Yoncalla's Soul Survivor v Merivern


Yoncalla's Soul Survivor v Merivern

Breeder: M. Imhoff & R. Pryor
Owner: Robert & Linda Freeny
DOB: 03/13/08

AOE Select Ex. Ch. Kismet's Sight For Sore Eyes ROM, TC, HIC
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Yoncalla's Soul Survivor v Merivern
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GSDC of San Diego --- March 21, 2009 --- Winners Bitch & Best Opposite Sex

"This bitch came out of the 12 to 18 class and was just over one year old. She was my total breed type, in motion, temperament and body. When I approached her for the off -lead examination, she was wagging her tail and very happy. Then the handler had a difficult time setting her up --- it was her first season! Now this is important. The handler told me that it was her first time in the ring. Normally I cannot tolerate a handler telling me anything about a dog or it's name, but this was important because she would not let him touch her rear. I had no problem going over her but did not maul her like a lot of judges would do. I can tell body structure by motion and all I have to see is teeth. I do love to look at them standing as any judge would but that is not how I pick y winner. I told the handler to leave her alone and let her stand normal. When she did she had a "star" body no matter how she stood. She was very clean on both ends, with beautiful pigment and a head that will make you drool. I found out after the show that the reason her name was Soul Survivor is when her dam was in a car, there was a serious accident. The mother was 8 weeks in whelp Long story short, they lost the mother and 9 of the 9 pups she was carrying. This gal "Solo" was raised by her owners... and she will go far!"

~Mrs. Joanna L. Rand