1950 Grand Victrix
Ch Yola of Longworth

1950 GV Ch Yola of Longworth

Breeder: Llyod Brackett (Longworth Kennels)
Owner: Mr. & Mrs. Shipley Bayless (Seamair Kennels)

Quadric of Long-Worth

Ch. Keno of Longworth
Ch. Long Worth's Ophelia of Green Fair ROM
1950 GV Ch Yola of Longworth

Pfeffer von Saliba (Pfeffer son)

Elga von Saliba
Stella von Saliba

GSDC of America---1950---Best of Breed

A private letter from Llyod Brackett:

"Yola is, in my humble opinion, the best specimen of the breed I have ever bred or ever seen and I haven't yet found anybody knowing the breed who can fault her as judged by the Standard. The only one in my experience who, if I could make a perfect specimen out of clay and breathe the breath of life into it I wouldn't change other than to put her one missing tooth in her mouth!! Look at the Grand Victrix (Ch. Doris vom Vogtlandshof ) as I own interest in the latter I feel free to mention this, and compare them. Better proportion, better front and rear, better topline and ribbing. When it comes to gait, although Doris can move better than anything in the East or perhaps elsewhere, she couldn't excel Yola who is not only true front and rear but has such long reach both fore and aft her legs seem to be hardly moving when any other dog than her sire Ch. Keno seems to be picking 'em up and putting 'em down at piston speed."

~ December 22, 1949