Ch. Winsome's Paddington Bear

Ch. Winsome's Paddington Bear

Breeders - J Purdum & J Ehrman
Owners - F & K Fasano

Ch. Covy-Tucker Hill's Zorro (Mazarati x Dana)

Von Purdom's Billy Jack

County Living's Sasser (Adam daughter)
Ch. Winsome's Paddington Bear
Ch. Covy's Mazarati of Tucker Hill ROM
Rio Valle's Rosalyn v Winsome
Ch. Rio Valle's Sparkler (Kid daughter)

GSDC of America --- 1989 --- 9 to 12 Puppy Dog

"... nice black and tan puppy, good ground covering male, he moved with the least amount of effort. Great going away, could be cleaner coming at you. Nice outline both standing and in motion. Should have a good career ahead of him."

~ Margaret 'Peggy' Douglas

Ch. Kashay vom Cypress ROM
Sundance vom Cypress
Winsome's Albear Einstein ROM
Winsome's Isabeau