The thirteen club recognizes longevity in that individual dog, and tells us who his or her sire and dam are.

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Natascha vom Mimosenweg

Nee Rose Singing Sioleiligh HCT

Neil-Land’s Everett CDX

Nelson’s Echo of Summer CDX

Nevada of West Wind

New Challenge Talut (Champion)

New Skete’s D-Ackee

New Skete’s Major Motion CDX TC TC Can. CD

New Skete’s Orion Tyler CDX TDI

New Skete’s Sabina v Belieben TC HIC

New Skete’s Yetta Nother Joy CDX UD CGC

Nightsong’s Midnight Fire

Nighwatch's Hanna Chlorise TT

Nightwind's Desert Peace HIC, TC

Nike Clayfield All Star

Nike Clayfield Amour (Champion)

Nike Clayfield Heritage

Noonmark’s Paddington

Noonmark’s Paisan CD CGC

Noonmark’s Pete Hall

Noonmark’s Poochini

Noonmark’s Quartermaster

Noonmark’s Quincy Jones UDX OA Ber. CD CGC (Am/Can. OTChampion U-UD)

Noonmark’s Rainy Day Blue

Noonmark’s Ringo

Noonmark’s Romy CD CGC TDI VCCX

Noonmark’s Roxanne Bleu

Noonmark’s Rune

Noonmark’s Sabra

Noonmark’s Tara CD CGC TC VCCX

Noonmark’s Teak CD CGC

Noonmark’s Tina

Noonmark’s Tirika CDX TDI UD OA ukc-UDX

Noonmark’s Ursula Schwarz CGC

Noonmark's Valentino

Noonmark's Wilda von Bismark

Noonmark's Xyla

Noonmark's Zinka Blackamoor

Nordica's Moonlight Serenade Am/Can. CD, HIC, TC, CGC

Nordica's Stardust CD, HIC, TC, CGC

Norado’s Honeysuckle Rose (Mexican Champion)

Noroda’s Centavo

Noroda’s New Years Special SchH I

Noroda’s Pepsi Cola

Noroda’s Roux Esprit

Noroda’s Rupee

North Vought’s True Grit UDX TC TT HIC TDI

Not Bad of Edan








Ol’ Adobe’s Alf

Ol’ Adobe’s Dawn Dancer

Ol’ Adobe’s Spenser

Olympia Nibelung

Omega's Allegro ROM, ROMC, PT, TC, (Am. Champion/Select Can. Champion)

Omega’s Grand Timber Rhodes

One Golden Katy Bar The Door

Orion’s Argus of St. James

Othello vom Welpen Zwinger

Othello’s Angelique v Scher-Lo




Pacific Shore’s Current Girl (Champion)

Paddock Tosca of Rayford

Parton’s Dolly of Hertzhaus UDT TT Can. TD HIC (Can. OT Champion)

Patchet's Abear v Berlynn CD, CGC, TC, HIC

Pawnee Cove Blacksmith CD CGC

Peddacre’s Intimidator

Peddacre’s Kandy Kisses

Perry Checo Mistifyd Kirby Am/Can. CD TT CGC TDI HCT

Perry Lance Dakota Deaken Am/Can. CD TT CGC TDI HCT

Phil-Car's Juliet CD, CGC, TC, TDI (AOE Select Champion)

Pickard's Piper TC

Pine Con’s Easy Girl

Pinebrook's Napoleon

Pinebuck’s Myra of Kismet

Piper Hill’s Draco

Piper Hill’s Kodachrome ROM

PJ’s Black Sheba of Judeen CD CGC

Prongo vom Esselberger Tal

Proven Hill's Exlipse of Largo




Quintara of Lowen-Haus

Quintessa of Lowen-Haus




Raintree's Lonesome Dove TC HIC

Ramshep's Evan K

R Beth’s Candy Man CDX TT TC CGC

R Beth’s Grand Slam v Duvan CD TC

Rachel of Essex

Ragudo's Merengue

Rancho Del Sol’s Riff (Champion)

