Temperament Test

German Shepherd Dog Club of America Guidelines for Clubs Sponsoring Temperament Evaluation Tests

A Senior Evaluator will be provided by the German Shepherd Dog Club of America. This evaluator will direct the actual testing as well as coordinate the preliminary planning arrangements with the Chairman appointed by the sponsoring club. The sponsoring club must contact the Parent Club Temperament Committee Chairman to request a Temperament Test. In turn, the Chairman will poll all the evaluators sanctioned by the Parent Club to ascertain who is available for the requested time and location. The sponsoring club Chairman and the chosen Evaluator will be put in contact with one another by the Parent Club Chairman to perfect the plans for the test.

The current Temperament Committee Chairman for the Parent Club is:

Mr. Jim York
219 Menge Rd
Marengo, IL 60152
(815) 943-7191 totaldogman@aol.com

The sponsoring club is responsible for compensating the evaluator for expenses only, such expenses to be pre-determined during the preliminary planning phase prior to the actual test.

Approximately six to eight dogs per hour can be evaluated; and the Parent Club had decided to limit entries to a total of 30 dogs. In planning the time schedule for the testing an additional one and one half hours must be provided for set-up and instruction time for the test personnel and participants.

Other breeds may participate but will not be evaluated until all the German Shepherd dogs have finished the test. The handlers of these other breeds will receive a copy of their score sheet and the G.S.D.C.A. Temperament Certificate.

The fee for the test is $25 per dog. (Twenty dollars ($20) remains with the sponsoring club and five dollars ($5) goes to the Parent Club.) A check for the G.S.D.C.A. share is to be given or sent to the Parent Club Chairman after all the testing is completed.



Instructions will be given prior to the actual testing to all test personnel; specifically, what is expected of them for their assigned posts. All handlers will also receive instructions in the form of both written instructions as well as a walk-through of the test course.

It is suggested that the sponsoring club have enough dogs for testing to cover their expenses. (e.g., a 30-dog test will gross $600 for the sponsoring club and $150 for the G.S.D.C.A.

The sponsoring club must provide the following materials:

    1. An area approximately 75’ x 75’ (outdoors is preferable)
    2. NOTE: If the test is to be held in conjunction with a conformation and/or obedience show, please be sure that the test area is outside the normal flow of traffic to and from the other rings, and also not within the show-ground limits.

    3. A beer or ‘pop’ can containing 10/15 marbles or stones.
    4. A blind capable of hiding a person (a sheet of plywood, a large table or standing screen.)
    5. A black spring-opening umbrella of good size (plus a spare, just in case.)
    6. A polyethylene sheet 4’ x 15’.
    7. A portable exercise cage which can be laid flat for the dogs to traverse.
    8. Clothes for the Weird Stranger.
    1. A wide-brimmed hat.
    2. A long, floppy coat.
    3. Goggles or large dark sun glasses.
    4. A strong stick or bat.
    1. A blind will be needed to hide the Weird Stranger if no other natural cover is available.
    2. A clipboard for the Evaluator.
    3. A table and 3 chairs.
    1. A table and chair for the Registration/Entry Clerk.
    2. A chair for the Can-Rattler and the Umbrella-Opener.
    1. A .22 caliber pistol and caps for the Gun test.
    2. NOTE: Please be sure to provide enough caps to cover all the dogs; 3 caps per dog are needed and it is wise to have extras in case of duds. Rule of thumb is to provide a box of 100 caps as if for a 30-dog test.

    3. Approximately 15 bricks or large stones to mark starting locations.

The sponsoring club must provide the following personnel (EIGHT).

  1. Registration/Entry Clerk.
  2. Neutral Stranger.
  3. Friendly Stranger.
  4. Can-Rattler.
  5. Gun-Shooter.
  6. Umbrella-Opener.
  7. Weird Stranger.
  8. NOTE: This individual should be a good actor, and, whenever possible, one who is familiar with guard dog behavior.

  9. A person with video tape equipment to record the entire test

posted 8-5-07