Ch. Winsome's Rauschenbear

Ch. Winsome's Rauschenbear

Breeder:  Frank & Kristine Fasano
Owner: Ethel Wolff, Gloria F. Birch & Cappy Pottle
DOB: December 18th, 2000

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Ch. Winsome's Rauschenbear

Winsome's Aibeareinstein

Ch. Winsome's Mariah Bear Cypress

Falona DJ vom FairField ROM

Diablo Valley GSDC --- March 15th, 2003 --- Winners Dog & Best of Winners

"Now we are talking STAR.  A total package.  Elegant dark male that moved with precision and very clean.  Gorgeous head with dark eyes.  Beautiful neck going down to a strong back and nice croup.  It's one of those times that you know as soon as he comes into the ring that this is the one to beat.  After looking at the catalogue, his breeding speaks for itself.  Champion parents are a real good start in breeding the best."

~Joanna Rand

 Diablo Valley GSDC --- March 16th, 2003 --- Winners Dog

 "He finished his championship today with 4 straight majors I heard. No doubt he is an excellent specimen of the breed. Medium large male dark pigment.  Same style as his father "Meet Joe Black". A strong fluid mover. Very
 pretty standing. Masculine, Good reach close to the ground and good  follow-through. Clean coming and going." 

~ Michel Chaloux