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October 14th 17th 2009




Judge: Dave Rinke


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Best of Breed

CH. Signatures Miami V Kridler




Select Bitches


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CH. Signatures Miami V Kridler


CH. Tazzman's Aregon



Hi Cliff Sienna Kaleef


CH. Trafalgar's Full Throttle



Kennelwood's Mystique Impulse


CH. Marquis' Stealing The Show



CH. Anne‑Isle's Heiress V Kenlyn‑Kaleef


CH. Hicliff Bronson V Kaleef



Wolf Creek Antares Of Merivern


CH. Kaleef's Joshua V Kenlyn



CH. Wolf Creek Kallie Of Merivern


CH. I'm All That Matters Of Edan



CH. Cherry Crush Of Oh‑My


Ejm N' Eko‑Lan's Eli



CH. Hickoryhill's Magic Marker


CH. Hicliff Gable



Stonewall's Lookaliker


CH. Charbo's Key Largogh V Marjo



CH. Kridler's Nutmeg V Signature


CH. Kaleef's It's All About Me



CH. Schatten's The One Rose


CH. Kismet's Centurion,PT



Lockenhaus Isis V Kenlyn Hi‑Cliff


CH. Alfaro's Rambling Man



Lockenhaus Isis V Kenlyn Hi‑Cliff


CH. Karizma's Cacique Of Inquest



CH. Mmm Mmm Good Of Edan


CH. Winsomes Ray Bearone V Ekolan




CH. Mar Haven's Solitaire Traveler,TC

*Indicates Excellent Status



Select #6 All that Matters FW

6th 642 CH. I'M ALL THAT MATTERS OF EDAN, DN226869/01, 08/05/08.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Ch. Mechanical Bull of Edan X No Laughing Matter of Edan. Dog.
Owner: Ann Schultz & Sherry Nolan.

643 CH. VON DINEHART MIDNIGHT HARLEY, DN072064/06, OFA H GS‑72842G43PI OFA E GS‑EL21416M43PI 05/27/04.
Breeder: N. & S. Dinehart & S. & K. Bloom.
By: Ch. Rosewoods Maestro X Bloomsberry Bijou Von Dinehart. Dog.
Owner: Nick & Sandy Dinehart.

Breeder: F. & K. Fasano.
By: Ch. Kaleefs Joshua v Kenlyn X Ch. Winsomes Bearitney Spears. Dog.
Owner: Margaret M. Douglas & Tom & Sherrie Landay.

645 CH. LYLOAK'S FIRST KNIGHT, DN203233/08, 12/23/07.
Breeder: Jason Lyle.
By: Ch Welove Du Chien's Army of One X Lyloaks Sugar Maple,TC,PT. Dog.
Owner: Jason S. Lyle & Joseph Bihari.

A 646 CH. MARQUIS' HOT SHOT,TC, DN153598/01, OFA H GS‑78641G24M OFA E GS‑EL21870 05/11/06.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Ch. Marquis' Stealing The Show X Marquis' Bianca. Dog.
Owner: Betty & Karl Radzevich.

647 CH. AMBER'S JAKE THE SNAKE, DN160046/06, OFA H‑GS79825G26M‑VPI 09/26/06.
Breeder: B. Amidon.
By: Ch. Ponca Hill's Snake X Amber's Miss Daisey. Dog.
Owner: Joan & Elliot Huber.

648 CH. CADE OF FRAN JO, DN127338/15, 10/05/05.
Breeder: Fran & Joan Ford.
By: Ch. Jake of Fran‑Jo Anne‑Isle X Sue of Fran‑Jo. Dog.
Owner: Janice Staley & Kay Springer & Amy Riley & Channing Sheets.

A 649 SPOTLITE'S MARLON BRANDO, DN185418/01, 05/24/07.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Bill‑Mar's Here Comes Trouble X Ch. Spotlite Cloverlyn April Fool. Dog.
Owner: Ann & Steven Barbash.

650 CH. BRAZOS OF SATER‑NORDLICHT, DN094382/07, 12/15/04.
Breeder: Donna Sater.
By: Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill X Jami of Sater‑Nordlicht. Dog.
Owner: Michel & Naomi Ebertin.

Select #11 Centurion FW

11th EX 651 CH. KISMET'S CENTURION,PT, DN112514/01, 05/05/05.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man X Ch. Kismet's Pretty Lies N Alibis. Dog.
Owner: Dr. Robert & Maryellen Kish.

