Instructions For Submitting Results of Specialty Shows


Please send in your catalog, as soon as ready, as an email attachment to .  I will then process the information and reformat it to be ready for posting in the standard format for the GSDCA website.  Posting will not take place until results are received and I have properly inserted them.  Acceptable formats for the catalogs are:  MSWORD, WordPerfect, MSPublisher or plain text.  This is not a release of the catalog, it is merely an administrative transfer of data within the GSDCA.



The fastest and simplest way to send in the results is to FAX the judges sheets to me at 815-346-3324.  An alternate method is to scan the sheets and send them as an email attachment to .


Also would you please instruct your show photographer to send pictures, to the above email address and to the gsd REVIEW ( ), of each of the following : WD, RWD, WB, RWB, BOW, BOS, BOB, BP and BOP (if there is also obedience then the HIT and HiCombined photos should also be sent).  These will be posted with overwrite on the photo so that they cannot be used by individuals.   These are the absolute minimum photos to include.  Your show photographer should send these as JPG images at 300 dpi.  When photos are posted they include water marks across them so that they are not good for printing by a viewer.  This protects the photographer’s copyrighted material.  If the photographer wishes to see how the pictures are presented on the site he/she can look at an existing posting at the following URL:         


Posting of results will be done in two steps:  The first has all the placings.  Then, at a later time once pictures are received, the posting will be updated.  Immediately after the first posting a copy in MSWord format will be sent, by me, to the gsd REVIEW.  This in effect is the "marked catalog" that the REVIEW needs; therefore, your club does not need to prepare a marked catalog for submission to the gsd REVIEW.


PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOU WILL HOLD OBEDIENCE AND RALLY TRIALS (INCLUDING ALL-BREED TYPES) THAT THEY ARE ALSO NEEDED FOR POSTING, so the appropriate catalog information and judges' sheets for these trials also need to be sent.


The above procedure requires minimal effort by host clubs.  It will also eliminate problems that people may run into when trying to enter results in their catalogs.  I have started to do this with regular specialty shows and it appears to be working well.  Results are then available on the GSDCA website within 24 hours of the time they are sent in.  Recently results have been posted within hours of the completion of shows.


Do not hesitate to ask any questions you may have on this.


      Michel A. Ebertin, Team Leader

      GSDCA Show Results Team