Ch. Balsam Biscayne v Wellspring

Ch. Balsam Biscayne v Wellspring

Owners: F & M Mitchell & L Hathaway
Breeders - M J Mitchell & R Schaefer

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Ch. Hoheneichen's Conan Survival ROM
  Hoheneichen's Bliss
Ch. Balsam Biscayne v Wellspring

Ch. Lothario of Heinerburg CD, ROM

Wellspring's Ginger Rogers ROM

  Ch. Wellspring's Olivia

GSDC of America---1994---Select #4

"large, mature, black and red tan, masculine male of balanced proportion, but not overdone. Nice coupling, strong head, nice length of neck, good back and pleasing overline, but a bit higher on leg. Adequate, coordinated mover, nice appearance. A quality male."

~ Ed Barritt

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