Breeder: Jeri Plager.
By: Ch. Encore‑Asgards O'Connor X Plamark's Electra of Asgard. Dog.
Owner: Paula M. Cooke & Chuck Sedgewick & Tedi Ginsburg.

653 CH. LUTZHAUS SIRKOBRASS WINSOME,CD, DN084427/01, 07/16/04.
Breeder: Frank & Kris Fasano.
By: Ch. O'Danny Boy of Heinerburg X Ch. Winsome's Bearitney Spears. Dog.
Owner: Neal D. Leas & Kristine & Frank Fasano.

654 CH. NIKIREE'S SUMMER PREMIERE,TC,HIT, DN048739/03, OFA H GS‑73467G28M‑PI OFA E GS‑EL18741M28PI 10/05/03.
Breeder: Karen Harms.
By: Ch. Brownhills Willow V Kysarah, TC X Stonehedge Indian Summer. Dog.
Owner: Karen Harms & Marilyn Smith.

655 MAR HAVENS NEXT IN LINE RENO, DN140895/03, OFA H GS‑77571F24M‑PI OFA E GS‑EL21234M24PI 11/12/05.
Breeder: Frank & Carolyn Martello.
By: Acara's Cold Climate X Ch. Mar Haven's Annie's Song. Dog.
Owner: Sharon K. Gabrielson & Kelly Steder.

Breeder: Terry Rock & Helen Sherlock & Mike Iannelli.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff X Caralonqed Haley's Comet. Dog.
Owner: Terry & Larry Rock & Judy DeRousse.

657 CH. WOODSIDE'S THE BOUNTY HUNTER, DN149395/03, OFA H GS‑76711G24M‑PI OFA E GS‑EL20693M24‑PI 06/18/05.
Breeder: S. Anderson & L. Wheeler & J. Kilgour.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Calvin Hi‑Cliff Kaleef X Prairefire Zshota Rozska. Dog.
Owner: Bob & Ellen Frink.

A 658 CH. LONESTAR'S PIT BOSS, DN164276/09, OFA H GS‑79788F24M‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL22609M24‑VPI 12/07/06.
Breeder: S. McKinnon & C. Gustafason.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff X Lonestars Indian Summer Rose. Dog.
Owner: Sherry S. McKinnon & Suzie Bancak‑Long.

Select #8 Gable FW

8th EX 659 CH. HICLIFF GABLE, DN147937/03, OFA H GS78341G24M‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL21695M24‑VPI 03/19/06.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch.Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff X Ch. HiCliff Whitney Woodside. Dog.
Owner: Patricia, Randall & Darlene Cliff.

Select #9 Key Largogh FW

9th 660 CH. CHARBO'S KEY LARGOGH V MARJO, DN156170/01, 06/29/06.
Breeder: Roberta Schiffelbein.
By: Ch. Cross Timbers Cargogh Clihu X Charbo's Luzianne. Dog.
Owner: Mary Ward & Mary Tripp & Linda Hughes.

661 CH. MELANA'S MOJITO,TC, DN193271/01, 09/17/07.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Ch. Greenwood's Hektor X Ch. Melana's Pandemonium. Dog.
Owner: Melissa Campbell.

Select #15 Solitaire FW

15th EX 662 CH. MAR HAVEN'S SOLITAIRE TRAVELER,TC, DN030643/01, 03/22/03.
Breeder: Linda Kury & Carolyn Martello.
By: Ch. Mar Haven's Color Guard,PT X Mar Haven's Southern Star. Dog.
Owner: Alan & Shirley Melvin & James Cozad.

Select #2 male (Diesel) FW

2nd 663 CH. TRAFALGAR'S FULL THROTTLE, DN142010/02, 03/24/06.
Breeder: Michael‑Robert & Susan Cheeks.
By: Ch.WeLove DuChien's Rollins X Ch. Trafalgars Pacific Chai. Dog.
Owner: Libby Cameron & Michael R. Cheeks.

664 CH. SAMURI'S JETT JACKSON, DN057914/02, OFA H GS‑79699G59M‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL22550M59‑VPI 11/20/03.
Breeder: L. & S. Bruner.
By: Ch. Marhaven's Color Guard X Ch. Samuri's Catastrophe. Dog.
Owner: Leon Bruner & Shannon Stockton & Charlotte Sibley, (Jr. Show #912).

