2002 Select Excellent
Ch. Winsome's Woody Bearelson PT

Ch. Winsome's Woody Bearelson PT
OFA H GS-57218G24M OFA E GS-EL10498-T
Breeder/Owners:  Frank & Kristine Fasano
DOB: November 1st, 1997

Ch. Winsome's Paddington Bear

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Winsome's Isabeau
AOE Select Ex. Ch. Winsome's Woody Bearelson PT

Utopia's Richochet v Backachers

Masstana's Nicole ROM

Ch. Masstana's Mercedes

GSDC of America --- 2000 ----  Maturity Dog

"Not overdone but correct and balanced everywhere, with excellent reach,  drive and follow-through behind, his consistency of motion was like watching a well-oiled machine at any speed. All male, with excellent temperament,
iron back, this dog has no holes. A true credit to the breed."

~Helen Franklin

GSDC of America --- 2000 ---- Best In Maturity

"This masculine, large-boned, stylish dog was impressive. He had excellent substance, pigment, and a confident character. He carried a high wither, had an impressive stallion look with a noble head and a beautifully arched neck.  His correct croup added to his lovely outline. His movement was suspended yet powerful. This dog has a lot to offer the breed. I awarded him Best in Maturity on his overall smooth motion."

~ Joan Fox

GSDC of America---October 19th, 2002---Select Excellent #15

"A large masculine black and tan male of appealing outline when posed. He has a strong head and is a smooth, easy, coordinated side mover. I would prefer him to be a touch shorter in length. Overall very pleasing."

~Edmund Barritt


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