Judges:  Cappy Pottle & Michel Chaloux




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American-bred, Dogs.

American-bred, Bitches.



American-bred, Dogs.


1st          122   WINDSOME'S DREAM LOVE BEAR PEDDACRE, DN170172/03, 02/06/07. 
Breeder:  F. & K. Fasano.
By: Ch. Kaleefs Joshua v Kenlyn X Ch. Winsomes Bearitney Spears. 
Owner:  Margaret M. Douglas & Tom & Sherrie Landay.

              123   BACKDRAFT'S BE MY VALENTINO, DN172285/01, 02/09/07. 
Breeder:  Sharliene Bowers & Maxine Rader.
By: Ch. Markenhaus Don't Fence Me In,RN X Mac Dan's Fire Bell,RN. 
Owner:  Sharliene Bowers.

              124   CARAMIST KLINGON COMMANDER UBE, DN150669/02, 07/01/06. 
Breeder:  Ruth & Joseph Armisto.
By: Ch. Pickards Klingon Carousel,RN,TC X Carousel-Katlyn's Lyra,CD. 
Owner:  Carolyn Z. Gerganoff.

              125   CANDIA'S KEEP IT IN VEGAS, DN109097/01, 06/05/05. 
Breeder:  Owner.
By: Ch. Avion Joe Boxer X Candia's Watch Me Tango. 
Owner:  Candice L. Zumwalt.

              126   MARQUIS' HOT SHOT, DN153548/01, OFA H GS-78641G24M
     OFA E GE-21870   05/11/06. 
Breeder:  L. & D. Oster.
By: Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show X Marquis' Bianca. 
Owner:  Betty & Karl Radzevich.

              127   WITMER'S CONGO OF VANDERWERTH, DN081589/02, 04/10/04. 
Breeder:  S. Witmer & R. VanWinkle.
By: Witmer's Nawtucket X Ponca Hill's Xelda of Lexus. 
Owner:  Molly Snider.

              128   TOKAYE'S KILLIAN, DN152895/01, 05/16/06. 
Breeder:  K. Potter & K. Sachau.
By: Ch. Hi-Cliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Tazzmans It Wasn't Me. 
Owner:  Kathy Potter.

              129   SAMURI'S JETT JACKSON, DN057914/02, 11/20/03. 
Breeder:  L. & S. Bruner.
By: Ch. Marhaven's Color Guard X Ch. Samuri's Catastrophe. 
Owner:  Leon Bruner & Shannon Stockton & Charlotte Sibley, 
(Jr. Show #565).


4th          130   WINSOMES RAY BEARONE V EKOLAN, DN165902/01, 12/03/06. 
Breeder:  F. & K. Fasano & F. Migliore.
By: Ch. Marquis Stealing The Show X Winsomes Samantha Eko-Lan. 
Owner:  Joe & Leslie Beccia.

              131   LONESTAR'S PIT BOSS, DN164276/09, 12/07/06. 
Breeder:  S. McKinnon & C. Gustafason.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff X Lonestars Indian Summer Rose. 
Owner:  Sherry S. McKinnon.

              132   SHADYROCK'S PASO DOBLE, DN172634/02, 01/10/07. 
Breeder:  Linda Burley & Tammy Harmon.
By: Ch. Stonehaven Kazaam of Liberty X Ch. Shadyrocks Pennyroyal. 
Owner:  Linda Burley.

              133   CHARBO'S KEY LARGOGH V MARJO, DN156170/01, 06/29/06. 
Breeder:  Roberta Schiffelbein.
By: Ch. Cross Timbers Cargogh Clihu X Charbo's Luzianne. 
Owner:  Mary Ward & Mary Tripp & Linda Hughes.

              134   MARINER'S BLACK ANGUS, DN143545/04, 04/12/06. 
Breeder:  D. Kaser & J. Shelp & C. Bennett.
By: Utopias Smooth As Ice X Ch. Mariner's Aria D'Arte. 
Owner:  Debra Kaser & Joyce Shelp.

              135   BRIDGECREEK'S SON AND HEIR, DN176466/01, 02/08/07. 
Breeder:  Owner.
By: Ch. Donagan O'Rourke of Heinerburg X Cypress Jobars Revalation. 
Owner:  Ralph Kooken.

              136   SKYLYNE'S 5 O'CLOCK SOMEWHERE, DN180776/04, 05/04/07. 
Breeder:  Jon Beyer & Michelle Graham.
By: Ch. Joelle's Geovanni of Lonwood X Vici's Heavenly Expectation,TC. 
Owner:  Jon A. Beyer.


2nd         137   AVION ARMSTRONG, DN119191/01, OFA H GS-77419F26M
    OFA E GS-EL21134M26   07/25/05. 
Breeder:  Claire Drosdick.
By: Ken-Delaine's Marksman X Avion Paris. 
Owner:  Todd Cosper & Claire Drosdick.