665 CH. KETLYNS WRITTEN IN STONE, DN105183/01, OFA H GS‑77933G33M‑PI 04/21/05.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Hurizons Marksman X Detmers Willow. Dog.
Owner: Tammy & Robert Kestler.

Select #13 Cacique FW

13th 667 CH. KARIZMA'S CACIQUE OF INQUEST, DN170923/01, 11/24/06.
Breeder: Iza Kabuska.
By: Ch. Hi‑Cliff Bronson Kaleef X Karizma's Anisette. Dog.
Owner: Pablo & Ileana Nogueras.

668 CH. MAR HAVEN'S LAST COWBOY SONG,PT, DN152411/01, 04/23/06.
Breeder: C. Martello.
By: Ch. WeLove DuChiens Army of One X MarHavens Southern Nights. Dog.
Owner: Frank & Carolyn Martello & Doris Estabrook.

Grand Victor BOS FW

GV/BOS EX 669 CH. TAZZMAN'S AREGON, DN205375/02, 12/19/06.
Breeder: K. Sachau.
By: Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show X Ch. Tazzmans It Wasn't Me. Dog.
Owner: Kerry Sachau & James & Sheree Moses.

670 CH. PASTOR BURGOS, DN029691/04, 04/18/03.
Breeder: Patricia Tate.
By: Barrus Vom Haus Kirschental X Tate's Pepper II. Dog.
Owner: Bill & Joanne Randall & John & Christine Gibbons.

671 CH. INVERNESS T BIRD EKCO‑LAN, DN181273/01, 11/27/05.
Breeder: I. & K. McKechnie & F. Migliore.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries v Hicliff X EJM'n Ekco‑Lans Celine. Dog.
Owner: Ian & Kim McKechnie.

A 672 CH. KARIZMA'S NICARAGUA, DN107837/01, 03/18/05.
Breeder: Iza Kabuska.
By: Ch. Witmer's Jamiroquai X Karizma's Tanzania. Dog.
Owner: Susan Witmer & Rick & Janetta Welker.

673 CH. SHANTY'S MONTE CARLO, DN171320/02, 01/26/07.
Breeder: Sharon E. Buckley & Jean M. Lallensack.
By: Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill X Ch. Shanty's Tangueray, TC. Dog.
Owner: Jesse & Cynthia Perry & Sharon Buckley.

674 CH. KEYLIS BLOOMSBERRY'S IN THYME, DN116976/03, OFA H GS‑77723G26M‑PI OFA E GS‑EL21338M26‑PI 06/16/05.
Breeder: B. Duncan & H. Clausen.
By: Ch. Pinebuck's Rhodes To Victyory X Ch. Jecoda Keylis Jest 'N Thyme. Dog.
Owner: Karen G. Swecker & Barbara Duncan.

675 CH. ECHO‑CHAM'S ESCALADE, DN047654/02, 07/01/03.
Breeder: Darnell Echols.
By: Ch. Marhaven's Color Guard X Echo‑Cham's Reign of Fire. Dog.
Owner: Les & Cheryl Anderson.

A 676 CH. KALEEF'S BOLERO XTRA CAMPEON, DN197925/01, 11/26/07.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Kaleef's American Cowboy X Kaleef's Hot To Trot. Dog.
Owner: Suzanne & Jose Iglesias.

677 CH. WOLF CREEK PHOENUX OF MERIVERN, DN158870/01, 08/01/06.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff X Tazzman's Demilo of Merivern. Dog.
Owner: Pat Walker & Mary Ann Imhoff.

Select #10 Its All About Me FW

10th 678 CH. KALEEF'S IT'S ALL ABOUT ME, DN145460/01, OFA H GS78551G27M‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL21827‑VPI 01/20/06.
Breeder: J. Jeter.
By: Ch. HiCliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Kaleef's Havoc,MX,AXJ. Dog.
Owner: Jane W. Jeter & Sheree Moses.

679 CH. ADELGARD'S YANCY D VON MARQUIN,CD,RA, DN002854/02, 02/23/02.
Breeder: A. & N. Saunders.
By: Ch. Marquin's Xtra! Xtra! X Schneiderhof Highland Treasure. Dog.
Owner: R. Suzanne Kinman, (Obed. GN502 & V532).

