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Judges:  Cappy Pottle & Michel Chaloux




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Open, Dogs.

Open, Bitches.



Open, Dogs.


1st          159   DERAY'S IM THE ONE, DN125499/01, 10/14/05. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Rosewoods Music Man X Deray's Corrine Corrina. 
Owner:  Dolores Friberg.


4th          160   KISMET'S LAW AND ORDER, DN151291/02, OFA H GS-79380F28M OFA E
GS-EL122344M28-VPI 05/04/06. 
Breeder:  Dr. Robert & MaryEllen Kish.
By: Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes X Ch. Kismet's Pretty Lies N Alibis. 
Owner:  Dr. Marc & Lorraine Cohen & Maryellen Kish.

              161   ASGARD HARLEY DAVIDSON V PLAMARK,TC, DN104228/07,
     OFA H GS-76036924M-PI OFA E GS-EL20262M24-PI 03/19/05. 
Breeder:  Jeri Plager.
By: Ch. Encore-Asgards O'Connor X Plamark's Electra of Asgard. 
Owner:  Paula M. Cooke & Chuck Sedgewick & Tedi Ginsburg.

              162   LIEBCHEN'S SHAKE YOUR BOOTY, DN087161/02, 10/11/04. 
Breeder:  Gail Bauman & Cindy Rarrat.
By: Ch. Saterhaus Bad Boy of Nordlicht X Windmill's Livin' On A Prayer. 
Owner:  Gail M. Bauman.


3rd          163   WOODSIDES CK JERICHO STONEWAY, DN176977/01, 05/20/06. 
Breeder:  Sandy Anderson & Bob Eaton & Linda Wheeler.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Calvin Hi-Cliff Kaleef X Ch. Woodsides Futuristic. 
Owner:  Michel & Naomi Ebertin.

              164   WELOVE DU CHIEN'S ADOLPHUS, DN110472/03, 06/13/05. 
Breeder:  J. Kerner & J. Moebius & P. Stosser.
By: Ch. Braunhaus Samurai X Ch. Welove Du Chien's Sassy Girl. 
Owner:  Les & Cheryl Anderson.

A            165   SIRIUS PARK'S TRIPPER'S HARDCOPY, DN168945/01, 01/04/07. 
Breeder:  Owner.
By: Ch. Sirius Parks Worth The Trip,PT X Ch.T-Hos Callian All That. 
Owner:  Martin Arzate.

              166   MIDNIGHT SUNS TOMMY BAHAMA, DN161420/02, 09/14/06. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Talimar's Top Shelf Tebe Nobe,HT X Ch. Midnight Sun's Caribbean Queen. 
Owner:  Brenda Banister & Kelsey Crago & Andrew Dowling & Naomi & Michel Ebertin.

A            167   EAGLE VALLEY'S SHOW STEELER, DN112495/07, 06/22/05. 
Breeder:  D. Mulligan.
By: Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man X Eagle Valley's Penny Lane. 
Owner:  Paulette McGuirt.

              168   SHAROBI'S OFF SHORE RACER, DN100438/01, 02/25/05. 
Breeder:  Tobi Bisson & Shari Everitt.
By: Ch. Sharobi's Freeway X Sharobi's Harley's Electric Glide.  
Owner:  Shari Everitt.


2nd         169   CADE OF FRAN JO, DN127338/15, 10/05/05. 
Breeder:  Fran & Joan Ford.
By: Ch. Jake of Fran-Jo Anne-Isle X Sue of Fran-Jo. 
Owner:  Jeff Pyle & Nick Fedorow, Jr.


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Open, Bitches.

              347   THAT'D BE MZ STONEWALL TO YOU, DN175659/02, 12/28/06. 
Breeder:  L. & A. Hathaway.
By: Ch. Trafalgars Premium Blend X Ch. Stonewalls Esmeralda. 
Owner:  Bill & Joanne Randall & Lori & Abbey Hathaway.

              348   VONZO ZAFIRO, DN133785/01, 12/03/05. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Scales Az Sins of The Past X Ch. Ximena Vonzo. 
Owner:  Oscar Reyna & Antonio Ornelas.

              349   MARINER'S AKAYA, DN143545/05, OFA H GS-78585E24F-VPI 04/12/06. 
Breeder:  Debra Kaser & Joyce Shelp & Cathleen Bennett.
By: Utopia's Smooth As Ice X Ch. Mariner's Aria D'Arte. 
Owner:  Peg Graham & Debra Kaser.

A            350   CHABLIS SCANDALOUS, DN154702/01, 06/16/06. 
Breeder:  C. & A. Bartley.
By: Chablis Coda No More Mr Nice Guy X Chalbis Silhouette of Joelle. 
Owner:  Thurban Warrick & Ardlin Bartley.

              351   LONWOOD'S JUST CASSIE OF VICI, DN114777/02, OFA H GS=78868E35F-PI
     OFA E GS-EL22013F35PI 06/21/05. 
Breeder:  M. Graham.
By: Ch. Joelle's Geovanni of Lonwood X Vici's Wild As The Wind. 
Owner:  Colleen Grenier.