A            138   GRAYHAVEN-RITARRA POWER PLAY, DN143931/02, 04/20/06. 
Breeder:  G. Gray & L. Havis & R. Chapman.
By: Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes X Ch. Grayhaven's Adelphe. 
Owner:  Georganne Gray.

              139   KEBRE-KALEEF'S AJ VON HORNBERGER, DN160787/04, 06/22/06. 
Breeder:  B. Newby & J. & S. Moses.
By: Ch. HiCliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Kaleef's Fille De Joie. 
Owner:  Charlene Mazepink.


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3rd          140   SANBOB'S HOT TAMALE OF WITMER, DN176535/02, 02/14/07. 
Breeder:  Bob & Sandy Lindsay.
By: Ch. Witmer's Jamiroquai X Sanbob's Genny Light. 
Owner:  Susan Witmer & Bob & Sandy Linday.

              141   TOKAYE'S PLAY IT AGAIN LIN-TER, DN164958/01, 09/02/06. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Tokaye's Chambray Lin-Ter. 
Owner:  Thomas & Kathy Potter & Terry & Linda Gorham.

              142   EKO-LAN'S FABIO, DN125608/08, 10/30/05. 
Breeder:  F. Migliore.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Eko-Lan's Sasha Merivern. 
Owner:  Susan Casey & Frederick D. Migliore, 
(James A. Moses, Agent).

              143   WINSOME'S DES BEARADO, DN170172/02, 02/12/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Kaleefs Joshua v Kenlyn,HT,TC X Ch. Winsomes Bearitney Spears. 
Owner:  Frank & Kristine Fasano.

              144   SCHARO ARK ACE HIGH, DN111704/02, 05/18/05. 
Breeder:  Teresa Coble & Carol Moore.
By: Ch. Schezar's Letter Perfect X Scharo Ark Flame of Olympus. 
Owner:  Amy Padgot & Teresa Coble & Hope Waisner.

              145   WEITZ'S DRACO, DN184175/10, 06/05/07. 
Breeder:  L. Weitz.
By: Topbrass's Just-A-Venture X Bihari's Ember. 
Owner:  Lindsay Weitz & Danielle Weitz, 
(Leslie Dancosse, Agent).

              146   REGENCY'S BB CODY V KRIDLER, DN181900/01, 04/27/07. 
Breeder:  E. Peters & T. Kridler.
By: Kenlyns Aries V Highcliff X Signatures Tootsiroll v Kridler. 
Owner:  Elaine & Albert Peters.

A            147   INFLIGHT'S SINGIN' IN THE RAIN, DN171204/01, 02/09/07. 
Breeder:  Pat Strong & Kathaleen Strong.
By: Lorien's Park Avenue X Cedar Canyon Dora. 
Owner:  Julie Hamasaki & Larry Bellah & Kathaleen Strong.

              148   UPTON'S I WALK THE LINE, DN154656/06, 03/12/06. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Upton's Trips To Win X Upton's Famous Rhythm & Blues. 
Owner:  Paul R. Upton, Sr & Nina Laurenzana.

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American-bred, Bitches.

              315   HANDHEIMS DARE TO DREAM, DN160086/08, 07/20/06. 
Breeder:  Kathy Hand & Betty Lou Wood.
By: Ch. Hi-Cliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Harlwood's It's All About Me V Handheims. 
Owner:  Kathy Hand.


Breeder:  E. Ashdown & A. Frank & J. Somogyi & R. Peet.
By: Ch. Alfaro's Rambling Man X Ch. Aramists Yazmin of Bodega. 
Owner:  Sera & R. Peet & J. Somogyi & D. Calabrese & L. Dancosse.

              317   HICKORYHILLS RASPBERRY BERET, DN177640/01, 03/15/07. 
Breeder:  Stee & Christine Grainger.
By: Ch. Hickoryhills GQ Sirius Park X Langenaus Leyla of Stoneway. 
Owner:  Christine & Steve Grainger & Randy Chestnut.

              318   FAITHROCK CARALON I GET AROUND, DN144857/11, OFA H GS=79150G27F
     OFA E GS-EL22201F27 04/06/06. 
Breeder:  Terry Rock & Helen Sherlock & Mike Iannelli.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff X Caralonqed Haley's Comet. 
Owner:  Terry & Larry Rock.

              319   KRIDLER'S PAPRIKA V SIGNATURE, DN184950/07, 02/17/07. 
Breeder:  Tari Kridler & Joe & Leslie Beccia.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff X Ch. Kridler's Tanzanite V Signature. 
Owner:  Ignacio Puente.

              320   MARINER'S LEXI V CANTAR, DN150966/03, 05/26/06. 
Breeder:  D. Kaser & J. Shelp & R. Alcantara.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Big Shot V Sunfarm X Ch. Mariners Point of View. 
Owner:  Suzanne & Edward Brehony.

              321   AZUMA BELLASAY'S NEW SENSATION, DN159770/01, 09/19/06. 
Breeder:  James & Julie Hamasaki.
By: Ch. Lenlors Maximus,CD,TC X Ch. Azuma-Cinnabar Olivia. 
Owner:  Lee & Leila Bellah.