A 680 CH. CANTARS CAMPEON KALEEF, DN175776/03, 03/18/07.
Breeder: Robert Alcantara.
By: Ch. Kaleefs American Cowboy X Jarnans La Tormenta v Lakota. Dog.
Owner: S. Brehony & R. Alcantara, Jr & J. & S. Iglesias.

Select #5 Josh FW

5th EX 681 CH. KALEEF'S JOSHUA V KENLYN,HT,TC, DN134815/01, 07/12/05.
Breeder: Sheree & James Moses & Kent Boyles.
By: Ch. HiCliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Kenlyns Jodie v Wildwood. Dog.
Owner: Frank & Kristine Fasano & Sheree Moses.

682 CH. WINSOME'S ROCKY BEARBOA II, DN194282/02, OFA H GS‑80984E24M‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL23413M24‑VPI 07/08/07.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Kaleefs Joshua v Kenlyn X Ch. Winsomes Bearitney Spears. Dog.
Owner: Nick, Frank & Kristine Fasano.

Breeder: S. & J. Moses & J. & J Eberts.
By: HiCliff Bronson Kaleef X Kaleefs Plaudit of Jaepaul. Dog.
Owner: Lynda E. Bragg Workman.

A 684 CH. REGENCY'S BB CODY V KRIDLER, DN181900/01, 04/27/07.
Breeder: E. Peters & T. Kridler.
By: Kenlyns Aries V Highcliff X Signatures Tootsiroll v Kridler. Dog.
Owner: Elaine & Albert Peters.

685 CH. KEBRE‑KALEEF'S AJ VON HORNBERGER, DN160787/04, OFA H GS‑80707G34M‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL23205M34‑VPI 06/22/06.
Breeder: B. Newby & J. & S. Moses.
By: Ch. HiCliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Kaleef's Fille De Joie. Dog.
Owner: Patricia Mazepink & Georgianna Hornberger.

A 686 CH. NO AUTOGRAPHS PLEASE OF EDAN, DN167504/01, OFA H GS‑79839G27M‑PI OFA E GS‑EL22637M27‑PI 09/27/06.
Breeder: A. Schultz & C. Szparaga.
By: Ch. WeLove DuChiens Rollins X I've Got It All of Edan. Dog.
Owner: Ann Schultz.

Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. WeLove Du Chien's Rollins X Ch. Trafalgar's Pacific Chai. Dog.
Owner: Michael‑Robert & Susan Cheeks.

688 CH. SHADOW ACRES & CASTLEHILLS IN CAHOOTS,HT, DN132695/01, OFA H GS‑77696E OFA E GS‑EL121321M24 10/14/05.
Breeder: P. Brown & G. Hardcastle & S. Brockett & M. Stoll.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Big Shot V Sunfarms X Castlehills Tuff Patutie. Dog.
Owner: P. Brown & G. Hardcastle & S. Brockett & R. Alcantara.

A 689 CH. LINDENHILL'S VINNIE THE VIPER, DN042892/04, OFA H GS=72131G24M‑PI OFA E GS‑EL17956M24‑PI 06/26/03.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Ponca Hill's Snake X Ch. Lindenhill's You Do Voodoo. Dog.
Owner: Michael & Sheila Metz.

Seect #12 Rambling Man FW - Copy

12th EX 690 CH. ALFARO'S RAMBLING MAN, DN109032/01, 09/18/03.
Breeder: A. Milhousen.
By: Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man X Stormfield Justgottogo Alfaro. Dog.
Owner: Dawn Peterson & Alan Milhousen.

691 CH. DONKA'S WORTH THE WAIT, DN166468/02, 11/21/06.
Breeder: Owners.
By: ch. HiCliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Donka's Moriah. Dog.
Owner: Kay & Don Miller.

Select #3 Stealing the Show FW

3rd EX 692 CH. MARQUIS' STEALING THE SHOW,TC, DN094436/07, 10/20/04.
Breeder: D. & L. Oster.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries v HiCliff X Marquis Finesse. Dog.
Owner: Liz & Doug Oster & Frank & Kris Fasano.

693 KALEEF'S COCHISE V KENLYN, DN184919/01, 07/07/07.
Breeder: Sheree Moses & Kent Boyles.
By: Ch. HiCliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Pleasant Hill's Camille V Kenlyn. Dog.
Owner: Deborah Stern & James & Sheree Moses, (James A. Moses, Agent).

