Judges:  Cappy Pottle & Michel Chaloux




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Veteran Class 7 to 9, Dogs.

Veteran Class 9 and over, Dogs.

Veteran Class 7 to 9, Bitches.

Veteran Class 9 and over, Bitches.



Veteran Class 7 to 9, Dogs.

A          380   CH. CORWIN'S WHEN THEY CALL MY NAME,CD,RN, DL874716/03,
       OFA H GS-67117F26M-PI OFA E GS-EL15341M26-PI 04/25/01. 
Breeder:  P. Butcher & L. Telfair & S. & D. Staack.
By: Ch. Adrahaus Titan Wind Dancer X Ch. Corwin's No Doubt About It. 
Owner:  Pat Butcher & Laurie Telfair.

1st         381   CH. THOMPSON'S MIDNIGHT SHADOW, DL859147/01, 12/25/00. 
Breeder:  R. & E. Sottile & K. & A. Hysen.
By: Ch.Backachers Ruggiero V Milo X Kurdels Fancy & Fabulous. 
Owner:  Pamela D. Thompson.

4th         382   CH. ANDAKA-ZEDERLAND'S UR IT,CD,RAE, DL840610/01, OFA H
     GS-64445G24M-PI OFA E GS-EL13982M24-PI 06/29/00. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Andaka-Zederland's Keno,UD,HS,OA X
      Silverhill's Sumthin Special. 
Owner:  Daphne J. Szczuka & Betty Sheesley.

A          383   CH. WINDMILL'S WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE,HIC, DL889787/03, 07/26/01. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Shalako's Monterrey Jack X Windmill's Wild Firecracker. 
Owner:  Heather & Alger L. Miller, Jr, 
(Jr. Show #573).

3rd         384   CH. CARALONQED JD DREW BLEIBTREU,RN, DL889418/01,
     OFA H GS-67667G24M-PI OFA E GS-EL15611M24-PI 09/15/01. 
Breeder:  P. Parsons & L. Duerbeck & D. Smith & H. Sherlock.
By: Ch. Hickoryhills Bull Durham X Ch. Caralonqed A Cut Above. 
Owner:  C. Kimerer & P. Parson & H. Sherlock & T. Bartley.

2nd        385   CH. DEPAHL'S AUSTIN, DL823350/01, 02/20/00. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Kismet's Heart Throb X Merivern's Harlot Of Eko-Lan. 
Owner:  Paul & Denise Black Hollister, 
(Trisha Wylie, Agent).

Veteran Class 9 and over, Dogs.

1st         390   CH. TODOR PILGRIM NO REGRETS,CD,HT,NA,NAJ,NAP,NJP, DL771105/02,
Breeder:  Sharon Todoroff & Shirley Raymond.
By: Ch. Todorhaus Tennesee Jed,HT X Todorhaus Raising Arizona. 
Owner:  Ann Jeddeloh.

Veteran Class 7 to 9, Bitches.

1st         397   CH. RIVENDELL'S MAGNOLIA,HSAS,TC, DL883411/03, 05/07/01. 
Breeder:  Paul & Jennifer Root.
By: Ch. Jaccar-Rivendell's Brando, Hsas, TC X Utopia's Rivendell's
Scenario, PT, TC. 
Owner:  Paul & Jennifer Root.

3rd         398   WINDMILL'S LIVIN' ON A PRAYER, DL889787/05, 07/26/01. 
Breeder:  Heather & Alger Miller.
By: Ch. Shalako's Monterrey Jack X Windmill's Wild Firecracker. 
Owner:  Gail M. Bauman.

4th        399   CH. MARINER'S POINT OF VIEW,TC,HT, DL874645/01, 04/12/01. 
Breeder:  D. Freidberg & J.Shelp.
By: Ch. Caraland's Survival's Magellan X Ch. Jericho's Juilliard D'Arte. 
Owner:  Debra Kaser & Joyce Shelp.

2nd        400   CH. HEI-KOB'S SWEET CREAM, DL886178/02, 07/10/01. 
Breeder:  M. Kurz.
By: Ch. Campaigner's Honor Guard X Star K's Daisy Daisy. 
Owner:  Margaret A. Kurz & Linda Bankhead & Joan Fox.

A          401   CH. CRESTHAVEN'S DEJA-VU, DL878029/04, 05/27/01. 
Breeder:  Terri Stout.
By: Ch. Cresthaven's Ricochet V Lee Ray X Graystone Cheyann V Cresthaven. 
Owner:  Terri & Barbara Stout.

Veteran Class 9 and over, Bitches.

1st         406   CH. PONCA HILL'S CHRISTY BRINKLEY,HT,TC, DL802014/01,
OFA H GS61870G24F-PI OFA E GS-EL12683-PI 06/18/99. 
Breeder:  J. Budd.
By: Ch. Caraland's Unlimited, CD X Ponca Hill's Kylie. 
Owner:  Jack Newton & Sheryl Brockett.

2nd        407   CH. GRAYHAVEN'S VIRGINIA LOUISE, DL651668/04, 09/07/96. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Covy Tucker Hill's Grayson,CD,TC X Fonseca of Knight's Gambit,TC. 
Owner:  G. Gray & L. Havis.

3rd         408   COUGAR'S BEST BE BEDAZZLED,TC, DL786183/01, OFA H
     GS-62203G28F-PI OFA E GS-EL12859F28-PI 03/13/99. 
Breeder:  Mari Dell Amoroso & Tony Amoroso.
By: Ch. Caraland's Unlimited X Fonseca's Georgio Woodside. 
Owner:  Gale A. Taylor & Charlen Taylor.

4th         409   JOELLE'S BEATRICE V DIAMOND, DL755460/02, 08/10/98. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. The Preacher X Diamond's Sweetheart V Wisdom. 
Owner:  Tiffany Bartley & Joann Corbin & Ricarda Bartley & N. Chavez.