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Judges:  Cappy Pottle & Michel Chaloux




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Novice Dogs.

Novice Bitches.



Novice Dogs.

A              86   CHILMARK'S HORATIO, DN166034/01, 12/12/06. 
Breeder:  Owner.
By: Reata-Chilmarks Grant X Chilmarks Paper Rose. 
Owner:  Lew James.

                 87   CARETTI'S ARCHANGEL, DN164541/01, 12/24/06. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Braunhaus Samurai X Ch. Debric Caretti's Angelina. 
Owner:  Jim & Cyndi Flautt.


3rd            88   FIRETHORN TEMPLE'S SANTIAGO, DN203907/01, 08/21/07. 
Breeder:  Tom & Martha Elkins & Kerry Sachau.
By: Ch. Hi-Cliff Free N Easy X Tazzman's Kylie of Elkins. 
Owner:  Tom & Martha Elkins.


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1st RWD  89   SHANTY'S MONTE CARLO, DN171320/02, 01/26/07. 
Breeder:  Sharon E. Buckley & Jean M. Lallensack.
By: Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill X Ch. Shanty's Tangueray, TC. 
Owner:  Jesse & Cynthia Perry & Sharon Buckley.

                 90   WINSOME'S HURRICANE CARTER, DN194282/04, 07/08/07. 
Breeder:  Nick, Frank & Kristine Fasano.
By: Ch. Kaleef's Joshua v Kenlyn X Winsome's Maddison Abearnue. 
Owner:  Zane Brooks & Frank & Kristine Fasano.


2nd           91   JIM-SINA'S JOSH TURNBEAR V WINSOME, DN170172/04, 02/12/07. 
Breeder:  Frank & Kristine Fasano.
By: Ch. Kaleefs Joshua v Kenlyn X Ch. Winsomes Bearitney Spears. 
Owner:  William Laird.

                 92   STILLWATERS ORIGINAL ILLUSION, DN184697/06, 04/05/07. 
Breeder:  Jan Troxell.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Ch. Stillwaters Justan Illusion. 
Owner:  Bonnie Smith.

A              93   RIVERDELLS FOREST V WINDYACRES, DN181009/06, 02/25/07. 
Breeder:  Charlotte Gilbert & Laura Pruett.
By: Ch. Windy Acres VIP V Dorman X Riverdells Twilight and Mist. 
Owner:  Charlotte & Lawrence Gilbert & Laura Pruett & Ariel Cassista.

A              94   NIKE CLAYFIELD PALADIN ROMEO, DN188982/04, 02/14/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Nike Clayfield Casanova,HT,PT X Mariner's Diva D'Arte. 
Owner:  Sharlonna McGaha & Dr. Gloria Rice & Debra Kaser & Joyce Shelp.

A              95   KRISS-D'S KALIN PORTER, LY788546TL CANADA, 06/19/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Merivern Topps OVC X Ch.Elitedesign's Chelsey v Tyran. 
Owner:  Grazyna Kris Smith & Dr. Don Smith, 
(Leslie Dancosse, Agent).


4th            96   MARQUIS VICTOR, DN161992/01, 10/11/06. 
Breeder:  P. Johnson & D. Oster.
By: Ch. Braunhaus Samuri X Marquis I'm So Vain. 
Owner:  Don Brown & Joe Balga.

                 97   FIRETHORN TEMPLERS FIRESTORM, DN187762, 07/01/07. 
Breeder:  B. & C. Moore & B. & T. Coble.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aires v High Cliff X Ch. Caralon Olympus Fire QED. 
Owner:  Carol & Bob Moore & Cathy Moore Quarles.

Novice Bitches.


3rd          267   KANSTEN'S EVANESCENSE, DN168627/03, 01/30/07. 
Breeder:  R. Kindy & N. Hubbell & S. Witmer.
By: Ch. Karizma's Nicaragua X Witmers Frosted Toffee. 
Owner:  Joyce Willis & Denise Fox.

              268   JOGRA'S YARA, DN171276/05, 02/08/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Witmers Jamiroquai X Karizmas Willow. 
Owner:  Dr. Jose & Kathy Perez Gurri.

A            269   BON JEN'S MORE COWBELL, DN196163/01, 08/31/07. 
Breeder:  Bonnie & Kathy Jenkins & Deena Mayle.
By: Kebre's Da Capo v Kaleef X Kebre-Stonegaits Sangria. 
Owner:  Kathy Lee Jenkins & Bonnie Jenkins.

              270   SHANTY'S BELLAGIO, DN171320/01, 01/26/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Karagins Hoodlum of Castlehill X Ch. Shantys Tangueray,TC. 
Owner:  Sharon E. Buckley & Jean M. Lallensack.