Select #4 Bronson FW

4th EX 694 CH. HICLIFF BRONSON V KALEEF, DN080651/01, 03/07/04.
Breeder: S. & J. Moses & R., D. & P. Cliff.
By: Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff X Ch. Tamar's Panache. Dog.
Owner: Sheree & James Moses, (James A. Moses, Agent).

Select #14 Ray Bearone FW

14th 696 CH. WINSOMES RAY BEARONE V EKOLAN, DN165902/01, 12/03/06.
Breeder: F. & K. Fasano & F. Migliore.
By: Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show X Winsomes Samantha Eko‑Lan. Dog.
Owner: Joe & Leslie Beccia & Frank & Kris Fasano.

A 697 CH. HIKCKORY HILLS PORTER HOUSE, DN153517/02, 06/17/06.
Breeder: C. Grainger & C. Navarro & L. Parkhurst.
By: Ch. WeLove Duchiens Nathan X Ch. Hickoryhills Brick House Sirius Park. Dog.
Owner: Christine & Steve Grainger & Scott Trahan.

A 698 CH. MARQUIN'S BICARDI GOLD, TC, DL915228/01, 02/15/02.
Breeder: B. Hefner & T. Coble & C. Moore.
By: Ch. Weicho's Flash Dance, TC, CD, HIC X Scharo's Angel Baby. Dog.
Owner: Barbara & Mark Hefner & Kevin Reynolds.

433 CARETTI'S ARCHANGEL, DN164541/01, OFA H‑GE‑79936G24M‑VPI
OFA E GS‑EL22703M24‑VP1 12/24/06.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Braunhaus Samurai X Ch. Debric Caretti's Angelina.
Owner: Jim & Cyndi Flautt.

Select #7, WD, BOW Eli FW

7th 434 EJM N' EKO‑LAN'S ELI, DN205520/01, 11/13/07.
Breeder: Ellen & Frederick Migliore & E. B. Estep.
By: Ch. Marquis' Stealing The Show X Ch. EJM N Eko‑Lan's Cybil S.
Owner: Ellen J. Migliore.

439 LINDENHILL'S MACHU PICCHU, DN139751/04, 02/06/06.
Breeder: M. & S. Metz.
By: Ch. Lindenhill's Vinnie The Viper X Ch.Lindenhill's You Do Voodoo.
Owner: Allen R. Schwinghammer.

747 CH. DONKA'S KAHLUA, DN006225/01, 04/30/02.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Ch. GeorJan's Zurich X Donka's Beaujolais.
Owner: Kay & Don Miller.

761 CH. SIRIUS PARKS WORTH THE TRIP,TC,PT, DL785053/01, 03/07/99.
Breeder: E. & L. Parkhurst.
By: Ch. Hickory Hills Bull Durham X Ch. Sirius Parks Ivy League.
Owner: Edward & Leoda Parkhurst & Joseph Bihari.


704 CH. LOOK MA NO HANDS OF EDAN, DN167504/03, 09/27/06.
Breeder: Ann Schultz & Christina Szparaga.
By: Ch. WeLove DuChiens Rollins X I've Got It All of Edan. Bitch.
Owner: Jason S. Lyle & Ann Schultz.

705 CH. SCHARO‑ARK LONG HOT SUMMER, DN116859/03, 07/26/05.
Breeder: B. & C. Moore & B. & T. Coble.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff X Ch. Caralon Olympus Fire. Bitch.
Owner: Les & Cheryl Anderson.

Select #8 B Magic Marker FW - Copy

8th EX 706 CH. HICKORYHILL'S MAGIC MARKER, DN177640/02, OFA H GS80657G24FPI OFA E GS‑EL2316F26PI 03/06/07.
Breeder: Steve & Christine Grainger.
By: Ch. Hickoryhill's GQ X Langenau's Layla of Stonewavy. Bitch.
Owner: Dave Lasater & Evan & Tedi Ginsburg.

707 CH. DEBRIC CARETTI'S ANGELINA, DN067178/01, OFA H‑GS‑73794G24F‑PI OFA E GS‑EL18927F24‑PI 03/10/04.
Breeder: Debra Dunn.
By: Ch. Caretti's Suicide Squeeze X Ranitas‑Ryshers Calamity Jane. Bitch.
Owner: Jim & Cyndi Flautt.