2nd         322   KRIDLER'S NUTMEG V SIGNATURE, DN184950/03, 02/17/07. 
Breeder:  T. Kridler & J. & L. Beccia.
By: Ch. Kenlyns Aries v HiCliff X Ch. Kridlers Tanzanite V Signature. 
Owner:  Rebecca Tsaros Dickson & Joe Bihari.

              323   ENCHANTED'S AMERICAN ANTHEM, DN174806/03, 03/12/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Kenlyn's Coach HiCliff Kaleef X Ch. Jerrwen's Georgiana. 
Owner:  Robert & Elaine George.

              324   SHADYROCK'S COTILLION, DN172634/03, 01/10/07. 
Breeder:  L. Burley & T. Harmon.
By: Ch.Stonehaven Kazaam of Liberty X Ch. Shadyrocks Pennyroyal. 
Owner:  Linda Burley.

A            325   KALEEF-VON MARTIN DYNASTY, DN157560/01, 09/04/06. 
Breeder:  Owner.
By: Ch. Kaleef's American Cowboy X Ch. Kaleefs Kissntell Von Martin. 
Owner:  Yvonne Martin.

A            326   SCHATTEN'S THE ONE ROSE, DN154609/02, 04/12/06. 
Breeder:  L. Gregor & N. Hubbell & M. Fowler.
By: Ch. Mar-Haven's Man In Black X Ch. Schatten's Beaulieu v Kansten. 
Owner:  Amy Riley & Lois Gregor.

              327   SCHARO ARK SPRINGTIME, DN140918/02, 03/11/05. 
Breeder:  B. & B. Moore & B. & T. Coble.
By: Ch. Cathlin's Curzon X Ch. Caralon Olympus Fire QED. 
Owner:  Trevor Scott Golden & Teresa Coble, 
(Jr. Show #556).

              328   SUGARTREES ON GOLDEN POND V JOELLE,TC, HIC, DN151086/09, 05/28/06. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Joelle's Alvin V Norberger X Joelle's Fishin For The Win. 
Owner:  Brenda Stalter & Tiffany Bartley.


4th          329   RISING SUN'S WHISPER, DN181613/08, 03/21/07. 
Breeder:  Owner.
By: Hi-Cliff Free N Easy X Rising Suns Curry. 
Owner:  Eric Sun, 
(James A. Moses, Agent).


3rd          330   BIHARI'S JESSE II, DN165414/03, 10/20/06. 
Breeder:  J. & M. Bihari.
By: Ch. Bihari's Ace of Hckryhill X Ch. Carob's Tina of Bihari. 
Owner:  Joseph Bihari, Sr.

              331   WINSOME'S DAY IN BEARADICE, DN170172/05, 02/12/07. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Kaleefs Joshua V Kenlyn,HT X Ch.Winsomes Bearitney Spears. 
Owner:  Frank & Kristine Fasano.

              332   STYLISTIC-CHABLIS HYPNOTIQ, DN163049/04, 10/03/06. 
Breeder:  C. & A. Bartley & L. Kightley & J. Fox.
By: Ch. Trafalgars Premium Blend X Ch. Stylistics Liberty v Chablis. 
Owner:  Cindy K. Bartley & Lori Kightley & Dr. Jaudon Behrman.

              333   SCHARO/ARK EBONY EYES, DN095904/02, 02/06/05. 
Breeder:  Carol Moore & Teresa Coble.
By: Ch. Ponca Hills Jackie Chan X Scharo's Angel of The Morning. 
Owner:  Cathy Moore Quarles & Rita Chapman & Teresa Coble.

A            334   SCHNEIDERHOF'S SNAKE EYES, DN178738/01, 01/14/07. 
Breeder:  N. Schneider & D. McGregor.
By: Ch. Ponca Hill's Snake X Ch. Schneiderhofs Highland Lace. 
Owner:  J. Baker & N. Schneider & B. & L. Stevenson.

EX         335   WINSOME'S BEARWITCHED V BRAUNHAUS, DN102469/09, 12/05/04. 
Breeder:  Owners.
By: Ch. Braunhaus Samurai X Welove Du Chien Bearfawcet. 
Owner:  Timothy & Diane Brown & Frank & Kris Fasano.

A            336   KALEEF'S RAGS TO RIHES CAMPEON, DN188744/04, 07/02/07. 
Breeder:  J. Iglesias.
By: Ch. Kaleefs American Cowboy X Ch. Sajelas Solidad O'Brien v Kaleef. 
Owner:  Jose & Suzanne Iglesias, 
(James A. Moses, Agent).

              337   GOLDEN BREED'S BLACK TIE AFFAIR, DN129878/05, 11/30/05. 
Breeder:  Lynn Goswick.
By: Ch. Utopia's Meet Joe Black X Golden Breed's What A Tripp. 
Owner:  Lynn P. Goswick & Annette DuPlantis & Vickie Lewis.