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Veteran Class 7 to 9, Dogs.


430CH. KARIZMA'S MILLENNIUM V SCHER-LO,CD, DL837908/01, 04/02/00. Breeder, Iza Kabuska By Ch.Scher-Lo's Jr Executive X Karizma's Maggie Mae. Owner, Colleen Rose & Adeline Scherz, (Obed. OA141).


431CH. BRAUNHAUS-APFELSINE PETER PAN, DL848485/02, 08/03/00. Breeder, Dr. Harolyn Van Every & Timothy Brown By Ch. Winaki Hanzel Apfelsine, TC X Ch. Scher-Lo's Apfelsine Brenda. Owner, Dr. Harolyn Van Every.

432CH. SHADYROCK'S COHOSH CHIMIFUGA,CD,RA,TC,HIC, DL796114/02, 07/18/99. Breeder, Linda Burley By Ch. Kridler's Levi Laurel X Stonehaven Kira V Cedarlane. Owner, Threese A. Clark.


433CH. BLOOMSBERRY SONIC BOOM, DL810926/01, OFA H GS-52214G15-PI OFA E GS-EL13441M26PI 11/21/99. Breeder, Steve & Kay Bloom & Tim & Diane Brown By Ch. Caraland's Unlimited, CD X Stoneway's TR Mercedes. Owner, Steve & Kay Bloom.


434CH. TODORHAUS-CHABLIS SANTANA, DL837725/03, 06/06/00. Breeder, Sharon Todoroff & Cindy & Ardlin Bartley By Ch. Todorhaus Tennessee Jed, HT X Inflight's Jubilee V Chablis. Owner, Roberta Moore.

435CH. TODOR PILGRIM NO REGRETS,HT,NA,NAJ,CD, DL771105/02, OFA H GS-62709E33M-PI OFA E GS-EL13119-PI 01/11/99. Breeder, S. Todoroff By Ch.Todorhaus Tenessee Jed X Todorhaus Raising Arizona. Owner, Ann Jeddeloh.

436CH. FONSECA'S Y2K SURVIVOR JOMAR, DN045726/01, 09/27/00. Breeder, Owners By Jomar's Man O'War X Fonseca's Blaze of Woodside. Owner, Jodi Belanger & Charles Herman.

Veteran Class 7 to 9, Bitches.


445CH. KALEEF'S SILVER CHARM OF TABU,HT, DL832512/01, 11/30/99. Breeder, James & Sheree Moses & Joe & JoanneOlivier By Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes X Kaleef's Valle. Owner, Norman & Caroline Herbel & Carmen & Max Spears, (James A. Moses, Agent).


446CH. PONCA HILL'S CHRISTY BRINKLEY,HT,TC, DL802014/01, 06/18/99. Breeder, J. Budd By Ch. Caraland's Unlimited, CD X Ponca Hill's Kylie. Owner, Jack Newton & Sheryl Brockett.


447CH. ACARA'S MINI-ME, DL811750/10, 09/03/99. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Sweetwater's Royal of Saxony X Acara's Santa Maria of Edan. Owner, Randy & Cathy Darnell.

448CH. MARINER'S ARIA OF D'ARTE, TC, DL817885/01, 12/15/99. Breeder, Debra Freidberg & Joyce Shelp & Kathryn Swick By Ch. Mar Havens Color Guard, HT X Ch. Jericho's Juilliard D'Arte. Owner, Joyce E. Shelp & Debbie Freidberg.

449BEE GEE'S MUDSLIDE OF KHALI, DL781180/08, 03/14/99. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Bredwel Jakester of Joelle, CD X Bee Gee's Khali. Owner, Beverly Pyle Scofield & Jeff Pyle.

450PADALA'S KAHLUA,TC, DL859433/03, 08/21/00. Breeder, P. Pomeroy By Legend's Jericho of Schokrest X Norberge's Chakira von Padala. Owner, Patricia L. Pomeroy & Dave Huff & Samantha Rosenthal.

451CH. NORBERGE'S VENETTA JOELLE, DL825708/01, 07/29/99. Breeder, P. O'Dell & T. Bartley & J. Corbin & T. Knight By Ch. Breauhausens Red October X Norberge's Edie. Owner, Pamela O'Dell.

452CH. LACE OF LOU-RO, DL815435/02, OFA H GS-63499G25F-PI OFA E GS-EL13538F25-PI 12/24/99. Breeder, L. Christina & B. Miller By Ch. Caraland's Unlimited, CD X Lou-Ro's Celine of Fran-Jo. Owner, Louis & Rose Christina, (Mike Sherman, PHA, Agent).


453CH. BOMAR'S DIANA OF ASGARD,CD,RN,TC,HIC, DL848864/01, 08/03/00. Breeder, Robert Mehia By Ch. Asgard's Big Ben of Encore X Ch. Brentaryl's Willow N The Wind. Owner, Paula M. Cooke & Evan & Tedi Ginsburg.


454CH. TODORHAUS-CHABLIS EVIL WAYS, DL837725/02, OFA H GS-64502D25F OFA E EL14021F25 06/06/00. Breeder, Sharon Todoroff & Cindy & Ardlin Bartley By Ch. Todorhaus Tennessee Jed, HT X Inflight's Jubilee V Chablis. Owner, Sharon Todoroff.

Veteran Class 9 and over, Bitches.


459JOELLE'S BEATRICE V DIAMOND, DL755460/02, 08/10/98. Breeder, Owners By Ch. The Preacher X Diamond's Sweetheart V Wisdom. Owner, Tiffany Bartley & Joann Corbin & Ricarda Bartley & N. Chavez, (Jr. Show #660).


460MARINER'S SUDDEN SUCCESS DARTE, DL669903/01, 01/15/97. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Mariner's Sureman Kim Shar X Ch. Jericho's Julliard D'Arte. Owner, Carolyn Z. Gerganoff & Joyce Shelp & Debra Freidberg.

461CH. CANDIA'S DEAR ABBY, DL721576/05, 01/04/98. Breeder, C. Zumwalt By Ch. Jagan's Valentino X Candia's Honeysuckle and Ivy. Owner, Tammi Murphy.

462CH. KAIMACHA JAMAICAME NON STOP, CD, DL724405/03, 06/29/97. Breeder, J. Greer & K. Nolan & L. Guihen By Ch.Schokrest Frequent Flyer X Ch.Kaimacha Jamaica V mcCoy, CD. Owner, Carrie & Oak Smith.


463CH. BLUE MOON'S RUNAROUND SUE, DL728409/03, 02/12/98. Breeder, Robert & Nancy McFarland By Ch. Blue Moon Ragtime Cowboy Joe X Stonehedge Venus Ken-Delaine. Owner, Bill & Jeri Pfeiffer & B. Pugliese.


464CH. CARALON QED A CUT ABOVE, HIC, DL676486/01, 02/12/97. Breeder, Mary E. & Ralph E. Smith By Ch. Caralon QED Sword V LeBarland X Caralon Lockenheim Corvette. Owner, Larry R. Duerbeck & Patricia A. Parsons & Helen M. Sherlock.