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#3 Sel

545CH. MARQUIN'S DOUBLE TROUBLE, DN026857/05, 01/05/03. Breeder, Barbara & Mark Hefner & Kevin Reynolds By Ch. Weicho's Flash Dance, CD X Ch. Marquin's Whimsy. Bitch. Owner, Leon & Betty Breault, (Patricia Breault Comeau, Agent).

546CH. BROWNHILL-KYSARAH'S WORTH IT,TC, DL883346/01, OFA H GS-67964G28F-PI OFA E GS-EL15764F28-PI 06/10/01. Breeder, Owners By Ch.Sirius Parks Worth The Trip X Brownhill-Valcos Clean Sweep. Bitch. Owner, Emily A. St.Hilaire & Frank deBem.

#11 Sel

547LONESTAR'S MARGARITA ROSE, DN135275/01, 09/22/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes,PT X Ch. Lonestar Erynbrook Dark Rose. Bitch. Owner, Sherry S. McKinnon, (James A. Moses, Agent).

548CH. DEBRIC CARETTI'S ANGELINA, DN067178/01, OFA H GS-73794G24F-PI OFA E GS-EL18927F24-PI 03/10/04. Breeder, Debra Dunn By Ch. Caretti's Suicide Squeeze X Ranitas-Ryshers Calamity Jane. Bitch. Owner, Jim & Cyndi Flautt.

549CH. CATHLIN AZERI OF HALLMARK, DN018549/01, 08/17/02. Breeder, J. Hale By Sammy Vom Drachenberg, PT X Cathlin's Kigali. Bitch. Owner, Lorraine Cohen.

550CH. DEPAHL'S DIVA, DN085995/03, 08/09/04. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Kismet's Ladies Man X Merivern's Harlot of Eko Lan. Bitch. Owner, Paul & Denise Black Hollister, (Trisha Wylie, Agent).

#12 SEL EX

551CH. RIVENDELL'S START THE COMMOTION,HT,TC, DN086123/02, OFA H GS-74529G24F OFA E GS-EL19355F24-PI 07/12/04. Breeder, Paul & Jennifer Root By Ch. Jaccar-Rivendell's Brando,HSAs,TC X Rivendell-Utopia Sachet Jericho. Bitch. Owner, David O. & Janet L. Coleman & Paul & Jennifer Root.

#6 Sel

552CH. ACARA'S CAZADORA, DN072064/01, 05/25/04. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Welove DuChien's Rollins X Ch. Acara's Mini-Me. Bitch. Owner, Randy & Cathy Darnell & Frank Orlando.

#14 SEL EX

553CH. JAGAN'S HAPPYANUNOIT,TC, DL893814/01, 05/28/01. Breeder, Owner By Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes, HT, PT X Ch. Jagan's Belle Starr, HT, PT. Bitch. Owner, Anne H. Thompson.

#2 Sel

554CH. JAGAN-KARAGIN HAPPYSLYSITALL, DN146552/02, 03/28/06. Breeder, Anne Thompson & Karen Taylor & Jerry Guzman By Ch. Karagin's Hoodlum of Castlehill X Ch. Jagan's Happyanunoit. Bitch. Owner, Roberta A. Kindy.

555CH. CAROUSEL FARMS CAISSON,MX,MXJ,TD,PT,RN,TC, DL902444/01, OFA H GS-68294G24F-PI OFA E GS-EL15930F24-PI 01/17/02. Breeder, Chris Jolley & Lew & Nicky Bunch By Ch. Pinebuck's Kidd Carson X Ch. Carousel Farms Samantha, PT, TC. Bitch. Owner, Julie Degen, (Obed. NB70).

556CH. SUNRIZE MEG-A-MILLION V JERI-LAN, DN078050/03, 06/01/04. Breeder, Dawn Sedorus & Harold Common By Ch. Mar-Havens and The Beat Goes On X Sunrize Ms Liberty. Bitch. Owner, Dawn Sedorus.

557CH. PONCA HILL'S WOW OF RITARRA, DN080216/06, OFA H GS-76927G37F-PI OFA E GS-EL20826F37-PI 06/16/04. Breeder, Jack Budd & Yvonne Kowalczyk By Ch. Ponca Hill's Jackie Chan X Ch. Ponca Hill's Corina Corina. Bitch. Owner, Donald & Sandra Staack & Rita Chapman.

558CH. KRIS-T'S YAQUINA, DL913677/02, OFA H GS-70399G25F-PI OFA E GS-EL17043F25-PI 10/05/02. Breeder, Owner By Ch. Kris-T's U Walk The Line X Amber's Deeva. Bitch. Owner, Christine E. Carter.

