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The OFA is pleased to announce a new Eye Certification Registry (ECR). The new ECR is a joint effort between the OFA and the American College of Veterinary Ophthalmologists (ACVO.
2 Dog Food Information & Advisories
A good website with what seems to have a good record of keeping the information updated. Let us know what you think (webmaster@gsdca.org). Thanks to the GSDCA members who help keep an eye on new websites and information.
3 Cornell University Toxic Plants
4 K9s of the War on Terror
The Mission of the K9s of the War on Terror is to recognize the contributions, accomplishments, and sacrifices made by the K9 teams of the US Military, Department of Homeland Security and Law Enforcement in this Nation's War on Terror.
5 German Shepherd Youth Recognition Fund
The purpose of the GSYRF is to acknowledge our youth interested in our breed and to provide an incentive for them to continue and remain dedicated to the German shepherd in the years ahead.

Our intent is to encourage and recognize what the youth of our sport contribute and to thank them for the time, effort, dedication, and service they provide to the German shepherd. All donations will be given to the youth in our breed, and no costs or expenses of the fund will be paid for by the fund. All efforts, fees, costs, etc. are going to be donated.

You may donate to this fund directly on the website.
6 Woofpedia
This is a TOTALLY AWESOME website sponsored by the AKC about training at all levels - puppy to pro.... It's constantly updated, so check back.