2001 Select Excellent
Ch. Backacher's Ruggiero v Milo TC, ROM

Select Ex. Ch. Backacher's Ruggiero v Milo
OFA GS61492E24M/EL12481
Breeders: L. Brewer & R. Sottile
Owners: Richard & Elizabeth Sottile
March 28, 1999 ~ 2008

Proven Hill's Sport v Adelgard

1998 GV AOE Ch. Caraland's Unlimited CD, TC, ROM

Ch. Caraland's Patricia
Select Ex. Ch. Backacher's Ruggiero v Milo TC, ROM

 Ch Bomar Rio Grande Covy Hill ROM

Utopia's Sexy Sadie

  Utopia's Episode v Backachers ROM 

GSDC of America---November 10th, 2001---Select #13

"Another substantial dog with a beautiful male head.  This dog has a lot of substance and presents a nice profile when posed.  He moves well and displays good temperament.  He is another example of how deep the quality was in the class."

-Mr. Jack Newton

2003 Register of Merit Sire


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