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135TRAFALGAR'S FULL THROTTLE, DN142010/02, 03/24/06. Breeder, Owners By Ch.WeLove DuChien's Rollins X Ch. Trafalgars Pacific Chai. Owner, Michael-Robert & Susan Cheeks.

136KALEEF'S CON MAN OF BEN-JO, DN153473/02, 01/07/06. Breeder, S. & J. Moses & N. Walker & D. Ardoin By Marquis Stealing The Show X Ch.Jon-Mars Starlight Serenade. Owner, James A. Moses & Sheree Moses & J. & B. McGovern.

137VICTORY'S GOTTA WEAR SHADES, DN052030/01, 08/22/03. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Elvaston's Nations Cup, TC X Jagan's Hot Option. Owner, Tammi Murphy Kinner & Mark Kinner & Ken Tank.

138YONCALLA'S MAKE MY DAY V LEALYNN, DN127903/02, 11/22/05. Breeder, L. Leschhorn By Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes X Lealynn Mar-Cia's Moondance. Owner, Robert & Linda Freeny.

139JMICO-DE'S CHARRO OF TERRA NORTE, DN128844/01, 11/04/05. Breeder, Connie Williams & Valerie Manning By Alta-Tollhaus Raise The Flag X Caraland's Treasure Red Chilli. Owner, Connie Williams.

140JOELLES LEONARDO WINDWARD, DN131056/03, 10/28/05. Breeder, T. Bartley & J. Crobin & F. Rood By Ch.Joelles Diamond DaVinci X Wyndeans Hijinx of Asgard. Owner, Carrie & Oak Smith.


141KALEEF'S IT'S ALL ABOUT ME, DN145460/01, 01/20/06. Breeder, J. Jeter By Hi-Cliff Bronson Kaleef X Ch. Kaleef's Havoc,MX,AXJ. Owner, Jane W. Jeter & Sheree Moses.

142ASGARD HARLEY DAVIDSON V PLAMARK,TC, DN104228/07, 03/19/05. Breeder, Jeri Plager By Ch. Encore-Asgards O'Connor X Plamark's Electra of Asgard. Owner, Paula M. Cooke & Chuck Sedgewick & Tedi Ginsburg.

143HI CLIFF GABLE, DN147937/03, 03/19/06. Breeder, Owners By Ch.Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff X Ch. HiCliff Whitney Woodside. Owner, Patricia, Randall & Darlene Cliff.

144EAGLE HILLS CABERNET SAUVIGNON, DN110424/02, 05/06/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Pinebuck's Kidd Carson X Eagle Hills Sail Ahead. Owner, Peter & Rhonda Cacioppo.

145DCT-TEBE NOBE BAL N CHAIN SANNJO, DN142059/07, 02/23/06. Breeder, J. Intersimone & E. Norby & J. & I. Dupzyk By Ch. Avion Braeburn X Dream Come True Janice Joplin. Owner, Susann Bancroft & Eric Norby.


146STUTTGART'S MY WAY V WILDWOOD, DN086198/08, 10/19/04. Breeder, I. Hause & S. Richards By Ch. Cathlin's Tobruk X Ch. Da-Lyn's Hylock Joy Stuttgart. Owner, Irene C. Hause & Inge Vyprachticky & Sandy Richard.

147TRIPPHILL'S WICKED WAYS V SCHARO, DN115478/06, 06/25/05. Breeder, M. Tripp By Ch. Mar Haven's and The Beat Goes On,TC X Ch. Pilgrim Kellie Jolly T'hill. Owner, Carol Moore & Cathy Moore Quarles & Teresa Coble & Mary Tripp.

148DA-JO'S THUNDERBOLT OF CRESTVIEW, DN124809/01, 08/15/05. Breeder, Owners By Hi-Cliff Bronson V Kaleef X Ch. Naiiyala of Crestview,TC,HIC. Owner, Dania Karloff & Lanalee Jorgensen.


149SAMURI'S JETT JACKSON, DN057914/02, 11/20/03. Breeder, L. & S. Bruner By Ch. Marhaven's Color Guard X Ch. Samuri's Catestrophe. Owner, Leon Bruner & Shannon Stockton & Charlotte Sibley, (Jr. Show #647).

150FAITH ROCK CARALON GOOD VIBRATIONS, DN144857/09, 04/07/06. Breeder, Terry Rock & Helen Sherlock & Mike Iannelli By Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff X Caralonqed Haley's Comet. Owner, Terry & Larry Rock & Judy DeRousse, (Obed. NB87).

151TAXMAN OF KODIAK RIDGE, DN033287/01, 04/15/03. Breeder, C. Wilson & K. Lazarr By Ch. Cathlin's Tobruk X Snowyriver's Nikita V Trinity. Owner, Charlene Wilson.

152BARICK'S DIPSTER OF MELANA, DN080197/01, 07/13/04. Breeder, Owners By Melana's Murphy's Law X Gem-ni Missmic Top Design. Owner, Barbara Stamper & Chelsea Ball, (Jr. Show #648).


