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Judges:  Cappy Pottle & Michel Chaloux




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Bred-by-Exhibitor, Dogs

Bred-by-Exhibitor, Bitches



Bred-by-Exhibitor, Dogs

A            108   VON RECH DANCES WITH WOLVES, DN107794/01, 03/04/05. 
Breeder:  M. O'Neill.
By: Ch. Jalamor's Highplains Drifter X Carolan QED Dancing Queen. 
Owner:  Judith Stoner & Margaret O'Neill.


3rd          109   MARYDON'S ALASKAN POCKET ACES, DN197261/03, 08/04/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Kaleefs Equalizer Marydon X Marydons Alaskan Lightening. 
Owner:  Mary R. Daniels & Tamara DeGross & S. L. Smith & Chelsea Causey-DeGross.


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2nd         110   KRIDLER'S BASIL V SIGNATURE, DN184950/04, 02/17/07. 
Breeder:  T. Kridler & J. & L. Beccia.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries v HiCliff X Ch. Kridlers Tanzanite v Signature. 
Owner:  Tari K. Kridler & Joe Beccia.


1st          111   SKYLYNE'S WALK THE LINE, DN180776/03, 05/04/07. 
Breeder:  J. Beyer & M. Graham.
By: Ch. Joelles Geovanni of Lonwood X Vici's Heavenly Expectation,TC. 
Owner:  Jon A. Beyer.

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Bred-by-Exhibitor, Bitches


3rd          295   HICKORYHILLS SWEET TART, DN182804/02, 02/10/07. 
Breeder:  C. & S. Grainger & L. Parkhurst.
By: Ch. WeLove DuChiens Nathan X Ch. Hickoryhills Brick House Sirius Park. 
Owner:  Cynthia Pena & Steve Grainger.

A            296   RIVENDELL'S YOU JUST WATCH ME, DN191550/01, 08/01/07. 
Breeder:  Jennifer & Paul Root & Ben Bigornia.
By: Ch. Jezra's Daytona X Ch. Rivendell's Magnolia. 
Owner:  Margaret A. Kurz & Jennifer & Paul Root & Ben Bigornia.

A            297   MARYDON'S ALASKAN WHISPERING CHAOS, DN197261/06, 08/04/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Kaleef's Equalizer Marydon X Marydon's Alaskan Lightening. 
Owner:  Mary Daniels & Tamara DeGross & Sandra Smith & Chelsea Causey-DeGross.


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2nd         298   KEN-DELAINE'S LYZZA JANE, DN119279/05, 07/06/05. 
Breeder:  Ken & Delaine Thomson & Bill Tank.
By: Ch. Lenlor's Maximus X Ch. Ken-Delaines Jo Dee. 
Owner:  Bill Tank.

A            299   MARINER'S RHYME OF SHADOW ACRES, DN203674/01, 07/14/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V Hicliffs X Ch. Mariner's Jenny From The Block. 
Owner:  Debra Kaser & Joyce Shelp & Cindy Tellefsen & Sheryl Brockett.

4th          300   JOELLE'S A PENNY FOR YOUR THOUGHTS, DN163809/01, 09/23/06. 
Breeder:  B. & J. Money & T. Bartley & J. Corbin.
By: Ch. Joelle's Diamond DaVinci X Joelle's Mistle Two. 
Owner:  Carole H. Michael & Tiffany Bartley.

              301   KALEEF'S WINNING COLORS CAMPEON, DN188744/01, 07/02/07. 
Breeder:  J. Iglesias.
By: Ch. Kaleefs American Cowboy X Ch. Sajelas Soledad O Brien v Kenlyn. 
Owner:  Juan Posada & Jose Iglesias.


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1st          302   KOTA'S BETS ON ME ZYTUT OF TOPLINE, DN200538/02, 06/11/07. 
Breeder:  S. Gunlicks & W. Burggraaf & C. & C. Heiman.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff X Ch. Kotas Some Enchatned Eve Zytut. 
Owner:  David Mizzoni & Christy & Clint Heiman.

A            303   HICLIFF'S HALEY V KENLYN, DN156576/05, 09/21/06. 
Breeder:  Randy, Darlene & Pat Cliff & Kent Boyles.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff X Ch. Pleasant Hills Calla V Kenlyn. 
Owner:  Kent Boyles.

A            304   KALEEF KILEE V KENLYN, DN227042/02, 04/02/08. 
Breeder:  S. & J. Moses & B. Wood & K. Boyles.
By: Ch. HiCliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Kenlyn Tenacity V Kaleef. 
Owner:  James & Sheree Moses, 
(James A. Moses, Agent).

A            305   RICHTERSLUSTS SMOKEN XX V CANTAR, DN173488/04, 03/02/07. 
Breeder:  Herbert Drew & Sergio Espejo & Robert Alcantara, Jr.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Big Shot V Sunfarms X Ch. Richterslusts Serangetti. 
Owner:  Deanne Gemmell & Robert Alcantara, Jr.

              306   KENLYNS KIMONO V NORTHHILLS, DN161503/05, 04/09/06. 
Breeder:  S. Banchak-Long & S. Moses & K. Boyles.
By: Ch.WeLove DuChiens Army of One X Ch. Kenlyns AJA V HiCliff-Kaleef. 
Owner:  Susan Banchak Long & Angelique Long.