708 CH. FAITHROCK CARALON SURFER GIRL,TC, DN144857/10, OFA H GS‑79163G27F‑PI OFA E GS‑EL22211F27‑PI 04/07/06.
Breeder: Terry Rock & Helen Sherlock & Mike Iannelli.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff X Caralonqed Haley's Comet. Bitch.
Owner: Terry & Larry Rock.

Select #2 B Sienna FW - Copy

2nd EX 709 HI CLIFF SIENNA KALEEF, DN160277/07, OFA H GS‑79279F25F‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL22275F250VPI 06/30/06.
Breeder: Randy, Darlene & Patricia Clif & Sheree & James Moses.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Ch. Tamar's Panache. Bitch.
Owner: Randy, Darlene & Patricia Cliff.

710 CH. HIKORY HILLS RASPBERRY BERET, DN177640/01, 03/15/07.
Breeder: Stee & Christine Grainger.
By: Ch. Hickoryhills GQ Sirius Park X Langenaus Leyla of Stoneway. Bitch.
Owner: Christine & Steve Grainger & Randy Chesnut.

Select #14 MMM MMM FW

14th 711 CH. MMM MMM GOOD OF EDAN, DN127575/01, 07/08/05.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. WeLove DuChiens Rollins X I've Got It All of Edan. Bitch.
Owner: Ann Schultz & Kathy Hall.

712 CH. TUTHILL‑ABRIA TEMPTATION, DN152707/04, 08/05/06.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Utopia's Tangueray of Nordlicht X Tuthill‑Abria Xandria. Bitch.
Owner: Joan M. Tuthill & Tracy Kosofsky.

713 VICI'S WINDSONG, DN114777/01, OFA H GS79557G39F‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL22450F‑VPI 06/21/05.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Ch. Joelle's Geovanni of Lonwood X Vici's Wild As The Wind,TC. Bitch.
Owner: Michelle L. Graham.

714 CH. LIEBCHEN'S BOOGIE WONDERLAND, DN087161/03, 10/11/04.
Breeder: Gail Bauman & Cindy Rarrat.
By: Ch. Saterhaus Bad Boy of Nordlicht X Windmill's Livin' On A Prayer. Bitch.
Owner: Gail M. Bauman & Dan Mosher.

715 ENCHANTED'S AMERICAN ANTHEM, DN174806/03, OFA H GS‑81219G26F‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL23575F260VPI 03/12/07.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Coach HiCliff Kaleef X Ch. Jerrwen's Georgiana. Bitch.
Owner: Robert & Elaine George.

716 CH. EKO‑LAN N'EJM'S ENCORE, DN205520/02, 11/13/07.
Breeder: Ellen & Fred Migliore & E. B. Estep.
By: Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show,TC X Ch. EJM N Eko‑Lans Cybil S. Bitch.
Owner: R. Funk & F. & E. Migliore & F. Fasano.

717 CH. ECHO‑CHAM'S SHASTA FAIR, DN095787/05, 11/20/04.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Ken‑Delaine's Marksman X Echo‑Cham's Hailstorm. Bitch.
Owner: Darnell Echols & Bob Turman.

Select #5 B Antares FW - Copy

GS‑80547G32F‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL23086F32‑VPI 08/01/06.
Breeder: Pat Walker & Mary Ann Imhoff.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Tazzman's Demilo of Merivern. Bitch.
Owner: K. Don & Elizabeth Knight.

A 719 CH. ARAMIST'S ENCHANTED OF MY JOY, DN145777/01, OFS H GS‑79821G36F‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL22628F36‑VPI 11/18/05.
Breeder: D. & O. Calabrese & J. Willis.
By: Marquin's X‑Clusive X Aramist Tango N The Nite MyJoy. Bitch.
Owner: Joyce Willis & Olivia Calabrese.

720 YARMORK'S BEYONCE OF SAJELA, DN114786/01, 05/21/05.
Breeder: Sandy Lavin & David Kromray.
By: Ch. Mar Haven's and The Beat Goes On X Ch. Kenlyn's Roxanne V Sajela. Bitch.
Owner: David E. Kromray.

721 CH. LONG'S PEAK COLOR MY WORLD, DN135297/05, 03/03/06.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Ch. Cathlin's Tobruk,HT X Ch. Castlehill's Tuff Cookie,HT,PT. Bitch.
Owner: Katie A. Willis & Patricia Korsch.

