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PLEASE NOTE: Starting with June 2010, a (p) means that there are photos with the results

4 GSDC of Dallas - Show #1 / Show #2 R. Abrosio / V. Jordan
12/13 Golden State GSDC (p) P. Stoesser / C. Mardecz
9/10 Santa Maria Shows -- CA (p) A. Barbash / M. Chaloux
16 Shoreline GSDC AM / PM Shows (p) E. Trocki / N. Harper
17 Illini GSDC (p) C. Walkowicz
22-24 San Antonio & Austin Shows (p) Gighleri/ Ardoin/ Walker/ Moses
23/24 Grand Canyon GSDC Obedience & Rally Trials S. Osburn & P. Alvarez
2 GSDCA Regional in Tampa Bay (p) K. Hynek
2/3 Tampa Bay GSDC (p) N. Grady / B. Grady
16/17 Diablo Valley GSDC J. Martin / B. Stiefferman Jr.
22/23 GSDC of Greater Raleigh R. Slay / J. LaRosa
23 GSDC of San Diego AM / PM (p) C. McKenna / D. Stern
23 GSDCA Regional in Beaumont TX V. Roye
23/24 GSDC of Beaumont R. Sandell / L. Frederick
24 South East Regional Futurity/Maturity G. Szymczak
24 SE Amateru Futurity/Maturity Y. Kowalczyk
24 GSDCA Regional in San Diego (p) L. Telfair
30 Sacramento Valley GSDC -- AM / PM (p) J. Noyan / K. Downing
30/31 Central New Mexico GSDC (p) B. Bartley / K. Casteel
31 GSDC of Reno -- AM / PM (p) K. Tank / J. Newton
5 GSDC of North FLorida AM/PM C. Flautt / N. Harper
6 Diamond State GSDC (p) R. Abrosio
6/7 GSDC of Central Indiana D. Hokkanen / S. Hayden
7 Delaware Valley GSDC (p) L. Frederick
12 GSDCA Regional in Tucson AZ (p) D. Farrell
14 GSDC of Central Massachusetts (p) S. Moses
14 GSDC of South New Hampshire (p) B. Lopez
13/14 GSDC of Greater Charlotte (p) S. Newcomb / I. Nogueras
13/14 GSDC of Southern Arizona (p) D. Coleman / R. Ghigleri
20 GSDC of San Gabriel Valley / GSDC of LA County (p) P. Miller / L. Jorgensen
21 South Pacific Amateur Futurity/Maturity R. Sottile
21 (p) South Pacific Futurity/Maturity E. Barritt
27/28 GSDC of East Tennessee (p) J. Bemont / F. Rood
27 GSDCA Regional in E. Tennessee (p) D. Crane
3 GSDC of No. New Jersey C. Battaglia
4 GSDC of No. Ohio / GSDCA Regional (p) H. Drew / M. Chaloux
4 Mid Atlantic Futurity/Maturity D. Mulliglan
4 Mid Atlantic Amateur Futurity/Maaturity B. Newby
5 GSDC of WPA / GSDCA Regional (p) H. Gleason / L. Jorgensen
5 GSDC of No. Ohio Performance Trials (p)  
11 GSDC of Rochester NY AM / PM (p) F. Schmidke / C. White-Moser
11 GSDCA Regional in St. Louis M. Kurz
11 Orange Coast GSDC / GSDC of Long Beach (p) M. Imhoff / R. Kindy
11 GSDCA Regional in WA State (p) A. Bartley
11 GSDC of Washingtom State (p) H. Franklin
11/12 GSDC of St. Louis L. Bunch / K. Hynek
12 GSDCA Regional in Orange County CA (p) R. Grady
12 North East Futurity/Maturity J. Whalen
12 North East Amateur Futurity / Maaturity K. Sachau-Prevett
12 GSDC of Washington State (p) L. Nogueras
17 South West Futurity/Maturity K. Fasano
17 South West Amateur Futurity/Maturity J. Guzman
17 GSDCA Regional in Vallejo CA H. Gleason
18/19 Rocky Mtn GSDC & GSDCA Regional D. Dwier / E. Barritt / R. Kindy
24/25 GSDC of Greater Cincinnati G. SZymezak / D. Jones
31 Wolverine GSDC of W. MI (p) J. Fox
31 GSDCA Regional in Alaska (p) L. Nogueras
1 Rocky Mountain GSDC AM / PM (p) D. Dwier / E. Barritt
2 GSDCA Regional in Denver (p) R. Kindy
2 Great Lakes Futurity/Maturity L. Bankhead
2 (p) Great Lakes Amateur Futurity/Maturity J. Pyle
7 (p) MW Futurity/Maturity D.D. Ardoin
7 (p) MW Amateur Futurity/Maturity C. Kimerer
8/9 GSDC of Greater Kansas City (p) M. Kish / R. Kish
8/9 San Bernadino GSDC / Riverside GSDC / GSDCA Regional Specialty (p) J. Graham / J. Root / V. M. Roy
15 Baystate GSDC (p) D. Hokanen
15 GSDC of the Pacific NW -- AM / PM (p) R. Darnell / B. Vujovich
16 GSDC of So. New Hampshire (p) D. Jones
16 GSDCA Regional in the Pacific NW (p) J. Kilgour
21 Mid Pacific Fut/Mat G. Hardcastle
21 Mid Pacific Amateur Fut/Mat D. Linn
22/23 GSDC of Minneapolis & ST Paul (p) C. Pottle / P. O'Dell
22/23 GSD Fanciers of No. CA (p) P. O'Dell / l. Haus
12 (p) North West Fut/Mat C. LaRosa
12 (p) North West Amateur Fut/Mat C. Zumwalt
13 GSDCA Regional in Eugene OR (p) J. Fox
13 GSDC of Greater Eugene OR (p) D. Dwier
14 GSDC of Greater Eugene OR (p) R. Drescher
20 GSDC of Alaska (p) J. Rand
2 GSDC of Northern Ohio (p) C. LaRosa
16 Pikes Peak GSDC AM/PM Shows J. Loob / S. Newcomb
24/25 Great Salt Lake GSDC N. Grady / R. Grady
7 GSDCA Regional Specialty in Wisconsin (p) R. Drescher
7 GSDC of Wisconsin (p) L. Frederick
8 GSDC of Wisconsin (p) P. Kurz
15 GSDC of W PA M. Kurz
28 GSDC of San Gabriel Valley (p) K. Casteel
28 GSDC of Long Beach (p) B. Bartlley
28/29 GSDC of Atlanta (p) R. Slay / C. Walkowicz
29 GSDC of Los Angeles County (p) S. Godek
6 Delaware Valley GSDC (p) B. Winlthers
8 GSDCA Regional (p) D. Ardoin

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Intersex -- David Rinke

Bitches --
Dr. Morton Goldfarb

Dogs -- Gloria Birch

BP & Best Bred By --
Helen Franklin

Jr. Showmanship --
Jamie Walker

Futurity Finals --
Robert Slay

Maturity Finals --
Karin Wagner

13 GSDC of No. NJ (p) M. Chaloux
26 GSDC of So NJ -- AM D. Crane
26 GSDC of So. NJ -- PM B. Lopez
27 GSDC of So. NJ Obedience & Rally M. McCloskey
2 GSDC of Greater Washington DC (p) R. Sandell
7/8 Arizona Specialties Sat AM / Sat PM / Sun (p) K. Tank / N. Nellis / K. Potter
8 GSDC of Eastern Virginia J. LaRosa
8 GSDCA Regional in E. VA C. LaRosa