Randheim’s Gilly TC (Champion)

Randheim’s Katie Elder

Randheim's Sky Lite (Champion)

Randheim’s Virginia Reef

Raum vom Krammhof CD

Rausch's Caraway

Rave Review

Raven’s Demon Girl UDT Can. UD

Ravenslair Waco CDX TT HIC TDI (Champion)

Rayford’s Bubba

Rayford's Rawlings Light Foot

Rayford’s Rheinfels (Champion)

R-Beth's Vogue CD, TC

Reagle's Chelsea CDX, CGC

Rebecca Lee Moons

Rebecca vom Steffen-Haus

Reid's Maxim CD TC

Reil’s Dragonquest

Reina vom Bayerhof CD

Reiner's Baby Doll

Reiner's Chelsey

Reiner’s Shining Star

Reiner’s Thunder Road

Reyalson’s Amsel

Rhinestone Cowboy II (Champion)

Ria Suki vom Haus Sagn Am/.Can. CDX TD

Ric-Bar’s Cassandra

Ric-Bar's Illa

Ric-Bar's Fallon

Ric-Bar's L.A. Laker

Ric-Bar Sunnydae's Near And Dear

Ric-Bar Sunnydae Promise Me

Ric-Bar's Unchained Melody Von Kay

Ri-Jo’s Lindisfarne CD

Rikor’s Jim Beam

Rikor’s Martini

Rimfire's Bretta of Von-Ways (Champion)

Rimfire's Natasha v Von Ways TC

Rio Valle's Cheerleader CD, HIC, TC, CGC

Rio Valle’s Discovery

Rio Valles Magic v Winsome HIC (Champion)

Rising Wolf's Creole Magic CD

Rising Wolf's Delta Magic CD, RN, CGC, HIC, TC Reg. Therapy Dog

Ritarra's Gone With The Wind

Ritarra's Falling In Love

Ritarra’s Jamboree ROM

Ritarra’s Laramie Lace

Rittaras Avanti of Murphaus (Champion)

Rivendell’s Arwen Evenstar (VCI Int. Champion)

Rivendell’s Morning Glory TC

Rivendell’s Witchy Woman TC ROM

Riverdell’s Applause Please (Select Champion)

Riverdell’s Critics Choice

Riverdell’s Heaven Sent (Champion)

Riveredge's Pearls Jezzablle

Riverwood's Kagan CGC, TT

Riza’s Renegade of Carene (Champion)

Robar's Fancy Free, CD, CGC

Robar's Heidi Morgan

Robison’s Connie UD

Ro-Bon’s Oasis

Rockannand's Brandy Wine

Rockhill’s Mischief Maker (Can. Champion)

Rockhill's Pipe Dream (Can. Champion)

Rocknoll’s Anastasia von Ryan

Rockview Luke Skywalker

Rohan's Glass Slipper ROM, HIC, TC (Champion)

Rohan of Taize CD PT AX AXI HIC HCT (PAM Recipient)

Rohan's Drama

Rohan’s Reaction ROM (Champion)

Ro-Jan’s Nancy Drew Mystery

Romar's Pennant Race CD, CGC

Romance Nibelung

Romark’s Dominique

Ropaja's Viva L'endimanche

Rosanna of Brentwood

Rose’s Fraulen Sheeba CD

Rosegate’s Dani v Weidehaus CD

Rosegate’s Night Goddess CDX

Rosegate’s Phoenix Weidehaus

Rosegate’s U R Foxy CD

Roselair’s Cactus Flower CD

Rosewood's Sabrina Lindenhill CD, TT, TC, TDI, CGC, (Champion)

Royalair's Falco von Dolberg CD

Royalair's Lady Tasha

Royalair's Forever Meara

Rustic’s Preacher-Man

Rustic’s Q.T. ROM



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