

Axel vd Deininghauserheide

V Watzer von Bad Melle SchH III
  Imme v Bad Melle
V - Ch. Bernd v Kallengarten ROM SchH II AD
  Kuno v Jangfernsprung
  Carin vd Rassweilermuhle
    Corra vd Silverweide

"He was typically Rolf, big head, rich black and tan, good front. Breeders bred good bitches to him, some from the satisfied customers that had gotten dogs from Ernie before.

Bernd was producing consistently good temperament, but tough, healthy strong animals and amongst them were top competition in any company. He went well with American breeding as well as German."

~Garrett Gordon
Author of German Shepherd Dog History


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