559CH. SCHATZMAR'S SHOWOFF, DN110417/02, OFA H GS-76548G24F-PI OFA E GS-EL20593F24-PI 05/23/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Welove DuChien's Patriot X Ch. Schatzmar's Just Right. Bitch. Owner, Bob & Darlene Ghigleri.

560CH. JERRWEN'S SERENDIPITY, DN047755/01, 08/22/03. Breeder, G. & W. Bobak By Ch. Caretti's Suicide Squeeze X Ch. Jerr's An Affair To Remember. Bitch. Owner, Dr. Jose & Kathy Perez Gurri & Jerry & Wendy Bobak.

561CH. WHITSIDE'S LOVE AND FREEDOM, DN054509/01, 12/12/03. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Whitsides Only In America X Whitside Midnight Rendezvous, TC. Bitch. Owner, Steven & Nancy Whitworth.

562CH. BRAVEHEART'S FEELIN LUCKY,CDX, DN076173/01, OFA H GS-73705G35F-PI OFA E GS-EL18885F35-PI 03/13/03. Breeder, K. Regnier & M. Fluegel By Ch. Caraland-Survival's Magellan X Ch. Citilite's Ginger Snap. Bitch. Owner, Jerome Pluta, (Obed. OB201 & VR600).

#13 Sel EX

563CH. MARQUIS' ALL ABOUT ME, DN072698/02, 04/06/04. Breeder, Doug Oster & Paul Johnson By Ch. Kenlyns Aries v Hi-Cliff X Ch. Marquis Charismatic V Windwood. Bitch. Owner, Kelly, Roger & Linda Salava.

564CH. PADALA'S BOUND FOR GLORY, DN068425/02, 03/12/04. Breeder, P. Pomeroy By Ch. Illusion's Highlander X Padala's Kahlua,TC. Bitch. Owner, Patricia L. Pomeroy & Dave Huff & Samantha Rosenthal.

#10 Sel

565CH. MARQUIS' BLONDE BOMBSHELL, DN116229/01, 04/19/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Braunhaus Samurai X Ch. Todor-Marquis Legally Blonde. Bitch. Owner, Liana New & Liz Oster.

#15 Sel

566SIGNATURES MIAMI V KRIDLER, DN137013/01, 12/23/05. Breeder, J. & L. Beccia & T. Kridler By Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V Hicliff X Ch Kridlers Ruby V Highland Acre. Bitch. Owner, Joe & Leslie Beccia.

567CH. SHADYROCK'S SCHEHERAZADE, DN092820/03, 01/15/04. Breeder, Tammy Harmon By Ch. Stonehaven Kazaam of Liberty X Ch. Shadyrocks Pennyroyal. Bitch. Owner, Linda Burley.

568CH. STUTTGART'S MADISON AVENUE, DN086198/01, 10/19/04. Breeder, Irene Hause & Sandy Richards By Ch. Cathlin's Tobruk, HT X Ch. Da-Lyn's Hylock Joy Stuttgart. Bitch. Owner, Irene & Tell Hause.


569ANNE-ISLE'S HEIRESS V KENLYN-KALEEF, DN108156/01, OFA H GS-76814F28F OFA E GS-EL20757F28 02/21/05. Breeder, K. Boyles & S. Moses & M. Simonett By Ch. Wayside's Honkey Tonk Man X Kenlyn's Halston of Kaleef. Bitch. Owner, Martha Simonett & Sheree Moses & Van Dukeman.

570CH. VAN CLEVES ELLA FITZGERALD, DN092512/09, 12/09/04. Breeder, N. Hart Battaglia By Ch. O'Danny Boy of Heinerburg X Van Cleves Cassandra V Kaleef. Bitch. Owner, Hallie McMullen & Ann Smith & Veronica Dollar.

571SUNRISES WINGS OF GOLD FIRCREST,TC, DN096572/02, OFA H GS-75694G24F-PI OFA E GS-EL20054F24-PI 01/08/05. Breeder, Donna Gonzalez & Helen Word By Ch. Lenlor's Maximus,CD X Fircrest Sole Surviivor,TC,HIC. Bitch. Owner, Donna Gonzalez.

#16 SEL

572CH. HI-CLIFF FOUR STARR REVIEW, DN121832/02, 08/29/05. Breeder, R. & D. Cliff By Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Ch. Hi-Cliff Whitney Woodside. Bitch. Owner, Patricia, Randy & Darlene Cliff.


573CH. MAR HAVEN'S BLACK ORCHID, DN093544/01, 10/18/04. Breeder, C. Martello & D. Estabrook & B. Grady By Ch. Mar Haven's Man In Black X Mar Haven's Flachette. Bitch. Owner, Frank & Carolyn Martello & Doris Estabrook.