722 CH. KEGGI FAIR'S UBETCHA KOS MAR, DN170294/06, 12/14/06.
Breeder: T. Fairburn & N. Kinley.
By: Ch. Joelles Diamond Da Vinci,RN X DNL Sage Advice v Keggi Fair. Bitch.
Owner: Terra Fairburn & Mary Hulme & T. Bartley & J. Corbin.

723 CH. THAT'D BE MZ STONEWALL TO YOU, DN175659/02, 12/28/06.
Breeder: L. & A. Hathaway.
By: Ch. Trafalgars Premium Blend X Ch. Stonewalls Esmeralda. Bitch.
Owner: Bill & Joanne Randall & Abbey Hathaway.

Select #6 B Kallie FW - Copy

6th 724 CH. WOLF CREEK KALLIE OF MERIVERN, DN158870/04, 08/01/06.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Tazzman's Demilo of Merivern. Bitch.
Owner: Pat Walker & Mary Ann Imhoff.

Select #3 B Mystique FW - Copy

3rd 725 KENNELWOOD'S MYSTIQUE IMPULSE, DN201996/01, 03/06/07.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Mar Haven's And The Beat Goes On X Kennelwood's Vicotria Secret. Bitch.
Owner: Alan & Lesley Wood.

726 CH. PONCA HILL'S WOW OF RITARRA, DN080216/06, OFA H GS‑76927G37F‑PI OFA E GS‑EL20826F37‑PI 06/16/04.
Breeder: Jack Budd & Yvonne Kowalczyk.
By: Ch. Ponca Hill's Jackie Chan X Ch. Ponca Hill's Corina Corina. Bitch.
Owner: Donald & Sandra Staack & Rita Chapman.

Select #7 B Cherry Crush FW - Copy

7th 727 CH. CHERRY CRUSH OF OH‑MY, DN121082/01, 06/21/05.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aires V Hi‑Cliff X Ch. Do Si Do of Oh‑My,TC. Bitch.
Owner: Myra Shear.

728 CH. SINCA'S ROSANNA V MADEB, DN026961/04, 02/17/03.
Breeder: G. & B. Sinclair.
By: Pinebuck's Willey Maket X Sanhedrin's Wish Upon A Star. Bitch.
Owner: Janice H. Stevenson.

Select #4 B Heiress FW - Copy

4th EX 729 CH. ANNE‑ISLE'S HEIRESS V KENLYN‑KALEEF, DN108156/01, 02/21/05.
Breeder: K. Boyles & S. Moses & M. Simonett.
By: Ch. Wayside's Honkey Tonk Man X Kenlyn's Halston of Kaleef. Bitch.
Owner: Martha Simonett & Sheree Moses & Van Dukeman.

730 CH. CANDIA'S TOIL N'TROUBLE, DN087418/01, 10/21/04.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Candia's Ain't No John Doe X Lil'Bear‑Candias Eko Trinity. Bitch.
Owner: Candice L. Zumwalt.

A 731 CH. KALEEF‑JAEPAUL SOR JUANA, DN138955/01, OFA H GS‑78939F26F‑VPI OFA E GS‑EL22062F26‑VPI 01/03/06.
Breeder: J. & S. Moses & J. & J. Eberts.
By: Ch. HiCliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Kaleefs Plaudit of Jaepaul, HSAs. Bitch.
Owner: Jane W. Jeter & James & Sheree Moses & Yolanda Biscoe.

A 732 SPOTLITE'S LILLIAN RUSSELL, DN185418/02, 05/24/07.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Bill‑Mar's Here Comes Trouble X Ch. Spotlite Cloverlyn April Fool. Bitch.
Owner: Ann & Steven Barbash.

733 CH. JAGAN‑KARAGIN HAPPYSAYSITALL, DN146552/02, 03/28/06.
Breeder: Anne Thompson & Karen Taylor & Jerry Guzman.
By: Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill X Ch. Jagan's Happyanunoit. Bitch.
Owner: Roberta A. Kindy & Michel & Naomi Ebertin.

BOB Grand Victrix with Purina FW

OFA H GS‑78122F25F‑PI OFA E GS‑EL21560F25PI 12/23/05.
Breeder: J. & L. Beccia & T. Kridler.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V Hicliff X Ch Kridlers Ruby V Highland Acre. Bitch.
Owner: Joe & Leslie Beccia.

