Winsome's Dream Love Bear Peddacre


Winsome's Dream Love Bear Peddacre

Breeder: F. & K. Fasano
Owner: Margaret M. Douglas & Tom & Sherrie Landay
DOB: February 26, 2007

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Winsome's Dream Love Bear Peddacre
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GSDC of America -- November 2008 --- American Bred Dog

"There were a lot of nice dogs in this class competition. Love Bear was the first dog to come into the ring. He stayed there throughout the judging as he moved beautifully around the ring with balanced ease of motion and strong front reach and drive. He also was admirably handled. The black and rich tan Love Bear is close to the standard in proportions and body type with a short firm back. He drives and moves forward at the same time in sync and he does it with ease. His feet hover above the ground in suspension. He is sound in all respects, with excellent fluid timing in motion. He looks so finished, but is still a youngster at heart. He won't be two until next February."

~ Cappy Pottle