A            352   RIVENDELL'S SOME LIKE IT HOT,PT, DN086123/01, OFA H GS-74571G24F-PI
     OFA E GS-EL19382F24-PI 07/12/04. 
Breeder:  Paul & Jennifer Root.
By: Ch. Jaccar-Rivendell's Brando,HSAs,TC X Rivendell-Utopia Sachet Jericho. 
Owner:  Jene & Isabelle Dupzyk & Paul & Jennifer Root.

              353   WOODSIDES FANTASIA STONEWAY, DN166193/01, 04/12/04. 
Breeder:  Sandy Anderson & Robert Eaton.
By: Gallano's Woodside Dhominator X Woodsides Futuristic. 
Owner:  Michel & Naomi Ebertin.

              354   FLUSSTANZ SAMARA OF VICTORY, DN138679/05, 01/20/06. 
Breeder:  Lorraine Cohen & Ken & Kathy Tank.
By: Ch. Elvaston's Nation Cup X Ch. Azeri of Hallmark. 
Owner:  Lorraine Cohen.


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4th          355   KISMET'S A MOMENT LIKE THIS, DN112514/02, 05/05/05. 
Breeder:  Dr. R. & M. Kish.
By: Ch. Wayside's Honky Tonk Man X Ch. Kismet's Pretty Lies N Alibis. 
Owner:  Joe Beccia & Mary Ellen Kish, 
(George F. Berstler, Agent).

              356   WOLF CREEK ANTARES OF MERIVERN, DN158870/03, 08/01/06. 
Breeder:  Pat Walker & Mary Ann Imhoff.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Tazzman's Demilo of Merivern. 
Owner:  K. Don & Elizabeth Knight.

              357   SHADYROCK'S POLONAISE, DN172634/01, 01/10/07. 
Breeder:  L. Burley & T. Harmon.
By: Ch. Stonehaven Kazaam of Liberty X Ch. Shadyrocks Pennyroyal. 
Owner:  Linda Burley.

              358   LOOK MA NO HANDS OF EDAN, DN167504/03, 09/27/06. 
Breeder:  Ann Schultz & Christina Szparaga.
By: Ch. WeLove DuChiens Rollins X I've Got It All of Edan. 
Owner:  Jason S. Lyle & Ann Schultz, 
(George F. Berstler, Agent).

              359   CHARAN'S MASQUERADE OF KIMBER, DN126027/06, 10/21/05. 
Breeder:  Angie Martin & Kim Schooley.
By: Ch. Danka's Dream Catcher v Stoyland.TC X Kimber's Faith of Charan. 
Owner:  Angie Martin & Kim Schooley & Carol Weale.


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3rd          360   ISABELLA'S ONE WOMAN SHOW, DN156913/01, 07/21/06. 
Breeder:  Owner.
By: Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show X Dorothy of Fran-Jo Anne-Isle. 
Owner:  Martha Simonett.

              361   SCHARO/ARK TOO HOT TO HOLD, DN116859/04, 07/26/05. 
Breeder:  Bob & Carol Moore & Bob & Teresa Coble.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Arias v Hicliff X Ch. Caralon Olympus Fire QED. 
Owner:  Carol & Bob Moore & Cathy Moore Quarles.

              362   CINOSAM'S BRAUNHAUS BEDAZZLED, DN131140/01, 01/15/06. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Braunhaus Samurai X Ch. Braunhaus Diva of Wolfgang. 
Owner:  Cindy J. Muehlbauer & Diane Brown.


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2nd         363   ANGIE VALADEZ, FCM R-3019-C MEXICO, 04/21/03. 
Breeder:  Owner.
By: Woodland West Von Brawn Kent X Selva Von Loar. 
Owner:  Elizardo Valadez.

              364   KEGGI FAIR'S UBETCHA KOS MAR, DN170294/06, 12/14/06. 
Breeder:  T. Fairburn & N. Kinley.
By: Ch. Joelles Diamond Da Vinci,RN X DNL Sage Advice v Keggi Fair. 
Owner:  Mary Hulme & Terra Fairburn & T. Bartley & J. Corbin.

              365   WINSOME'S HOLLYWOOD CELEBEARITY, DN165902/03, 12/03/06. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show X Winsomes Samantha Eko-Lan. 
Owner:  Frank & Kristine Fasano & Fred Migliore.

              367   WOLF CREEK KALLIE OF MERIVERN, DN158870/04, 08/01/06. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Tazzman's Demilo of Merivern. 
Owner:  Pat Walker & Mary Ann Imhoff.


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1st WB  368   HIENA GOMEZ, FCMR9491A MEXICO, 05/24/06. 
Breeder:  Raul & Miguel GOmez.
By: Karizma's Captain Jack X Olympia Gomez. 
Owner:  Raul & Miguel Ramos & Carlos Arguimbau, 
(Leslie Dancosse, Agent).

              369   SINCA'S ROSANNA V MADEB, DN026961/04, 02/17/03. 
Breeder:  G. & B. Sinclair.
By: Pinebuck's Willey Maket X Sanhedrin's Wish Upon A Star. 
Owner:  Janice H. Stevenson.