153SHADOW ACRES & CASTLEHILLS IN CAHOOTS, DN132695/01, 10/14/05. Breeder, Ownres By Ch. Kenlyns Big Shot V Sunfarms X Castlehills Tuff Patatie. Owner, P. Brown & M. Stoll & G. Hardcastle & S. Brockett.

154BARICKS COMET OF MELANA-JOLIN, DN101348/03, 02/07/05. Breeder, B. Stamper By Ch. Melana's Murphy's Law X Gem-N-I Missmic Top Design. Owner, Linda DeLarso.

155MARINER'S POINT GUARD, DN133758/01, 10/15/06. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Mar Havens Color Guard X Ch. Mariners Point of View. Owner, Debra Kaser & Joyce E. Shelp.

156LORIEN'S PARK AVENUE, DN128154/04, 11/20/05. Breeder, T. Miner & A. Fuchs & G. Lilley By Ch. TR's Antonio X Ch. Geor-Jan Lorien's Ice Castles. Owner, Kathaleen Strong.

157ROMHAUS XO TOUCH N GO, DN139261/01, 01/28/06. Breeder, Owners By Jovon's Remy XO CovyTuckerHill X Saterhaus Flirt of Nordlicht. Owner, Carol Fielding.

158SANBOB'S IKEA OF ARAMIST, DN144924/03, 03/27/06. Breeder, Bob & Sandy Lindsay By Ch. Witmer's Jamiroquai X San Bob's Genny Light. Owner, Robert & Sandra Lindsay & L. Dancosse & E.Ashdown & D. Calabrese, (Leslie Dancosse, Agent).

159COVY-TUCKER HILLS MIDNIGHT EXPRESS, DN142857/01, 01/10/06. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Scher-Los Marko Von Karizma X Ch. Kenlyns Bela V Kaleef. Owner, Audie & Flora Marinez & Gloria F. Birch & Cappy Pottle.



355WINROCK RNBW SHOWS SWEET NELL, DN126795/01, 09/17/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Todorhaus Tennessee Jed,HT X Dovehill's CNC BJ Winkle M. Owner, Charles A. & M Charlene Loding.

356TAMS TREASURE ME, DN083276/01, 08/16/04. Breeder, Owner By Ch. Tams Hidden Treasure Yukon X Ch. Tams Dance With Me. Owner, Tammi Murphy Kinner.


357BACKACHERS SHA NAY NAY, DN140180/01, 02/11/06. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Marhaven and The Beat Goes On X Ch. Backachers O'Sole Mio. Owner, Richard & Elizabeth Sottile.

358JAGAN-KARAGIN-MITERHAUN TICKLME-ELMO, DN146552/04, 03/28/06. Breeder, Anne Thompson & Karen Taylor & Jerry Guzman By Ch. Karagins Hoodlum of Castlehill X Ch. Jagan's Happyanunoit. Owner, Terrie Miles Green & Jesse W. Green.

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359TRIPPHILL'S ISIS VICES GOGH'N CROSSTIMBR, DN093467/01, 12/11/04. Breeder, M. Tripp By Ch. Crosstimbers Cargogh Clihu X Ch. Pilgrim Kellie Jolly T'hill. Owner, Erin & Nanci Nellis & Mary Tripp.

360DRAGON'S LEGACY, DN071545/02, 05/31/04. Breeder, N. McJunkin By Running Creeks Dragon Magic X Running Creeks Dragon Fire. Owner, Paul & Linda K. Harms.

361ECHO-CHAM'S VANITY FAIR, DN095787/02, 11/20/04. Breeder, D. Echols By Ken-Delaine's Marksman X Echo-Cham's Hailstorm. Owner, Darnell Echols & Bob Turman.


362FAITH ROCK CARALON SURFER GIRL, DN144857/10, 04/07/06. Breeder, Terry Rock & Helen Sherlock & Mike Iannelli By Ch. Kenlyn's Aries v HiCliff X Caralonqed Haley's Comet. Owner, Terry & Larry Rock & Bob Braue.

363TODORHAUS-CHABLIS BETTY BOOP, DN113987/05, OFA H GS-76803G24F-PI OFA E GS-EL20747F24-PI 07/06/05. Breeder, S. Todoroff By Ch. WeLove DuChien's Harrison X Ch. Todorhaus'Chablis Evil Ways. Owner, Ann Jeddeloh.


364CARALONQED ON ANGEL WINGS, DN140870/01, 01/11/06. Breeder, P. Parson & D. Smith & L. Duerbeck & H. Sherlock By Ch. Saterhaus Bad Boy of Bordlicht X Ch. Caralon QED A Cut Abouce,HIC. Owner, Patricia Parsons & Helen Sherlock & Larry Duerbeck.

365CANDIA'S TOIL N'TROUBLE, DN087418/01, 10/21/04. Breeder, Owner By Candia's Ain't No John Doe X Lil'Bear-Candias Eko Trinity. Owner, Candice L. Zumwalt.

