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More About Storage

Whether it's storing something on your home computer, your mobile device, or  "in the Cloud", it pretty much works the same.  The computer processes information it gets from somewhere (typed in with a keyboard/mouse, downloaded from the Internet, received in an email, etc) and stores it as a document in a folder. 

For most people, the most commonly stored documents are:

  • Photos/pictures
  • Movies/video
  • Text
  • Spreadsheets
  • PDFs (special Adobe format - Portable Document Format -  universal to almost all computers)

Storing Electronic Documents in Electronic Folders

This conceptually really isn't any different than putting pieces of paper (documents) into a manilla folder and a filing cabinet.  Folders are convenient ways to organize your documents. Almost all commercially available software allows you to create your own folder(s).

Document Extensions

Every document has an extension.  The extension is appended to the document name with a period followed by a 3- or 4-letter such as (but not limited to) .doc or .docx (Microsoft Word), .xls or .xlsx (Microsoft Excel), or .jpg or .jpeg for a photo.  There are literally hundreds of extensions but only a few of them are commonly used.

Extensions tell the computer how to process the document.  For example, a .jpg is processed by a program that understands how to show and edit photos and pictures.  There are many photo editing programs available that work on computers and several that do inline  can be processed with many different photo programs (Live Photo, Photoshop Elements, Picnik, Splashup, Corel, Photo Studio, etc.).  Which one you use generally depends on:

  1. Cost
  2. Features
  3. Ease of Use