574CH. NEW ERA'S DYNA OF ZUKERDOK, DN122856/01, 12/21/04. Breeder, R. Reynolds & K. Wagner & P. Comeau & J. Dupzyk By Rohan's Escalade of Utopia X New Era Hug'n Kisses Millertime. Bitch. Owner, Les & Cheryl Anderson.

#17 Sel

575CH. SHADYROCK'S DANCING DOLL, DN092820/02, 12/15/04. Breeder, Owner By Ch. Stonehaven Kazaam of Liberty X Ch. Shadyrock's Pennyroyal. Bitch. Owner, Linda Burley.


576CH. SAJELA'S SOLADAD O'BRIEN V KENLYN, DN079628/01, 03/31/04. Breeder, Sandra Lavin & Kent Boyles By Kenlyn's Aries Hicliff X Ch.Kenlyn's Roxanne V Sajela. Bitch. Owner, Jose Iglesias.

577CH. SIMCAR'S HELL'S ANGEL, DN117302/01, OFA H GS-77118G25F-PI OFA E GS-EL20956F25-PI 06/28/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes X Jecoda's Sydney Down Under. Bitch. Owner, Margaret Simerson & Craig Carson.

578CH. RIVENDELL'S SUNNY SIDE UP,PT, DN086123/03, OFA H GS-74542E24F OFA E GS-EL19361F24-PI 07/12/04. Breeder, J. & P. Root By Ch. Jaccar-Rivendell's Brando, HSAs X Rivendell-Utopia Sachet Jericho. Bitch. Owner, C. Drosdick & E. Nichols & J. & P. Root.


579CH. KALEEF'S GENEVA AEVAL-ACHTUNG, DN029608/10, 09/04/02. Breeder, Joseph & Joanne Olivier & James & Sheree Moses By Ch. Kismets Sight For Sore Eyes X Kaleef's Valle. Bitch. Owner, Janet Lange & Roger Reichler, (James A. Moses, Agent).

580WITMER'S ANGELINA OF VANDERWERTH, DN110780/01, 04/10/05. Breeder, Susan Witmer & Robert Vanwinkle By Ch. Witmer's Jamiroquai X Ponca Hill's Xelda of Lexus. Bitch. Owner, Susan Witmer & Robert Van Winkle.

581JERRWEN'S GEORGIANA, DN075382/02, 05/07/04. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Utopia's Meet Joe Black X Ch. Jerrwen's Malibu Breeze. Bitch. Owner, Robert & Elaine George.

582CH. CHABLIS NITESHADE STYLISTIC, DN047885/02, 06/01/03. Breeder, Cindy & Ardlin Bartley By Ch. Hickoryhills GQ Sirius Pk X Inflights Jubilee V Chablis. Bitch. Owner, Cynthia K. Bartley & Lori Kightley & Terry Gorham & Cathy Potter.

583CH. CARALON QED DEROUSE BAD TO THE BONE, DN074805/02, 05/10/04. Breeder, J. DeTousse & H. Sherlock By Saterhaus BadBoy of Nordlicht X Caralon QED Froehliche. Bitch. Owner, Judy A. DeRousse & Helen Sherlock & Pat Parsons.

584CH. YOU AIN'T SEEN NUTHIN YET OF EDAN, DN064347/01, 10/24/03. Breeder, Ann Schultz & Christina Szparaga By Ch. T-Ho For Whom The Bell Tolls X I've Got It All of Edan. Bitch. Owner, Carole H. Michael.


585CH. JERRWENS MADISON AVENUE, DN011936/01, 08/03/02. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Utopia's Meet Joe Black X Ch. Jerr's An Affair To Remember. Bitch. Owner, Gerald & Wendy Bobak.

586CH. CRESTHAVEN'S DEJA-VU, DL878029/04, 05/27/01. Breeder, Terri Stout By Ch. Cresthaven's Ricochet V Lee Ray X Graystone Cheyann V Cresthaven. Bitch. Owner, Terri & Barbara Stout.

587CH. WINDY ACRES' WINNER TAKES ALL, DN042202/01, 04/08/03. Breeder, Laura Pruett By Ch. Bill-Mars Here Comes Trouble X Ch. Windy Acres' All Mine. Bitch. Owner, Laura L. Pruett & Ariel Cassista.

588CH. WINSOME'S BEARIS HILTON,PT, DN084427/04, 07/16/04. Breeder, Owners By Ch. O'Danny Boy of Heinerburg X Ch. Winsome's Bearitney Spears. Bitch. Owner, Frank & Kristine Fasano.

589CH. WINSOMES DESBEARATE HOUSEWIFE, DN122186/01, OFA H GS-76926G24F-PI OFA E GS-EL20825F24-PI 07/20/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. O'Danny Boy of Heinerburg X Ch. Winsomes Bearitney Spears. Bitch. Owner, Frank & Kristine Fasano.