              271   FOREST KNOLL'S RISK'N IT ALL HADORI, DN187595/04, 04/10/07. 
Breeder:  G. & H. Stiefferman & G. Harrison.
By: Ch. Hi-Cliff Free N Easy X Forest Knolls Forever N Always. 
Owner:  Tom & Martha Elkins & Gail Stiefferman.


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1st          272   SCHARO ARK FIRE AND ICE, DN187762/02, 07/01/07. 
Breeder:  B. & C. Moore & B. & T. Coble.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aires v High Cliff X Ch. Caralon Olympus Fire QED. 
Owner:  Fred & Dee Scerni & Donna Calabrese & Bob & Carol Moore.

              273   CULZEANS NEVER SAY NEVER, DN176255/01, 04/09/07. 
Breeder:  Gina Foard & Pam Bennett.
By: Ch. Jezeras Daytona X Ch. Culzeans Shes Something Else. 
Owner:  Pamela Bennett.

              274   LONG'S PEAK GINGER BREAD COOKIE, DN197429/10, 10/26/07. 
Breeder:  Patty Korsch.
By: Ch. Woodside's The Bounty Hunter X Ch. Castlehill's Tuff Cookie,PT. 
Owner:  Patricia Korsch & Bob & Ellen Frink.

              275   AVION JOSEPHINE OF PIONEER ACRES, DN172698/01, 02/18/07. 
Breeder:  K. Christian & S. Witmer & R. Van Winkle.
By: Ch. Avion Braeburn X Ch. Vanderwerth Liv Tyler Witmer. 
Owner:  Edward & Claire Drosdick & Kris & Jennifer Christian.

              276   CHABLAIS-STYLISTIC HIGH HEELS, DN186767/03, 03/12/07. 
Breeder:  Cindy Bartley & Lori Knightly & Dr. J. Behrman.
By: Ch. Coda's Miracle In The Making X Stylistic-Chalbis' Graffitti. 
Owner:  Pat Evans & Mo Murkland.

              277   VON HORNBERGER'S TANQUERAY, DN192117/04, 07/22/07. 
Breeder:  Georgianne Hornberger.
By: Sanhedrin's Dark Passage X Von Hornberger's Tessa of Jolin. 
Owner:  Brenda Newby & Georgianne Hornberger.

              278   SWARA ORTEGA, FCM P1402B MEXICO, 02/28/07. 
Breeder:  Joaquin Ortega.
By: Babheim's Rob Report Hickorihills X Babheim's Samantha. 
Owner:  Elizardo Valadez & Joaquin Ortega.

A            279   KENLYNS INDIRA V HI-CLIFF, DN208321/03, 04/26/07. 
Breeder:  Randy, Darlene & Pat Cliff & Kent Boyles.
By: Ch. Eagle Valley's Green Knight X Ch. Pleasant Hills Calla v Kenlyn. 
Owner:  Kent Boyles.

A            280   KENLYNS FRANKI V KALEEF, DN171814/01, 07/01/06. 
Breeder:  Sheree Moses & Kent Boyles.
By: Jago Vom Daniscchen X Pleasenthills Camille V Kenlyn. 
Owner:  Kent Boyles.

              281   WINDY ACRES CAPITAL GAINS V J-LYN, DN190196/01, 04/15/07. 
Breeder:  Laura Pruett & Ariel Cassista & Linda Novatasky.
By: Ch. Sirius Parks Kojack Bihari X J-Lyns Felony v Windy Acres. 
Owner:  Laura L. Pruett & Linda Novotasky & Barb Hefner & Ariel Cassista.


4th          282   SCHNEIDERHOFF'S DOUBLE JEOPARDY, DN150687/06, 04/26/06. 
Breeder:  N. Schneider & D. McGregor.
By: Ch.Schneiderhofs Law and Order X Ch. Schneiderhofs Highland Lace. 
Owner:  Nancy D. Schneider & Margaret Kurz.


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2nd         283   ZYTUT'S JAVA OF HICLIFF, DN187982/01, 01/19/07. 
Breeder:  P. R. & D. Cliff & C. & C. Heiman.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aris V HiCliff X Man-D' Boyz Firefly of Zytut. 
Owner:  Regina & Tom Tesnow & Christy & Clint Heiman.

A            284   AVION RIVENDELL WALK THE TALK, DN172096/03, 03/11/07. 
Breeder:  C. Drosdick & E. Nichols & P. & J. Root.
By: Ch. Karagins Hoodlum of Castlehill X Ch. Rivendell's Sunny Side Up. 
Owner:  Lindsey Wendel & Michelle Kaeser & Claire Drosdick.