2023 Hosts, Dates, Judges

South Pacific Grand Canyon GSDC Sun.March19, 2023 Mesa, AZ
Southeast GSDC of Atlanta Sun. April 23, 2023 Canton, GA
Mid Atlantic GSDC of Western PA Sun. May 7, 2023 Delmont, PA
Northwest GSDC of Washington St Sun. May 14, 2023 Renton, WA
Southwest Pikes Peak GSDC Sat. May 20, 2023 Greeley, CO
Great Lakes GSDC of Gtr. Cincinnati Mon. May 29, 2023 Wilmington, OH
Midwest GSDC of Gtr. Kansas City Sun. June 11, 2023 Smithville, MO
Northeast GSDC of Central Mass. Mon. June 19, 2023 Sterling, MA
Mid Pacific GSD Fanciers of N. CA Sun. June 25, 2023 Lodi, CA
Northeast first choice judge Joann (Corbin) Richards
Northeast first alternate judge Dr. Les Anderson
Northeast second alternate judge Cheryl Anderson
Mid Atlantic first choice judge Scott Yergin
Mid Atlantic first alternate judge Michael Sherman
Mid Atlantic second alternate judge Lenny Brown
Southeast first choice judge Bill Basu
Southeast first alternate judge Cindy Bartley
Southeast second alternate judge Jeanne Hamilton
Great Lakes first choice judge Joan Fox
Great Lakes first alternate judge Nancy Godek-McDonald
Great Lakes second alternate judge Zoa Rockenstein
Midwest first choice judge Jeffrey Pyle
Midwest first alternate judge Michael Sherman
Midwest second alternate judge Nancy Godek-McDonald
Southwest first choice judge Art Sinclair
Southwest first alternate judge Lenny Brown
Southwest second alternate judge Ellie Carson
South Pacific first choice judge Kathaleen Strong
South Pacific first alternate judge Kenneth Cunningham
South Pacific second alternate judge Ben Bigornia
Mid Pacific first choice judge Pat Ayers
Mid Pacific first alternate judge TBD
Mid Pacific second alternate judge TBD
Northwest first choice judge Erin Nellis
Northwest first alternate judge TBD
Northwest second alternate judge Michael Sherman