#5 Sel

590CH. JANTAR'S CHINA LAKE OF WITMER, DN091035/04, 09/01/03. Breeder, Jan Crawford By Ch. Witmer's Jamiroquai X Jantars Miss Liberty Bell. Bitch. Owner, B. Ashdown & T. Bogdanich & D. Calabrese & S. Witmer.

591NIKIREE'S LEAGUE OF HER OWN, DN090592/01, 11/10/04. Breeder, Owner By Ch. Brown Hills Willow V Kysarah X Stonehedge Indian Summer. Bitch. Owner, Karen Harms.

592CH. SIMCAR'S HELL'S BELLS, DN117302/05, OFA H GS-77117G25F-PI OFA E GS-EL20955F25-PI 06/28/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes X Jecoda's Sydney Down Under. Bitch. Owner, Margaret Simerson & Craig Carson.

593CH. UTOPIA'S FINISH LINE OF MARINER, DN041818/01, 01/05/03. Breeder, Debra Kaser & Kathy Aubrey By Ch. Marquins Xtra! Xtra! X Ch. Utopia's Paperback Romance. Bitch. Owner, Debra Kaser & Kathy Aubrey & Sheryl Brokett.

594CH. NORHAUS BETTER BE WORTH IT AVONLEA, DN061092/01, 02/06/04. Breeder, Eric Norby & Janice Staley By Ch. Dream Come True Rivendell's Fandango X Ch. Scherzar's Yvette. Bitch. Owner, Barbara Hefner & Manny Campo & Kevin Reynolds & Joanie Intersimone.

595AVONLEA'S LADY LIBERTY, DL895515/03, 07/05/01. Breeder, B. & S. Sipp & P. & J. Root By Ch. Asgard's Big Ben of Encore X Avonlea's Mad About You. Bitch. Owner, Brad, Stacey & Neil Sipp.

596CH. MARINER'S POINT OF VIEW, TC, DL874645/01, 04/12/01. Breeder, D. Freidberg & J.Shelp By Ch. Caraland's Survival's Magellan X Ch. Jericho's Juilliard D'Arte. Bitch. Owner, Debra Kaser & Joyce Shelp.


597CH. KALEEF'S KISSNTELL VON MARTIN, DN055447/02, 03/26/03. Breeder, James & Sherre Moses By Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes X TR's Kenlyn's Tequilla Rose. Bitch. Owner, Yvonne & Don Martin.

#9 Sel

598CH. DARBY-DAN'S MIRANDA, DN072220/03, 04/10/04. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Kismet's Hearthrob X Ch. Darby-Dan's Eve. Bitch. Owner, Daniel L. & Marilyn R. Smith.

WB #7 Sel

416CHERRY CRUSH OF OH-MY, DN121082/01, 06/21/05. Breeder, Owner By Ch. Kenlyns Aires V Hi-Cliff X Ch. Do Si Do of Oh-My. Owner, Myra Shear.

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399ECHO-CHAM'S SHASTA FAIR, DN095787/05, 11/20/04. Breeder, Owner By Ken-Delaine's Marksman X Echo-Cham's Hailstorm. Owner, Darnell Echols & Bob Turman.

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400MAR HAVEN'S WIND BENEATH MY WINGS, DN095227/03, 12/18/04. Breeder, Carolyn & Frank Martello By Ch. Lorien's Late Night X Ch.Mar Haven's Annie's Song. Owner, Liane Fossland.

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401JERICHO'S BITTERSWEET OF CASTLEHILL, DL900988/01, OFA H GS-68748G25F-PI OFA E GS-EL16151F25-PI 11/26/01. Breeder, Dick & Jean Whalen & Gail Hardcastle By Ch. Linden Hill's Hayabusa X Castlehill's Smith of Jericho. Owner, Dick & Jean Whalen.

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403JIM-SINA'S ITALY FRAN-JO-INSITE, DN066117/01, 01/06/04. Breeder, Joan Ford & William Laird By Ch. Pete of Fran-Jo X Ch. Aladdin's Taco Time. Owner, William Laird.

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417BRIDGECREEK'S HI HEEL SNEAKERS, DN130798/03, 08/08/05. Breeder, R. Kooken & R. & T. Livingston By Ch. Donagan O'Rourke of Heinerburg X Sumitwood's Emmy Lou. Owner, Ralph Kooken.

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418PHIL-CAR'S LUCY LU, DN101843/02, 02/14/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Marquin's Bicardi Gold X Phil-Car's Reannon,CD. Owner, Philip D. Riegert & Clarence Rob Hughes & Kenneth & Marie Cunningham.