The GSDCA is pleased to honor outstanding members of our club and their dogs whose accomplishments support the Mission and Purposes of the German Shepherd Dog Club of America.

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Annual Training Achievement Award (ATAA) Purpose & Guidelines

Annual award to the Sires and dams of German Shepherd Dog progeny who achieve obedience, herding, tracking, agility titles and or Schutzhund degrees.  View the current ATAA Title Holders.

The purpose of the Annual Training Achievement Award:

  • Incent owners of German Shepherd Dogs to exhibit in Performance Trials and Tests
  • Incent breeders to encourage buyers to train and show their dogs
  • Encourage exhibitors to show their dogs in both breed and performance events so that there would be more multi-titled German Shepherd Dogs.
  • Provide the union of or “bridge the gap” between breed exhibitors and performance competitors to common goals.
  • Demonstrate to the public the usefulness of the German Shepherd Dog and that they can compete successfully in all types of competition.


1. In order to qualify, the progeny must have:

    1. Been awarded a placement ribbon in a breed conformation class at an AKC point show.
    2. Received a breed survey (Korklasse 1 or 2 (KKl1 or II)).
    3. Submit a letter written by an AKC judge licensed to judge German Shepherd Dogs, stating the progeny is free from disqualifying faults (spayed or neutered dogs may qualify)
    4. Submit the breeder/owner form to attest that the progeny has no disqualifying faults along with 2 photos of the progeny, one full body view and one head shot (see New Progeny ATAA Letter Form above).

2. Points for titles will not accumulate for the owners of the sire or the owners of the dam if the owners are not members of the GSDCA or until their application for membership has been received by the GSDCA.  POINTS WILL NOT BE AWARDED RETROACTIVELY.

3. Owners of the sires and dams would be required to provide the awards chairperson with the following information:

    1. Completely filled out ATAA program report form.
    2. A copy of the certificate or certification (which they must acquire from the progeny’s owners) or a copy of the page in the AKC awards where title is published.

4. All titles earned during regular calendar year will count for the “Annual High Score Award”.

5. Results will be published in the September or October issue of “The German Shepherd Dog Review” with the following information:

    1. The top ten scoring sires and dams will be listed with the names of their owners and the names of their titled progeny.
    2. All sires and dams that have accumulated a minimum of 25 points will be listed with the names of their owners.
    3. After 3 years of inactivity sires and dams will be placed on the inactive list.
    4. Top 25 all time inactive/active sires and dams
    5. A plaque (or suitable award) will be presented at the awards ceremony at the national Specialty Show to the owners of the highest scoring sire and the highest scoring dam (i.e. 1996 awards would be presented at the 1997 National.
    6. Beginning with the 1991 National, a plaque or (suitable award) will be presented at the National Specialty Show to the owners of the sire and dam with the highest accumulation of training achievement points. Beginning in 2012 repeat winners will receive a certificate instead of a plaque. These points will be cumulative from1988.

Report Titles earned from January to December.  The deadline for receipt of all entries is April 1st of the following year.

Check out the current ATAA points schedule.

To participate in the program, submit the required forms and documentation to Committee Chair: 

Melanie Fuellgraf, GSDCA ATAA
PO Box 185
Prospect, PA 16052

Email address:   This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Phone number:  724-712-7627 (cell)  or 724-698-7335 (landline)

        Personal email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Download and print the ATAA Application for new Titles/Degrees
Download and print the ATAA Attestation Form (required)
Download and print the New Progeny ATAA Letter

Alternate Method (in beta - requires Adober Reader XI)

Save to your computer, fill in and email to email address above ATAA Application for new Titles/Degrees
Save to your computer, fill in and email to email address above New Progeny ATAA Letter

Award of Excellence (AOE)

This title is the most prestigious “conformation” award given by the GSDCA in recognition of the quintessential German Shepherds. They excel in conformation, are sound in body, have keen minds which make them capable of and suitable for the many different “jobs” in which society has placed them…i.e…THE TOTAL DOG.

This year marks the 27th year of the Award of Excellence and my first year as Chair.  Many thanks to Helen Franklin for her years of dedication to the Award of Excellence; she is the founder and forever champion of the German Shepherd Dog.  This year we add two dogs to our elite listing bringing our Award of Excellence total of 114 German Shepherd Dogs.

The title of AOE is placed before the dog’s name, ahead of Select, Champion or Grand Victor/Victrix.  AOE becomes an immediate indication that this dog is one of the best, demonstrating all the attributes of the total German Shepherd Dog.

Qualifications for the Award of Excellence:

  • Owner must be a member of the GSDCA
  • Dog must be an AKC Champion and have been awarded a Select rating at the GSDCA National Specialty Show
  • Must be OFA, OVC or SV “a” stamp certified hips and elbows
  • Must have a Temperament Certification (TC) from the GSDCA
  • Must have a recognized performance title (Obedience, Agility, Rally Tracking, Herding or IPO/Sch)

Award of Excellence dogs and their owners are filmed each year with the presentation of the Crystal Trophy at our National Specialty each year.

Laura Gilbert, Chair

Download a copy of the AOE Application Form.

IMPORTANT – The deadline for AOE submission each year is August 15

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Connie Beckhardt Award

First presented in 1991, recipients of the Award should exhibit the qualities of a goodwill ambassador for the German Shepherd Dog. They must display exceptional qualities in mentoring and sharing their time and knowledge with others, and lead by example, demonstrating the best of sportsmanship and care of their German Shepherd Dogs. To learn more about this award and it's past winners, click Read More.