366HICLIFF GISELLE, DN147937/02, 03/19/06. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Kenlyn's Aries V HiCliff X Ch. HiCliff Whitney Woodside. Owner, Patricia, Randall & Darlene Cliff.

367JOELLE'S NICE'N EASY V SHEPSHIRE, DN121910/04, 09/11/05. Breeder, T. Bartley & J. Corbin By Ch. Joelles Diamond Da Vinci X Joelle's Chiapet Sugartree. Owner, Ronna & William Baney.

368JOELLE'S MANE EVENT KEGGI FAIR, DN121910/03, 09/11/05. Breeder, T. Bartley & J. Corbin By Ch. Joelle's Diamond DaVinci,RN X Joelles Chiapet Sugartree. Owner, Terra Fairburn & Nancy Kinley & Tiffany Bartley.


369SCHARO'ARK LONG HOT SUMMER, DN116859/03, 07/26/05. Breeder, B. & C. Moore & B. & T. Coble By Ch. Kenlyns Aries V HiCliff X Ch. Caralon Olympus Fire. Owner, Les & Cheryl Anderson.

370MELANA-GREENWOODS MAYA, DN128480/01, 11/27/05. Breeder, M. Campbell By Ch. Greenwoods Achilles X Ch. Melanas Pandemonium. Owner, William & Denise Groenewald & Melissa Campbell.

371COTTONWOOD'S CHERRY, DN101667/01, 10/06/04. Breeder, L. Ruhl By Ch. Cottonwoods Navajo X Ch. Cottonwoods Honey Dew. Owner, Jennifer D. Souster & Pat Evans & Linda Ruhl, (Jr. Show #633).


372SCHARO/ARK EBONY EYES, DN095904/02, 02/06/05. Breeder, Owners By Ch. Ponca Hills Jackie Chan X Scharo's Angel of The Morning. Owner, Carol Moore & Teresa Coble & Cathy Moore Quarles.

373BROWNHILL-KYSARAH'S KRYSTAL, DN145740/08, 12/31/05. Breeder, E. St Hilaire & F. deBem By Ch. Bodan's Place Your Bet GPine X Ch. Brownhill-Kysarah Worth It. Owner, Emily A. St.Hilaire & Holly Whitney & Shannon Tolley.

375LONG'S PEAK I WANNA TALK ABOUT ME, DN135297/10, 03/03/06. Breeder, Patty Korsch By Ch. Cathlin's Tobruk,HT X Ch. Castlehill's Tuff Cookie,PT. Owner, Mike & Jan Cressman.


376RIVENDELL-CHOPAE BELLE LIASON, DN134521/01, 02/26/06. Breeder, L. Cunningham & J.Root By Ch. Jaccar-Rivendell's Brando X Rivendell-Utopia Serenade. Owner, Paul & Jennifer Root & Jim & Lissa Cunningham.


377SIMCAR'S HELL HATH NO FURY, DN117302/02, 06/28/05. Breeder, P. Simerson & C.Carson By Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes X Jecoda's Sydney Down Under. Owner, Susan A. Phinney.


379BARICK'S TINA TURNER, DN127714/01, 11/08/05. Breeder, B. Stamper By Heartstars Rock-It V barick X Gem-N-I Missmic Top Design. Owner, Barbara Stamper & Taylor Petry, (Jr. Show #649).

380SHADOW ACRES ITS ALL ABOUT ME, DN151203/01, 04/14/06. Breeder, S. Brockett & K. Aubrey By Ch. Kenlyn's Big Shot V Sunfarms X Utopia's Touche. Owner, Mona Allison.

381BEE GEE'S SPECIAL ANGEL V FRANKEN, DN138418/05, 01/10/06. Breeder, J. & T. Ayotte & B. Pyle-Scofield & J. Pyle By Ch. Almars Nubian Prince X BeeGees Phoenix of Angel. Owner, Beverly Pyle Scofield & Jeff Pyle.

382JERICHO'S PRETTY WOMAN, DN048510/11, 08/07/03. Breeder, Dick & Jean Whalen & Bill Basu By Ch. Jericho's Woulda Coulda Shoulda X Ch. Aztecs Clos Du Bois of Erem, HT. Owner, Heather & Greg Breitenstein & Dick & Jean Whalen.


384KALEEF'S ALLYSON V KENLYN, DN140785/02, 04/12/06. Breeder, Sheree Moses & Kathy Hall By Kenlyn's Cash V Kaleef X Ch. Kaleef's Gracie V Kenlyn. Owner, Homero Guagardo & Raul Olvera.


385RIKKA VOM KIRCHENWALD, DN134515/07, 01/19/06. Breeder, G. Kirkwood By Bax Von Premutia X Janka Vom Kirchenwald. Owner, M. Lewellyn & D. Calibrese & L. Dancosse & J. Hamilton, (Leslie Dancosse, Agent).


386RANITAS SOUTHERN ORACLE, DN134597/03, 10/01/05. Breeder, A. Clouse & S. Ryan By Ch. Joelle's Alvin V Norberge,CD X Ch. Ranitas Ryshers Lizie Borden. Owner, Audie, Flora & Kristopher Martinez.