Select #11 B Rose FW

11th EX 735 CH. SCHATTEN'S THE ONE ROSE, DN154609/02, OFS H GS‑78507G24F OFA E
GS‑EL21795F24 04/12/06.
Breeder: L. Gregor & N. Hubbell & M. Fowler.
By: Ch. Mar‑Haven's Man In Black X Ch. Schatten's Beaulieu v Kansten. Bitch.
Owner: Amy Riley & Lois Gregor & Sharon Allbright.

Select #10 B Nutmeg FW

10th 736 CH. KRIDLER'S NUTMEG V SIGNATURE, DN184950/03, 02/17/07.
Breeder: T. Kridler & J. & L. Beccia.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries v HiCliff X Ch. Kridlers Tanzanite V Signature. Bitch.
Owner: James & Sheree Moses & Rebecca Tsaro Dickson, (James A. Moses, Agent).

737 CH. JANTAR'S CHINA LAKE OF WITMER, DN091035/04, 09/01/03.
Breeder: Jan Crawford.
By: Ch. Witmer's Jamiroquai X Jantars Miss Liberty Bell. Bitch.
Owner: B. Ashdown & D. Calabrese & S. Witmer, (Leslie Dancosse, Agent).

738 CHABLIS SCANDALOUS, DN154702/01, 06/16/06.
Breeder: C. & A. Bartley.
By: Chablis Coda No More Mr Nice Guy X Chalbis Silhouette of Joelle. Bitch.
Owner: Thurban Warrick & Ardlin Bartley.

739 CH. MILLERTIME'S AMERICAN GYPSY, DN164052/01, 10/10/06.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Nikirees Summer Premiere X Ch. Millertimes American Angel. Bitch.
Owner: Craig & Cynthia Miller.

740 CH. MILLERTIME'S SWEET N BRASSY,PT, DN147684/02, 03/24/06.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Kismets Sight For Sore Eyes X Milertimes American Sweetheart. Bitch.
Owner: Craig & Cynthia Miller.

A 741 CH. ISABELLA'S ONE WOMAN SHOW, DN156913/01, 07/21/06.
Breeder: Owner.
By: Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show X Dorothy of Fran‑Jo Anne‑Isle. Bitch.
Owner: Martha Simonett.

Breeder: Craig & Cynthia Miller.
By: Ch. Sirius Park Worth The Trip X Millertime's Current Style. Bitch.
Owner: Ray & Paula Peters & Cynthia & Craig Miller.

Select #9 B Gone with the Wind FW

9th 564 STONEWALL'S LOOKALIKER, DN219710/02, 03/09/08.
Breeder: L. & A. Hathaway.
By: Ch. Karizma's Nicaragua X Ch. Stonewall's She's Got The Look.
Owner: Ian & Kim McKechnie & Abbey Hathaway.

Select #13 B If Life Were Like That FW

13th 580 KIEFERNFELS IF LIFE WERE LIKE THAT, DN191279/01, 03/22/07.
Breeder: E. Ashdown & A. Frank & J. Somogyi & R. Peet.
By: Ch. Alfaro's Rambling Man X Ch. Aramists Yazmin of Bodega.
Owner: Sera & R. Peet & J. Somogyi & D. Calabrese & L. Dancosse.

Select #12 B Isis FW

12th 623 LOCKENHAUS ISIS V KENLYN HI‑CLIFF, DN208321/01, 04/26/07.
Breeder: R., D. & P. Cliff & K. Boyles.
By: Ch. Eagle Valley's Green Knight X Ch. Pleasant Hills Calla v Kenlyn.
Owner: Pamela McElheney.

627 JOELLE'S A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS, DN163809/01, 09/23/06.
Breeder: B. & J. Money & T. Bartley & J. Corbin.
By: Ch. Joelle's Diamond DaVinci X Joelle's Mistle Two.
Owner: Carole H. Michael & Tiffany Bartley.

770 CH. DEPAHL'S BRANDY, DN018511/03, 10/10/02.
Breeder: Owners.
By: Ch. Kismets Sight For Sore Eyes X Merivern's Harlot of Eko Lan.
Owner: Paul & Denise Black Hollister, (Trisha Wylie, Agent).

790 CH. PONCA HILL'S CHRISTY BRINKLEY,HT,TC, DL802014/01, 06/18/99.
Breeder: J. Budd.
By: Ch. Caraland's Unlimited, CD X Ponca Hill's Kylie.
Owner: Jack Newton & Sheryl Brockett.