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Don Cliff Memorial Good Sportsmanship Award

This award recognizes the member who demonstrate's good sportsmanship as an exhibitor, whether winning or losing, gives of time, energy and/or means to the sport of dogsand the German Shepherd Dog, demonstrates ...

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Dual Awards

Dual Awards are presented every year at the National Specialty Show Board Meeting for GSDCA-member dogs who have completed a performance title in addition to a champion title. Members must apply to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. providing copies of information from the AKC (such as the awards & titles page or copies of the certificate).

Click on the year below to view, download, print or save the listings of the GSDCA Dual Award Winners:

2015 - 2016 GSDCA Dual Award Winners

2014 - 2015 GSDCA Dual Award Winners

2013 - 2014 GSDCA Dual Award Winners

2012 - 2013 GSDCA Dual Award Winners

2011 - 2012 GSDCA Dual Award Winners

2010 - 2011 GSDCA Dual Award Winners

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Dual Excellent Award

The following are the requirements to acquire a Dual Award Excellent:

  1.  Be an AKC Champion
  2.  Have OFA, OVC, or SV “a” stamp certified hips and elbows
  3.  Have earned a regular AKC performance degree in obedience, tracking, rally, herding, agility, or protection.
  4.  Have passed the GSDCA temperament Test

The Dual Award Excellent award represents diligence of both dogs and owners as any award with the title of excellent should do.  It furthers encourages our breeders and owners to strive for sound dogs, mentally and physically.  The public is exposed to what our breed represents, the truly total dog, an excellent member of our lives.

Click on the year below to view, download, print or save the listings of the GSDCA Dual Award Excellent Winners:

2015 - 2016 GSDCA Dual Award Excellent Winners

2014 - 2015 GSDCA Dual Award Excellent Winners

2013 - 2014 GSDCA Dual Award Excellent Winners

2012 - 2013 GSDCA Dual Award Excellent Winners

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LaMar Kuhns Award

This award recognizes outstanding presentation and grooming of dogs and creating of good will for German Shepherd Dogs. The award is open to both the non-professional or professional. Nominations can come from members or regional clubs to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

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Lloyd Brackett Award

Persons whose breeding program exhibits a vision of improvement to the breed, tempered with the wisdom to exhibit strict attention to the Standard of the German Shepherd Dog. The Recipient of the Award should be someone whose dogs display a consistency of breed type and have created a line of German Shepherd Dogs easily recognizable within the breed. Click Read More

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National Elite Awards

The Elite Award is given to those dogs who achieve a score of 195 or better in any regular class at the Nationals. Dogs earning this award must also be purebred, registered and free of disqualifying faults as confirmed by an AKC judge approved to judge GSDs.

In 2014, seven teams achieved this high level of performance:

  • Oak Ridge Shadow Dancer UDX OM1 with Shannon Canard (Utility B class)
  • OV OTCH Heka Shining Brigtly vom Mika-Ashmead with Kristin Brooks (Utility B class)
  • Miriamm z Eurosportu UDX2 OM3 with Shannon Canard (Open B)
  • Nocturne’s Gabriel II VCD1 UDX OM1 with Timothy Muldowney (Open B)
  • von Sontausen Holy Grail UDX2 OM2 HGH BN GN RE with Regina Steiner (Open B)
  • Getta von der Olgameister UD RA CA with Vickie Buchanan (Open B)
  • Juel’s Independence Day UD RE with Elaine Hurrie (Open B)

Peggy Douglas Award

Peggy Douglas was a devoted member of several clubs, including the GSDC of Houston.  She mentored newcomers to our Breed and was always encouraging people to join and get involved in the local dog clubs and the GSDCA.

Peggy Douglas award contact is Gloria Birch, Awards Committee Chair

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Performance Award of Merit (PAM)

Given in recognition and appreciation of animals who display the versatility of the breed by performing in a variety of different performance events.  To be eligible for this award a dog must have completed titles in three (3) different performance areas including:

  • Obedience & Rally
  • Tracking
  • Herding
  • Agility
  • Working Dog Sport

Click here to save, print, or download the submission form.  (Note: if you have trouble viewing this document, please click here to install the latest version of Adobe Reader.)

Read more: Performance Award of Merit (PAM)

Presidential Citation Award

The Presidential Citation Award should only be awarded those persons who have achieved an outstanding accomplishment or dedicated an exceptional amount of effort on Behalf of the Parent Club or Breed. Not more than one award for each category will be given each year except when a special award is given for heroism.

1) Meritorious Service
2) Meritorious Achievement
3) Special Award (Heroism) - Person or German Shepherd Dog.

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Register of Merit (ROM)

The Register of Merit (ROM) title is awarded to sires and dams of progeny competing in the conformation and performance rings.  The qualifications are different for the sire than for the dam as the sire will probably have more progeny in his life time than the dam.

Many, many thanks to the committee chairs who have spent so much time compiling and reporting on these statistics to highlight these top producing GSDs.

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Title Awards

Breeders Pin

Awarded to a breeder-member, once only, for their first home-bred Champion of Record.

Pins (AKC Title)

Each month the AKC issues a listing of titles earned by German Shepherd Dogs.  Pins and Certificates are awarded to the owner-member authomatically. No requests are necessary to receive these awards. Additionally, Pins, Certificates and Medals are available for purchase by the owner for co-owners. Lost pins, certificates and medals are also available for purchase. Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you have any further questions.

Click here for a copy of the recognized titles that receive awards.